Tuesday, 31 August 2010

One Shot Wednesday: Poetry in Motion

Welcome To One Shot Wednesday
no theme, just poetry
in motion

I am brian miller and welcome to another week of some of the best poetry on the web...especially now that our star performer is here...You, of course. I can not wait to see what you have in store for us this week so...step into the light, pick up the mic, let your verse flow, cause it's One Shot tonight...

If you are new to One Shot Wednesday here is the deal:

1) Write a poem
2) Link your poem to One Shot using our Mr Linky (your name and the URL for the poem)
3) Visit other One Shot poets. Tell them how you felt when reading, encourage them, interact...we might just learn something from each other...
4) Tell others about One Shot Wednesday by including a link to this page on your post.

On behalf of One Shot Wednesday, Pete Marshall, Adam Dustus, Leslie Moon, and myself, welcome to our corner stage of poetic paradise. We are glad you are here.

Monday, 30 August 2010

One Shot Spotlight: Uncoiffed by Tess Kincaid aka Willow

Shortly after I started blogging, I stumbled upon a weekly meme called Theme Thursday and through that met Tess Kincaid aka Willow of Willow Manor.

Willow has the uncanny ability to bring people together. For the last several years she has hosted an annual Willow Manor (online) Ball that is attended by hundreds. This year she started Magpie Tales and is drawing a hundred participants a week.

And she is also an incredible poet. Some people just have it all don't they. Smiles. It is my honor to spotlight Willow today. She chose this from her repertoire to share with us. If you have not graced the halls of Willow Manor, I highly recommend you do so now.  ~brian

A Poem by Tess Kincaid

Aliens would render us useless
if they sucked all our nails
with some powerful magnet,
like a big vacuum sweeping
up bobby pins.

We would be a mess
without our carpet tacks
and gutter spikes,
penny size brads
hammered down with the gusto
and sweat of a nation's brawn.

A rapture of galvanized proportions,
they'd leave the buns and beehives
of our landscape
in disheveled heaps, raped,
uncoiffed bedrooms and barns,
bad hair days scattered
across America.

Tess Kincaid, 2010

Sunday, 29 August 2010

One Shoot Sunday - Guest Hosted by Moondustwriter

Welcome to 
One Shoot Sunday
Today I have the honor of  showing  you Terence Jones' photography. 
Look through the aperture with him and experience art.
Enjoy Terence Jones

What is your favorite subject to shoot?
"I usually want to capture something that is lost in every day's speed. I just realized this extremely old iron rail in front of my window. It is probably eighty years old, has seen wars, births, deaths; it is a silent witness of what happened here."

How does black and white impact your expression?
"Very much actually. Colors force the viewer to see the picture in a pre-defined way. In shooting black and white, I believe that  the perception is more genuine and not necessarily linked to former experience. It is more pure, more about the picture itself."

Tell me about the 365 project:
"It was a challenge from some friends. The 365 is about more honest experimenting with techniques and sharing those results no matter how good or bad. It's much different from the pretentious way of taking professional pictures; you only send out the ones which are the best of the best.  With the 365, you openly present whatever you have on that particular day. I see my shots and can reconstruct my mood on that day. It is good and honest because it is authentic."

What would you suggest to people just starting out?
"I believe in the Tradition of the Sun (Coelho). Go the extra mile, explore, get in touch and connect with what you are doing. You have to touch it yourself. Go out from the beginning and have fun."

