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Combining the unique talents from across the pond of  British Poet Pete Marshall with American Poets Brian MillerLeslie Moon & Adam Dustus, we have come together to bring you a new, exciting opportunity with, One Stop Poetry - Where Poets, Writers & Artists Meet.

At One Stop we have pledged ourselves to unite poets, writers & artists from all corners of the world in bringing their unique talents together. Through our One Shot Wednesday, Competitions, One Shoot Sunday and Spotlights on featured artists, we are committed to helping you get noticed and published through magazines & books. Failing that this is also a great platform to help hone your skills, meet other artists and learn new styles.

Bringing their ideas and creativity together has united four poets that cover a multitude of verse. Those of you who are aware of Brian, Leslie, Pete & Adam's work will need no introductions but for those of you new to them you can click on their links accordingly.

The Directors

Pete Marshall is a UK based poet from near London. He is probably best known for his often dark & hypnotic verses featured in the Darkened Tales Series He also has written the My Struggle With Unemployment Series which has been widely received. Pete's poetry is at times intense but often descriptive, "A good poem makes you think, puts you in touch with your inner self, can remove you from that moment and place you in a new domain. A good poem inspires!"

Brian hails from the East Coast of America. He is a writer, poet, father, husband, counsellor, key lime pie eater, friend, side street walker, who doesn't mind mucking and getting his hands dirty or standing in a cherry blossom rain. "Everyone has a story and everything a poem, once you look at it long enough." He doesn't take himself seriously (especially when talking in first person) but has been published. Oh and in case you have not heard, love wins.

Leslie Moon aka moondustwriter, is from the West Coast. Presently she writes scripts for radio and recently published a children's book based on stories she told her children and is in the process of publishing a series of special needs children's stories. She is a published poet and hosts several writing blogs. Leslie is an advocate for the special needs community and is on the Board of Directors for a non-profit group established to help children and families with special needs. Poetry is where she relaxes: "Poetry is like painting. Some poems use broad brush strokes and other poems use fine wisps of colour. My poetry is where you will see the real me."

Adam Dustus is an American author of fiction and poetry. His first novel entitled High School Asylum, and his first poetic publication, In & Out Of Line, were published simultaneously at the beginning of 2009. As a blogger, Adam's been posting on The Dustus Blog since November 2008, sharing everything from poetry and flash fiction; to his photography and recent High Dynamic Range (HDR) images. He currently works as a freelance graphic designer helping individuals to establish themselves online.

We are also proud to introduce to you our wonderful team; 

Claudia, AKA SPLITTERGEWITTER, lives in Germany, works in Switzerland and buys cheese and fish in France - very normal for someone living so close to the border triangle. She's married for more than half her life and has three teenage kids. She loves to bike and get wet with warm summer rain - and she loves improvising on her Alto Sax. Claudia discovered writing poetry this year and since then she has been on a Poetry adventure trail that she hopes will never stop unfolding. 

Chris Galford is a writer, poet, and photographer from the American Mid - West. Online, he operates two blogs, The Waking Den, which features poetry, fiction & photography; and The Shut-In, showcasing movie and videogame reviews. He is presently working to publish his first novel entitled The Hollow March, and currently works as a journalist and freelance photographer while pursuing degrees in journalism and law.

Gay Cannon lives in Texas between two houses in Port Aransas and Arlington (near Dallas). She's written poetry on and off since her teens. She's published in small magazines, journals and online. She has two blogs  Beachanny By The Sea with current works of poetry and Beachanny's Texas with prose/poems written about or inspired by living in the state. A mother of three grown children, and grandmother to eleven, she's also employed and working from a home laptop that travels with her. Degree in Education and English Literature with a special emphasis on poetry.

Jessica Kristie was born and raised in the California Bay Area, and has been writing about her life and the lives of others from an early age. She has always taken emotional inspiration from poetry, film, music, and photography; and enjoys using some of these mediums in her overall vision. She also enjoys painting, singing, and (once upon a time) acting, although cooking has become what is requested of her most by her family and friends. Jessica has a strong desire to make the world a better place, and will regularly become involved with her community, school board functions, charities, and neighborhood assistance programs.

Thank you for visiting One Stop Poetry!  We look forward to meeting and getting to know you more throughout this amazing adventure.