Submissions and How To Contact Us

One Stop Poetry accepts submissions!

If you have something that you would like to share with One Stop - poetry, fiction, photography, art etc. - and  would like us to consider it for publication, please forward to marked SUBMISSIONS.

There are so many talented people out there, and as we continue to spotlight artists, photographers and poets, occasionally we would also like to show other work that is just as worthy that we may miss.

Not everything submitted will be chosen.We have tight schedules and at times, no matter how good the submission is we just may not be able to use it.

If there is anything else you would like to contact us about please mark the email for the attention of the relevant person listed below;

Pete Marshall: Executive Director/Managing Director
Leslie Moon: Assistant Director/Director of Arts & Education
Adam Dustus: Director of Photography & Social Media
Brian Miller: Director of Poetry & Arts

Our team

Claudia Schönfeld: Spotlight's & Features
Chris Galford: Photography, One Shoot Sunday, Features
Gay Cannon: Critique, Features & Submissions
Jessica Kristie: Features & Submissions