For those of you who are curious, Terence shoots with a Canon EOS 7D. His primary lens is the Canon 50mm. He is a shallow depth of field addict; usually shoots almost wide open at f/2.0.
Thanks Terence

Just like One Shot Wednesday, we are trying to create a community of photographers with One Shoot. There is diverse talent out there. I enjoy each day of discovery. Please feel free to link a favorite piece and/or comment. Maybe you will feel challenged to enter your own 365 day photo project. I am thinking about it.
Adam Dustus will return next week for another One Shoot Sunday.
Cheers - Moondustwriter


Saturday, 28 August 2010

7:25 - A Poem by Pete Marshall

A Poem by Pete Marshall

The 7:25 was always late
as heels would click upon the path
that led past booths and open gates
and gents would fold their Telegraphs
and brollies sold a blue chip name
as brogues would splash in puddled rain
for Mondays were a weekend draft
that blew through minds and rumbled past

The 7:25 was always late
as heels would rush and clatter by
in A line skirts with seams so straight
that caught a flash from anxious eyes
and some would take a last long drag
and girls would rummage through their bags
for Mondays were a weekend draft
that blew through days and rumbled past

The 7:25 was always late
as heels would scuff and take the strain
for office clocks would never wait
and empty desks would cause complain
as woollen suits brought heavy sweats
whilst being late showed no respect
for Mondays were a weekend draft
that blew through hopes and rumbled past


Welcome to Saturday, my day at One Stop..this is a simple poem that explores the feeling of helplessness when you are trapped in a life that you cant escape..in this case a job...when you find you are living to work rather than working to live...have you ever been there? 


image courtesy creative commons flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/canadagood/

Friday, 27 August 2010

Dustus Friday: Photography by Terence Jones

You know the saying when the cat's away?? Well today I am going to play on Dustus' day a little. I want to introduce Terence Jones. If you have been to my blog recently you have probably seen several of his photographs.
Terence is a professional photographer who lives in Germany and the East Coast (lucky guy). His love for photography started twelve years ago. He has shot all over the world.
"My philosophy of photography is existential. I want to capture things the way they ultimately are; I try to capture an idea or a perception in a shot. Often the real nature of something is hidden or cluttered by other things."

You may not have noticed this poignant scene in the bustle of the city but Terence caught the moment:

"One of my all-time favorites. Why? Because I was this girl waiting. I knew that she was waiting for something, for someone. She was very nervous. And then the guy showed up. And that was the most authentic, true, deep hug I have ever seen in my life. Absolutely *amazing*. There was soooo much energy there! "


Please don't let this silly poem detract from the depth of Terence's shot from his window

 a poem by Moondustwriter

I can't make sense
of this weather
can you
hot and steamy
now it's flooding too

I can't seem
to keep the drops at bay
my feet aren't dry
what am I to say

I'm wet
clammy and cold
the damage
to my potted plants
cost untold

 please let up
your beauty is my friend
but on a day
of rain and sogg
our love affair
nears its end

Please come back for One Shoot Sunday. I will have a montage of Terence's work.
Would also love for you to visit my site and read the poetry of a High School student friend, David, who all of a sudden was bit with the poetry bug. He is looking for feedback. 

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Moondustwriter Thursday - Featuring poetry by Neva Flores

Welcome to Moondustwriter Thursday

There are so many wonderful writers and poets that I have met in the Social Media Networking Arena. My friend Neva is a gifted writer and singer. We met in blogdom and share a love for poetry and singing. I can't wait to hear her country songs! Neva likens her writing to music : "I am like a musician who can play an instrument but cannot read music."

I personally am one of those musicians who can't sight read; fortunately musicians have ears trained to compensate. I wonder what it is that poets have? I think for Neva it is the ability to express intensity of feeling. Enjoy her poetry which is beautiful to the heart and ear.

Saddest Song of Old

A Poem by Neva Flores

Do you find yourself holding on to nothing
With absolutely everything you have
So afraid that you will lose
What you never had

Are you just letting go of everything
You’ve found so easy to obtain
While crying out for that
You wouldn’t want if gained

Take a look at what you have
Listen to its song
Perhaps you’ll find it’s the very thing
You’ve wanted all along

If you find you’re never satisfied
With anything you hold
Then your heart may be singing
The saddest song of old


Why Withhold Your Hand
A Poem By Neva Flores

What is this perfection that you require
For your unconditional love
This you say you have for me
And put nothing above

The last time that I inquired
And established the meaning of it true
Perfection should not be a requirement
To receive this love from you

If you love me as you say
In this unconditional way
Why do you withhold yourself from me
Every single day

I ask this of you now
Please help me to understand
If unconditional love has no conditions
Why do you withhold your hand?


Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
Neva also has self - published a  work of Poetry
"Changeful Storm"

Thanks to Jannie Funster for the great MDW icon.
I almost forgot my weekly question. so here goes. When are you the most inspired??? Keep it clean poets. Moon smiles

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

One Shot Wednesday - Hosted by Moondustwriter

Welcome To One Shot Wednesday
where you get to highlight your poetic talents

Hi I am moondustwriter and welcome to another week of great poetry. I have been impressed by the caliber of the poetry that I have been reading, many of you have inspired me and others in their writing the past few weeks.

If you are new to One Shot Wednesday here are a few guidelines:
1) Write a poem
2) Link your poem to One Shot using our Mr Linky (your name and the URL for the poem)
3) Visit the sites of other One Shot poets. We all appreciate encouragement. How did a poem speak to you or inspire you?
4) Tell others about One Shot Wednesday

On behalf of One Shot Wednesday, Pete Marshall, Adam Dustus, Brian Miller  and myself, Leslie Moon,  I would like to thank you for being part of this emerging community.

Let the games begin!

Monday, 23 August 2010

One Stop Spotlight: Shadowstalking with Kat Mortensen

I am late! I am late, for a very important date! Forgive my tardiness in posting today. I have a very special spotlight for you. Roughly a year ago, one of my commentors challenged me to write poetry...for the first time in over a decade. Kathleen Mortensen, aka Poetikat, has in many ways inspired who I am as a writer/poet.

Just recently, she self-published her book Shadowstalking and she graciously accepted a brief interview and to share on of her poems with us. I hope you enjoy. ~Brian

1. You just recently self-published your poetry book. What advice would you give to others that are looking to self publish?

Do your research before you commit to a self-publisher. Make sure you feel comfortable with them because you will be working closely together. Get everything on paper and in a contract. Read the entire contract before you sign anything. I can't really give advice on online publishers except to say that you shouldn't have to spend money upfront. If they are asking for that, move on to someone else.

2. When you were putting together your book, what thought did you give to the overall flow of one poem to the next?

The flow of the book was always in my mind. I took great pains to select poems that I thought fit well together and by writing them out individually on cards, I was able to shuffle them around until I got them in exactly the order I desired. I think the book moves through a few categories, but I tried to have transitional pieces to keep it consistent. I also kept themes running through each of the categories. It was a very precise procedure and time-consuming, but I hope the end result bears it out.

3. What is the most unusual source of inspiration you had for a poem?

Many of my poems have come about as the result of something unusual I have witnessed, read, watched or heard. One that I can think of off the top of my head, is a poem entitled, "I Came Greymalkin". It was born after I encountered a cat at a bookstore in a town nearby. The cat is very rotund and I was struck by its unique appearance, so much so that it motivated me to write a rather Shakespearean piece about Greymalkin. The owner of the bookstore was delighted with the piece.

I Came, Greymalkin!

In Hamburg, New, on Saturday
I chanced to meet a malkin, Grey
Of pumpkin eye and pumpkin size
She seemed a harp-seal in disguise!
Or no! With showing of her girth and corps
The belly bulging broadly near the floor
I took her more to be an ottoman--
Or was my sorry state that blotto ,man?

Not so, for lo! The daylight, it was broad;
Forsooth she was no apparition, odd,
This pond’rous pussy shapely as a whale,
But quadruped with undulating tail.
Her shrunken head did seem to be so small
It didn't suit the seat of her at all,
I mused some runt must elsewhere, roaming be;
This puss-cat’s pate, outweighing its chassis,
And yet, in spite of this propensity,
Her bulk and mass of such immensity,
She swiftly swept from place to place,
Between the shelves of Upper Case,
To greet devotees at the door
Who spoke and stroke her as before.
Though other interests tempt her more--
What’s on her plate--not in the store.

