Friday, 20 August 2010

Guided Home, Poem & Photo by Adam Dustus

Hear the seen
Beyond accustomed background
In between recall noticing
Each day what's missing
Confounds constitution
Continuous distant bombarding
Drone breaks through space
Crest rage splashing
Spirit-starving, pulse reviving
Ear drums absorb ruffling calmly
Like seashells echo hinting wakes
Standing beacon tall off pebbled shore
Walk along the gorgeous lawn
Even hum your favorite song
Alive this loving joy to breathe

Life wrecks fear
Will turns up cheer
Being subject, our element
Salt in skin and trails of tears
Guided home after many lost years

*The above poem was written in Northport, Michigan—
home to the Grand Traverse Lighthouse.


n. davis rosback said...

i really like this.
wonderful job.

moondustwriter said...

I know fewer lighthouses are functioning in this day and age.
They represent a past of hope and help for the sea faring.

And as you have penned - a way home

Nice Adam!!!!

Pete Marshall said...

a great share lighthouses..always visit them whenever i am near...favourite is at portland bill..on the dorset coast...the very being of a lighthouse brings a calm to those troubled souls fighting the treacherous seas..cheers Pete

Brian Miller said...

i was a prodigal son...
this i understand.

dustus said...

Is it Friday already? Wow, seems like this week flew by!

Thanks for commenting, n. davis.

Moonie,that was the first lighthouse I've seen in person. Visiting that state park was a treat :)

@ Pete : was just looking at some photos of the dorset coast via Google images. Looks really nice.

@ Brian: reminds me of that story too, the sense of celebrating finding the way back home after a journey of being lost.

Viola said...

I love lighthouses Adam, and your picture is beautiful. You did a great job writing your poem. I felt as if I was in this lighthouse looking across the sea. Oh, how peaceful that makes me feel.

annell said...

I loved the part about the sound of waves from a shell. And I think the idea of the light house is really wonderful. It is said, we love to be lost so that we can find our way home. I think we need lighthouses more often than we think.

Eric Alder said...

I have been to that lighthouse, one of many here in Michigan, and I know that feeling, that sense of 'long ago' that one gets at such places.

dustus said...

@ Viola: Wonderful to see your comment here! :) We're all wondering about how your doing.

@ annell: I lived near the shore (New Jersey) growing up and always used to try and listen to the shells. I still do that when I find one :)

@ Eric: Northern Michigan is amazing! Since One Shot began, I'm learning we've some great blogging individuals from MI (off the top of my head)... You, G-Man, Shay, Chris G... Think I'm going to add an MI blog roll on my site. cheers

Eric Alder said...

There was even a "Michigan Bloggers" site here on Blogger, but it seems to have given up the ghost.

Too bad, since we've got so many Bloggers here in "The Mitt"!

Fireblossom said...

You put me right there, Adam, as you normally do. You made the lighthouse, and the entire metaphor just come to life as if I were standing there, after a long journey. Thanks for this.

Kavita said...

Love overturns everything, and gets right on top of it all!
Yes, when home calls, one is guided all along..
The image is very calming.. just the sight of a lighthouse standing there, all alone, tall, strong and resilient, gives you the feeling of warm hope and determination...

Very well expressed, Adam.. as ever!

dustus said...

Thanks for stopping by & commenting...

@ Eric: Would be nice to round up all the bloggers in "The Mitt" :)

@ Fireblossom: you rock, Shay :)

@ Kavita : Love does overturn everything :)

Chris G. said...

This takes me far and away, to the coasts of this most beautiful's so nice that such sights remain so close at hand. I have been there, and it, like many of its kind, can be really quite beautiful. And always good places for reflection.

dustus said...

@ Chris. G: I'm extremely lucky to have moved to Michigan almost five years ago... Living here has changed my life, inspired me.... Definitely a most excellent place for reflection. Wait a sec, did we just write a "Pure Michigan" commercial through commenting? lol thanks, my friend :) Write on!

blissbait said...

Hey Dustus!

Man O Man, I completely spaced writing You back/visiting Your blog when I checked back in the other day! Had soooooo much catching up to do. But I'm kind of glad I did, because this poem of Yours is brilliant and touches my heart. I've just returned from visiting home, which I'd not seen in almost 20 years. An island with a lighthouse. This was uncanny timing and I'm off to read Your words again, for the third time. Thank You!!! Lovely. Cheers and Namaste. :)

dustus said...

@ blissbait : Coincidence, I think not. lol Wow, you haven't visited home for 20 years! Hope you had a joyous return. We all kept checking back to see when you would post again. Caught your update message today, and I'm glad you let us know what you were up to. Missed ya. cheers and namaste :)

hoiden said...

i love the photo n it meshes well with the brilliant poem:)makes me want to stand at the very top of the lighthouse n look out to the sea:)

buttercup said...

I too love lighthouses, as a child we used to go to the most southern part of Africa, called L'Agulhas with the most amazing lighthouse and I remember falling asleep with the flashing light, your poem brought back memories long always you have captured our minds and hearts with your wonderful talent Adam. Thank you ~ Hugs x

cindy said...

I enjoyed this tremendously Adam :)

dustus said...

@ hoiden: I didn't go up to the top, but I stood on these really large rocks down by the shoreline. Quite an amazing place!

@ Amanda: Just google image searched L'Agulhas—wow, nice! That's a great memory you share. That's what is so amazing about the blogosphere, A: I write a poem about North Michigan that reminds my friend of South Africa. Seriously, how cool is that!

dustus said...

@ Cindy Have a wonderful weekend!

Jannie Funster said...

I really like the picture and how the mailbox is a miniature of the structure.

And the poems brings up great thoughts, of life and hope.

dustus said...

@ Jannie: As evidenced by the awesome photos of yours, you have a great eye for photos and details, Funster... the mailbox is my favorite detail of the pic, gives a nice sense of the relative size of the lighthouse.