One Shoot Sunday

One Shoot Sunday

We at One Shot couldn't help but notice how poets love their cameras! Read a poem and you can be guaranteed it is accompanied by a wonderful photograph. 

Sometimes you take a photo and want to share it, that photograph could inspire a poet to resonate.

Try the One Shoot Sunday Image Prompt challenge. Feel free to use the image posted each Sunday as a writing prompt. What do you see?  Care to share your perception of the image through poetry or microfiction form? 

Pause and consider the image. Then go ahead and write something! Let’s have fun considering unlimited interpretations of an image, to discover the flourishing creativity arising from a subject we will all perceive differently.

Be creative. Dare to share your artistic thoughts!

What do you see when you look at the image?  You are welcome to express yourself through comment, or by posting a response and/or a link back.


Since One Shoot is about sharing your image and thoughts, we encourage everyone to post a photograph they wish to share. So post an image, or two, or a few. to your blog and link back to us.

Let's see some of your favorite pictures! Tell us why you like the photo so much. Is there an interesting story behind your posted pic?

If you take the picture prompt challenge, or post an image for the One Stop community to consider, please drop your link in the Mr Linky widget provided so others can easily discover your work.

POETS, if you see an image you like that you may want to write about, for say One Shot Wednesday, comment on the photo and strike up a conversation with the photographer— ask if it's okay to use it.

Have fun, Everyone! And support those of us brave enough to post photos. 


Image courtesy creative commons