Kathleen Mortensen©2009

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Happy Birthday to Brian! Is pre-empting One Shoot Sunday for this week

Wish you many wonderful years
Life full of joy until your time to go
Some of the best posts I have read
Are ones that you, my friend, wrote

You can always hear
the smile in your words
kindness and sincerity
in each comment
what would blog life be like
without you Bri?
You deserve a great day
Wonder Boy

Bri, Bri what can i say
Wishing you a great birthday!
Happy Birthday Brian
The web is a wiser place with your words

You Look Marvelous Dahling - Simply Marvelous

The other half is still being written

No Joke
Please join us as we wish our friend Brian Miller a wonderful Birthday. You can leave a comment for him. Know it will bring many smiles. 
We love you Brian!!! 
One Shoot Sunday will return next week at the regular time.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Tintagel - Birthplace of Arthur: A Poem by Pete Marshall

Tintagel - Birthplace of Arthur: 
A Poem By Pete Marshall

Perched high upon this jutting cliff
The flint felt hard upon my feet
I lay with lizards and basked in warmth
As waves rose high and swirled beneath

Across the bay the castle walls
That stand in time & in a time
Many have been and dabbled with myths
Whilst taking steps to do the climb

Below the surf strikes on the rocks
And hides the cave where magic lies
As people wait for seas to drift
And search for quartz beneath the tides

The rolling slopes and ragged crags
Engulf the isle that now lays calm
Where once was death and battles fought
And magic brought the golden one

My eyes search out the fabled tales
As colours blend upon this land
And birds that swoop in endless song
From grass & rock to sea & sand

Behind my back stands Barras Nose
Who’s clash is vain with battling seas
As heat comes down and warms my soul
I lower my head in prayer for thee

And those before and yet to come
Like beating drums within my mind
To find a place that brings you peace
Away from truths that take you home


Moondustwriter started it with her poem of knights, The Path of the Discarded, then Dustus continued it with his poem Guided Home. I then received a comment yesterday on a poem that i had written about 4 or 5 months ago, and so i dug it out and reread it. I have been feeling quite low this week and reading this poem was a tonic. Tintagel is my most favourite place in the world. Situated on the North Coast of Cornwall its rugged landscape, looking out over the Atlantic Ocean, is is a sight to behold. And then their is the castle, as legend says, the birthplace of Arthur. Beneath the castle ruins is a cave visible only when the tide is out. This cave is called Merlins Cave. 

Having had a chance to read the poem I must admit I couldnt help but tweak it a bit so now it is different from my original version, nevertheless i hope you like it for what it is, a tribute to a magnificaent part of the world, a place i love with all my heart, Tintagel. Thanks for reading Pete


image courtesy creative commons flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/dysanovic/

Friday, 20 August 2010

Guided Home, Poem & Photo by Adam Dustus

Hear the seen
Beyond accustomed background
In between recall noticing
Each day what's missing
Confounds constitution
Continuous distant bombarding
Drone breaks through space
Crest rage splashing
Spirit-starving, pulse reviving
Ear drums absorb ruffling calmly
Like seashells echo hinting wakes
Standing beacon tall off pebbled shore
Walk along the gorgeous lawn
Even hum your favorite song
Alive this loving joy to breathe

Life wrecks fear
Will turns up cheer
Being subject, our element
Salt in skin and trails of tears
Guided home after many lost years

*The above poem was written in Northport, Michigan—
home to the Grand Traverse Lighthouse.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Welcome to Moondustwriter Thursday

