Featured Artists

At One Stop we are continuously looking for ways to support, find and bring to you fantastic poetry, photography and art from all around the globe. Each and everyone of us takes great pride in finding talent that we wish to Spotlight. The following are those that have had this honour which includes a link to the spotlighted page and their blog;

Talon......barely scratching the surface
Paper Dreams, Featured 12th July
Shay's Word Garden AKA Fireblossom
Bake Until Golden, Sweeten To Taste, Featured 19th July
Read Between The Minds - Charles Martin
A Jaded Framed Mirror, Featured 22nd July
Love Always Theory, Theron Kennedy
Third Destination & Versify, Featured 5th August
Glynn Young, Faith, Fiction, Friends
Testimony (In the Closet) & The Cemetery Attendant, Featured 7th August
April Higney, Betweenhearts75
Beyond The Flesh, Featured 12th August
How I Write Is Mine...How I read Is Yours, Kavita
A Mural Once Told Me, Featured 16th August
Kathleen Mortensen AKA Poetikat
I Came Geymalkin, Featured 23rd August
Neva Flores - Changeful Storm
Saddest Song of Old & Why Withhold Your Hand, Featured 26th August
Terence Jones
Photography, Featured 29th August
Tess Kincaid AKA Willow Manor
Uncoiffed, Featured 30th August
Daniel Audet - The Writers Road
She Waits, Featured 2nd September
Mat Lloyd
Blokes, Featured 6th September
Two Inches To The Right, Featured 7th September
Dave Holloway
The Last Days & A 100 Years Ago, Featured 9th September
Susan Payne AKA Suzicate, The Water Witches Daughter
Authenticity, Featured 10th September
Roger Allen Baut AKA ChasingTao
Photography, Featured 12th September
Emily Wierenga AKA In The Hush of The Moon
When You Grow Into Legs, Featured 13th September
Florin Soare
Photography, Featured 19th September
Katherine - AKA Chicky's Creative Corner
Arms Outreached, Featured 20th September
John Locke Book Review, Featured 24th September
Lisa Urso AKA They Will Not Have Me
Coral Castle, Featured 27th September
Emmanuel Ibok AKA Lord Emmanuel
Flip The Coin & Forget Me Not, Featured 30th September
Jemfyr & Trace A Collection of Photography & Poetry
Mosaique Journey, The Interview, Featured 3rd October
Shaun Gordon AKA Donusho
Mind Dream, Featured 4th October
Daniel Jay AKA Thinking With An Open Mouth
A Story Never Read, Featured 5th October
Belinda Munoz AKA The Halfway Point
Trust & Temptation, both Featured 8th October
Nancy Denofio
You asked Me to Dance, Featured 9th October
Laura Mercurio Ebohon
Love Monologue & Help, both Featured 14th October
Marinela Reka
Beautiful Liar, Time & Everybody has the Chance, all Featured 15th October
Michelle Rummel AKA shellartistree
The Ocean Is Salty Enough, Featured 18th October 

Steven Marty Grant AKA Urbanality
Manhattan Progression, Featured 19th October 
Shaun Masterton
Flame on the Fire & No Tomorrow Both Featured 21st October
Larry Jaffe Poet Laureate Youth For Human Rights
We Are The Poetry They Said Featured 22nd October

Marlene Giraud at qbanpoet
The Way to you Featured 26th October

Claude Bouchard twitter @ceebee308
Vigilante Book Review 28th of October

Luke Prater at Luke's WordSalad
To Ashes Featured 2nd of November

Gay Cannon Twitter @beachanny
Nocturne, Sylvania, Endangered Featured 4th of November

Terresa Wellborn at "The Chocolate Chip Waffle"
The Guests Featured 9th of November

David Wilkins
Speaking out for youth - featured 11th of November

Signed...bkm (bkmackenzie)
In Writing, Long Sought, I Will not Celebrate You in Death
- featured 12th of November

 Anton Gourman at "Forpuck"
sweden october 2010 Featured 16th of November

Sheila Moore -She Writes

 Nina Ellis at "Underground Poetry"
"diver" by Lizzy Dening Featured 23rd of November