Friday, 14 January 2011

Friday Poetically with Brian Miller

Welcome to Friday Poetically.
 Over the next couple weeks, I will be introducing some new regular features: such as poetry inspired by music, poetry written by children and what it means to be a poet/blogger. Now that I am on Fridays, it seems fitting that we have a little fun, because the weekend is coming.

Growing up, I was in a garage band called Romulus. My first poems were songs written on sheets of paper spread across gravestones at the cemetery by my parent's house. Don't ask me why we went there to write them; we were teenagers and it just seemed like the right place to conjure the muse. My cousin would bend the strings on his old guitar as I stared up at the stars and let the words spill out. We never made it beyond a few friend's basements but even today, I often have the ear buds in, listening to music as I write.

Back in December, Leslie Moon challenged you to listen to a song and then write whatever came to you. Today, I want to do the same. I chose a song that may be a bit of a stretch for some but it speaks to the roots of the music I grew up listening to. As a teen, I found a Joe Satriani cassette tape titled Surfing with the Alien and boy could he make the guitar sing. This is one of my favorites by him.

You can listen to the song, maybe close your eyes and then write once you are done. You can listen and write at the same time. I think you will figure it out. It's Friday, let's have a little fun as we wait for 5 o'clock to get here.

Please listen to Joe Satriani's
Always with Me, Always with you

Once you have posted your poem, enter the link into Mr. Linky and visit a few other brave poetic souls. Smiles. Here is mine, in the form of a 55 as introduced last week in our interview with g-man.

Always with Me, Always with You

when you say you
love me always
do you mean all ways
or just forever

i'll be honest
sometimes i don't
feel it

& if love is
just a feeling
how many would
admit they even get it,
been in it, or
want to stay with it.

no love,
i think is a bit
more attitude

Have a great weekend everybody! ~Brian Miller


One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers and Artists said...

Thanks Brian - Hope sometime this weekend I can write a poem to this.

Happy Friday all

Moonie Smiles

Claudia said...

thanks brian - fantastic idea - music for sure is an inspiration and joe satriani is a guitar wizard who made my soul tremble while listening to this bewitching piece of top notch guitar playing

budh.aaah said...

Beautiful 55 and touching as it almost always is Brian..

budh.aaah said...
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Anonymous said...

Great 55 Brian...I tried lol. It's a great idea...thanks!

5thsister said...

Wonderful idea! Darn it all, though, for I have to work and there is no time to listen and write. I hope I remember to try this exercise once Monday rolls around.

Brian Miller said...

happy friday everyone...looking forward to seeing what each of you came up with from the song...

patty Sherry said...

Loved the music, the guitar was beautiful.

dustus said...

Excellent 55, Brian! I gave the challenge a try. Thanks for the creative prompt.

OldSchoolHaiku said...

Thank you Brian. This was such a great idea, hope to see more like it!!

Cor said...

A fantastic idea!! Thank you Brian for the opportunity to combine my love of music with my passion for poetry. I cant come up with anything quite yet but I may give it a try.

Mama Zen said...

I always loved Joe!

Myrna R. said...

I really enjoyed this exercise. The music is beautiful and inspirational. I gave it a try.

Brian Miller said...

nice, just got back from a morning long breakfast and great to see many playing along..

Anonymous said...

What a great prompt! I absolutely love this song. Joe has always been one of my favorites. I am very excited that you are using it as a prompt! His Extremist album is a sound track to one awesome summer of mine!

Love this. ♥

Anonymous said...

Oh my. This brought me back to early childhood, being brought along on gigs with my mom... Good times, happy memories. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

Monkey Man said...

Looks like fun, but I am trying to lessen my commitments to the blogosphere instead of diving in deeper. Great music inspired OSP 55.

Hope said...

thanks Brian! Great post! this is a beautiful piece of music

check out mine at

I can't seem to like up this time

have a great weekend!

Who Is Afraid of Alfred Hitchcock? said...

Hi! Brian...
Unfortunately, I'am unable to be "next" on Mr Linky...Because as you know I'am not a writer, but a reader. Therefore, all I can say is your use Of 55 left me to contemplate on the meaning Of...

Thanks, for sharing the video too...because I really like seems to know no boundaries.

[postscript: I will be reading along with you, and the other talented poets too! ;-) ]

Who Is Afraid of Alfred Hitchcock? said...

Oops! Happy Friday!
I hope everyone have a good week-end too!

Pete Marshall said...

a great prompt bri...havent been around much today to be able to take part, but a great poem to go with if..cheers Pete

Anonymous said...

AWESOME TUNE! In fact one of my favorites by Satriani, wonderful poetry!!! Wow, excellent combination! ~April

Daniel Jay said...

I almost always listen to music while I write. I like to see, as you said, where it takes me. Nearly all of my poems are born of music. That's how I started, and that is how I will finish.

Not surprisingly, most of my collection sparks memories of various age - therefore my trend for poems of recollection:)

Hope others find this method of writing fun and useful as well!

izzy said...

Boy I have had a chase- thanks for the prompt ! even though I am late. I enjoyed it!

joanny said...


Thanks this is great, your 55

my villanelle was inspired by a old french song with a 2/4 time--- originally I was going for a 55ff but it just didn't sound right.. it lost it rhythm.
have a good week end all.


Greyscale Territory said...

I'm a little late, but I wanted to savour this idea! A beautiful prompt! Loved it!

And your 55 had so many musicallly sensitive threads! Delightful!

~* Seven *~ said...

Music is my hope, my inspiration also....just joined and look forward to reading, meeting, and just feeling the vibe.

gracefulglider said...

the guitar.... :)
Lovely reading other poets too