The Path of the Discarded
A Poem by

She was on a quest
It wasn't far
nor arduous
Though some may have thought her the fool
She was on a quest to regain her heart
It had been stolen long ago
By a knight who neither wanted nor cared
about the love of a sweet maiden fair
Like a tarnished
worthless trophy
he cast it aside
when he found another
along the pathway of life
The heartless knight
left a trail of used, unwanted hearts
She discovered them on her way
Too many to carry
Some swept away
She wept for them
Touched each one tenderly
with a tear
Many were still beating
"Oh dear
what must I do?"
She asked of no one there
The response was clear
"Save what is left"
She went
purposefully on her way
careful to stay
on the path of the discarded
She scooped them
tenderly into her skirt
Her quest became long
more difficult
she wasn't that strong
The hearts became heavy to bear
one day she would find each maiden
whose heart had been taken
restore what remained
One morning she awoke with a song
She sang it for all of nature to hear
It was beautiful and painfully clear
It told of a love that had been stolen one day
Hurt, once there, had been rolled away
She didn't see nor did she hear
Someone quick approaching
So silent
She heard nothing draw near
She stood plainly
her skirt billowed like a standard
Hands encircled
 many hearts he saw there
He beamed down on this rare beauty
 intent on loving others
She had been his quest for so long now
Had met many careless
tiresome young things
along the pathway of searching
He scooped her in his arms
Her heavy burdens and all
Her broken heart
there was no trace
A star-like smile
beamed on each face
He aided her
in her quest
to return each
broken heart
He replaced hers
with something more lasting
Devoted love 

I was inspired to write this piece based on a picture prompt of a knight I wrote about earlier. The romantic in me took over.
My question for the week: What part does a visual image play as you are writing?
Thanks for joining Moondustwriter Thursday. I'm looking forward to highlighting more poets in the weeks to come.

Thank you to Reza for the photograph

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

One Shot Wednesday - A Place To Share Your Poems

Welcome To One Shot Wednesday 
where you get to highlight your poetic talents

Hi and welcome to another One Shot Wednesday, the fastest growing poetry community on-line. I am Pete Marshall, the only Brit amongst three Americans, and I will be your compère today. One Shot Wednesday has witnessed some amazing work by some truly talented poets and I look forward to reading more great poems today. Before we start lets recap on how One Shot Wednesday works

1. Write a poetic piece & post it on your blog

2. Then let us know about your post. Link back to One Shot

3. Sign up in the Mr Linky list, linking directly to your post, AFTER you've posted it.

4. Go visit others who have signed up! Offer support & encouragement. Share your love of words and insight respectfully. Please try to visit as many participating poets as you can. We all could use and appreciate kind feedback.

Lastly, all forms of poetry are accepted for One Shot Wednesday. Everyone is welcome.

Cheers Pete

Monday, 16 August 2010

A mural once told me...a poem by Kavita

every once in a while you stumble upon a poet and their words just speak to you....this is how i feel often in reading Kavita's words at How I write, is mine...How you read is yours. you will recognize her from one shot wednesdays, but if you are not stopping by her place on a regular basis, you really should. enjoy the poem she wrote at a time when she was transitioning from one city to another...

A mural once spoke to me...
by Kavita

Guided by the moonlight
And the lamps below
I bounced right off treetops
In through your window

You can but stare at me
I stand, a proud shadow on your wall

I smiled, waited for you
While you tossed and turned
You then looked towards me
Slumber you had burned

You can but stare at me
I stand, a handsome shadow on your wall

You tried hard to catch me
Flashing low and high
Slyly did I dodge you
My home’s in your eye

You can but stare at me
I stand, a cunning shadow on your wall

You blinked at me in awe
And gazed at my face
My branched and leafy form
Like patterns on lace

You can but stare at me
I stand, a mangled shadow on your wall

You spoke and you laughed
Happy as can be
Then I saw a teardrop
Hide beneath your glee

You can but stare at me
I stand, a kindly shadow on your wall

You may leave tomorrow
Or decide to stay
But I sure will love you
Through all night and day

You can but stare at me
I still stand, a mere shadow on a wall

For more poetry by Kavita please visit her at How I write, is mine....How you read is yours. Look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday! ~Brian

Sunday, 15 August 2010

One Shoot Sunday: Picture Prompt & Photo Feedback

Picture Prompt (by Adam Dustus)
What do you think of this scenic spot?

