Monday, 4 October 2010

One Stop Spotlight: Mind Dream a Poem by Shaun Gordon aka Donusho

One characteristic that is apparent the first time you participate in One Shot Wednesday is that we have attracted some very talented poets, who tend to bring their best to the table on that day.

This can be very challenging, but also a great way to learn and get to know fresh new faces. Shaun is a poet I met strictly through One Shot. He hails from London and spins rhyme with style. I have enjoyed seeing life through his eyes these last couple weeks. (He even shaved off his hair for One Shot last week, don't believe me, go here.)

This poem is about a dream he had. I hope you enjoy! ~Brian

Mind Dream.

Placed on a chess board
Light and space grid,
a circular borderless edge.
All looked the same
but the game was different.

Facing tall dark robe figures
that looked like they were looking at the floor,
deceived of course,
their eyes were piercing through.

stood tall and still
the translucent beings carved in white chiffon,
as the battle breeze flew East.

"What is this all about!?"
"I shouldn't be here!"
And as I looked to the west
I saw earth sphere.

They charged forward in unison
as I quickly side-stepped
like 1960's dancer’s imitation,
I don't know what I am fighting for,
ignored as though Invisible

Now they are close enough
to smell each others breath.
Glaring through each other,
Such were the disgust and hate.


Spears were thrusting bones
And swords butchered limbs
Pawns evaporated as their robe’s were taken away with the wind,
Stars weeping softly.

Still lips spoke,
"I need to put my spear to good uses",
Confused and I refused,
with unbelievable water filled eyes, as the opposition multiplied.
Bigger, clearer and vindictive smirking from ear to ear,
ok fuck it… and broke out of fear's embrace.

Threw the golden spear causing black ashes evaporation,
returning back into my hand like a boomerang.
Strapped it into my belt,
Picking up rusty nails and throwing them as darts,
coursing through diagonally as a bird called alliance.

was bright as multiplication flowed,
no forget what you know,
this is a new education
unknown to the academic mathematician.
To the point
I couldn't see individuals,
indescribable blinding light

I could see a smile.

To be continued...
Our mind's

Shaun Gordon aka Donusho
3/10/2010 ©


Pete Marshall said...

when shaun first appeared at one shot, about 6 weeks ago, he left a great impression, and each time he is here his work is of an amazingly high standard.Shaun is a mighty fine poet, heading for great things, this is a great One Stop Spotlight..cheers Bri

Desert Rose said...

that was a good read!minds are powerful along with those words..i believe this poem is a BRILLIANT Spotlight! :) thanks Donusho a true masterpiece!

Donusho said...

Truely humbled and very glad you appreciate my work. Thank you very much for introducing me to the world on Spotlight. Happy Monday All!!

dustus said...

Have enjoyed reading Donusho's poetry since he began posting for OSW and agree with Brian's introductory compliments about his work. Mind Dream....quite a vivid one. "'What is this all about!?' / 'I shouldn't be here!'" Reminds of lucid dreams—well expressed. Great way to kick of the week!

Tyeisha said...

Simply beautitful

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Fantastic dream, so well expressed - vivid imagery, spot-on mood, the dark forms menacing, the bones, the limbs. A highly intelligent and comprehensive rendering of an amazing dream. The poet's mind must be a fantastic place to hang out in:)Impressive.

Claudia said...

wow shaun - what a dream! you almost take us into some kind of war scene in a movie - great write
..and i enjoyed your poem for one shot and the video when you cut your hair off..

thanks brian for spotlighting!

Kodjo Deynoo said...

I enjoyed it, and agree with all the comments before me..good work..One shot to you

moondustwriter said...

Shaun - That was a chess game for life. I love the probing into motives and purpose in this piece. It's a perfect poem to feature. Will enjoy reading you as you continue to stretch and inspire the mind.

and thanks Bri

Moon smiles

TALON said...

Donusho's poetry always captivates me. There's a rawness and an honesty that shines through and his observations of life around him are always intriguing. Fabulous choice for spotlighting, Brian!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you very much everyone.Just reached New York in one piece or peace and looking forward to the break away.

Once again a very big humble thank you to you all and one shot poetry.


Shashi said...

Its really a wonderful poem and yes I did check the image... too..

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

betweenhearts75 said...

This was incredible. Very well written!!!! Much enjoyed reading this. I'm up for more!! Dreams are amazing places and times.... :) ~April