Come on and take the One Shoot Sunday Image Prompt challenge!
Use the above image as a writing prompt and share your result with us!
Here's how it works...

1. Write a poetic piece or short fiction and post it on your blog

2. Then let us know about your post by linking back to One Stop

3. Sign up in the Mr Linky list, linking directly to your post, AFTER you've posted it.

4. Then go visit others who have signed up!


If you don't wish to write for the prompt, you may sign up and post a picture of your own to share with everyone. Feel free to tell us a little about the image. Just make sure you sign up and link back so we know where to reach you for commenting. Enjoy and have fun!


Saturday, 14 August 2010

The Wreckers: A Poem By Pete Marshall

The Wreckers:
 A Poem By Pete Marshall

The bells would chime as lowered heads
Would march in line to pay their debts
But coppers weighed on ravaged hands
As wolves would bay in greedy clans

And nights would close on darkened rooms
Where paths were chose that led to doom
And on the beach from tunnels deep
The ships would breach as wreckers meet
Amongst the brine the cries of men
That took to crime to feed their bairns
Whilst sailors drowned in torrid seas
And booty found beseeched by pleas

They climbed the rocks and journeyed home
As hope would mock their tired bones
But death would lay upon the cliffs
When state would claim their laden gifts


You might or might not know but a lot of my poetry has been inspired by my experiences with being unemployed? I have written a series on this which can be viewed on the following link, My Struggle With Unemployment.

The above piece came about by the thought of how far you would go to feed your family when faced with mounting debts & hard times. I then began to think back to a time so much different from the one we live in but when these problems were just as rife. The wreckers tells a tale of a village whose men paid the ultimate price.

If unemployment has affected you in any way, if you would like to talk about it, share your experiences, then I am willing to hear. You can leave a comment or email me.

Regards Pete


image courtesy creative commons flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/cpieters/

Friday, 13 August 2010

Cosmic Bowling, A Poem by Adam Dustus

Poem  & Photo by Adam Dustus

Fever pitch, hold my breath

Veiling streaks shine laser-etched

Striking light for splits to save

Raucous chorus of kids through games
Mindless fun, we all need some

Adults drink beer, their little ones run

Mesmerizing these blurs that beam

Blink real fast, call it a dream
Scores irrelevant through alley cheers!
Gutter balls and lightening smears

Crashing thunder through stale smelling air

About the game, who really cares?

Marvel at lanes, pick up despair

Talk is why my friends go there

Prompting smiles, making fun

Cosmic bowling, anyone?

*The above poem was written from the prompt I posted for our first
One Shoot Sunday.

Stayed tuned for Round 2 of One Shoot. There will be a new picture prompt &
everyone is welcome to use & share it.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Moondustwriter Thursdays - Featuring Friend & Poet April Higney

I hope you enjoy April's work. Many times I read her poetry and am inspired to write. I think good poetry has that intrinsic ability to inspire.

Beyond the Flesh
A Poem By April Higney

Sometimes she slips out beyond her flesh,
a soul, travelling upon lands never seen,
drifting along currents, pulled by the moon,
across the rocky earth, fields swaying green.

An astral projection,
to watch the Vortex up high,
along a plateau,
between red sands and the changing magnetic sky.

Swirling with the dust,
that plays along the wind over the ground,
whistling, musical breezes,
her soul has found.

Another soul drifts near,
love within the mind,
passions merge, without fear,
crossing a bridge without looking behind.

Emotions sing along the skin of her soul,
as he makes love to her heart,
embracing the touch in every view,
as though refreshing the paint upon an old piece of art.

His lips, the taste of berries,
or portions of life held sweet.
She slips back into her flesh,
whispers, “one day perhaps, our bodies will meet…”

Photo: The Bridge by April Higney


Lovers Beneath The Moon 

I laid
beneath the pines
inhaled woodsy scents
watching the moon
catch the edge of our tomorrows


You laid
sand crackled under our skin
listening as the waves crashed
watching the moon
play hide and seek


I laid
caressed by the dawn
heard things you had done
watching the moon
dance in your eyes


You laid
heard the whisper
of your long ago lover
watching the moon
glance upon emptiness

Photo: Look Up by L. Moon

So a question to make you writers ponder - What theme / genre do you feel most comfortable writing?

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

One Shot Wednesday: A Place to Share Your Poems

Welcome to One Shot Wednesday - where you get to highlight your poetic talents

I’m  Adam Dustus, and I'll be your host for the poetic festivities. Since it was so much fun hosting OSW last month, I jumped at the opportunity to substitute for Leslie this week! The support and energy for One Shot Wednesday has been great, and I'm glad to be a part of it. With that being said, here's a quick recap of how One Shot works:

1. Write a poetic piece & post it on your blog

2. Then let us know about your post. Link back to One Shot

3. Sign up in the Mr Linky list, linking directly to your post, AFTER you've posted it.

4. Go visit others who have signed up! Offer support & encouragement. Share your love of words and insight respectfully. Please try to visit as many participating poets as you can. We all could use and appreciate kind feedback.

Lastly, all forms of poetry are accepted for One Shot Wednesday. Everyone is welcome.


One Stop Poetry Competition - Theme Autumn

The One Stop Poetry Competition

We at One Stop Poetry are pleased to announce the launch of our first ever poetry competition!

With Autumn approaching, we felt it would make a suitable subject. The rules are quite simple: you may enter as many poems as you like, free of charge, poems must be original and not published anywhere previously whether this is on-line or in magazines.
Please forward each entry by separate email to: oneshotpoetry@gmail.com
Poems must be 20 lines in length, no more no less and based on the theme, Autumn. 
Multiple submissions must be sent separately
Closing date is 31st August 2010.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday 14th September when the winning piece will be published on a full feature page!  One Stop is fast becoming a growing site for poets; you will receive a huge amount of recognition for having your winning poem published here!

The judges for the One Stop Poetry Competition will be Adam Dustus, Brian Miller, Leslie Moon & Pete Marshall. Judges are not allowed to be entrants.

We look forward to receiving your entries and thank you for taking part

One Shot


image courtesy creative commons http://www.flickr.com/photos/felipe_gabaldon/

Monday, 9 August 2010

8:15 on Tuesday: prose by Brian Miller

8:15 on Tuesday...

the sun, already making its majesty known, in the sky, passing through pink and orange, unveils a soft blue over the lush green canopy of the forest behind our house. pops and creaks of the wood deck, settling from an evening stretch, accompanies the twitter of birds, in a curious serenade to the new day.

a family of deer shyly poke their heads between trees, then cautiously step across the lawn to nibble at cast off grapes beneath the arbor that stands at the end of the brick path off the back of our house. at their nuzzling, butterflies stir from the vines, performing a dance, dipping and turning.

pungent coffee perfumes the air, rising in waves from my mug, as i draw its warmth through my fingers. this is the moment i realise i have forgotten you.

the sudden realization starts a hammer against the anvil of my chest, a great squeeze grips my heart, crumbling it like paper bound for the trashcan. i want to retreat to the bedroom, to curl on the floor beside the bed, still wrapped in my clothes, closing my eyes to see if i can find you, but i stay, fear of finding nothing pinning to my seat.

you are a fog, barely perceived, there one moment then gone. i tremble, unable to even conjure your face. the touch of your hand, i once relished, erased. all the words once spoken, lay in a jumbled pile in the corner of my mind. i am utterly alone, as the morning unfolds around me, anxious that may you have forgotten me as well at...

...8:15 on Tuesday.