Thursday, 30 September 2010

Welcome to Moondustwriter Thursday - Featuring Poet Emanuel Ibok

I’m excited to feature my friend Emmanuel Ibok
  on Moondustwriter Thursday.

I’m not surprised to learn that Emmanuel has been writing since he was a child. Storytelling and fiction were his mainstay. As he experienced a bit of life he focused more on the philosophy of life. Poetry he found was a great outlet for his expression. He uses his poetry to convey a message, a moral.
My inspiration draws from a lot of angles. It can come from within, music or people and when my mind drifts to distant places.

Join One Stop as we explore the poetry of Emmanuel Ibok

Flip the Coin

I could have been a Taliban,
plying my trade in Afghanistan.
I could have been a market tout,
always with a bottle of Guinness stout.
I could have been a robber,
with no plan that’s proper.
I also could have been a beggar,
surviving on daily earners.
I could have been a puppet,
subjecting myself to an object.
I could have been a failure,
compromising nothing with my leisure.
I could have been a gossip,
spreading rumors for nothing; not even a tip.
I could have also been in jail,
with no chance of being granted bail.
I could have been a day dreamer,
lying down and waiting for my redeemer,
I could have constituted a nuisance,
getting people irritated by my disturbance.
I could have been so pessimistic,
with my thoughts being unrealistic.
I could also have lost my logic,
because my mind is filled with toxic.
But I choose to be a Gentle Man,
being truthful and faithful like an Imam,
living in society with all amount of sincerity,
and fighting for our collective freedom and security.
Why won’t you do same?
why won’t you let peace and justice prevail.

Forget Me Not

I want to be like a tattoo
remaining permanently on time’s sand;
I must accomplish greatness
so you forget me not.
I want to stick on your lips like glue
long after you say adieu;
I must stay positive
so you forget me not.
I want to shine like the sun
bright enough to lighten your world;
I must live upright
so you forget me not.
I want to live forever; not on earth
but in your hearts’ deepest layer;
I must impress with my life style
so you forget me not.

Enjoy more fantastic writing by Emmanuel Ibok 
The photograph was from my photographer friend Terence Jones who was featured 

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

One Shot Wednesday - Poetry Week 13

Welcome to another One Shot Wednesday. I'm Moondustwriter (aka Leslie Moon) hosting this round of poetry. I have to say we have all been taken aback by the response from poets who come to our site. I hope you agree that there are well written, thought provoking pieces posted each week. Thanks to each of you for your friendship and for inspiring me to be a better poet.
If this is your first week, please comment so we can welcome you properly.

Here is the format for those of you just starting
1. Write a poem
2. Come to One Shot Tuesday night or anytime Wednesday and put in the necessary information on Mr Linky. If Mr Linky is down you will need to put the URL in the comment box. The URL is the web page address of your poem
3. Leave a comment (we love to hear from you)
4. Take a few moments to read a poem or two and give some words of kindness. I personally like constructive criticism but if you do that keep it positive.We have poets of all levels. I know how much it means when the reader can give the poet some encouragement. Thanks all of you for always knowing the right thing to say. 

Have a great One Shot Wednesday 

Monday, 27 September 2010

One Stop Spotlight: Coral Castle by Lisa Ursu

I am always on the look out for voices that are new and fresh in the world of poetry. Lisa Ursu is not a new voice to me, as I have followed her for some time now, but she probably will be to you. Lisa does some amazing things with words that  keep me coming back again and again.

Because I don't want to be alone in my addiction, I bring her to you. This is Lisa's poem, Coral Castle, one of her finest pieces. Have a happy Monday everybody and enjoy!

Coral Castle
by Lisa Ursu

Will you dangle your feet with me
over the sun couch behind the 9 ton gate?
Come, let’s drink from moon fountain and
pen a tune
by the grotto of 3 bears

Bring your flowers to
the corner of repentance then
let’s arrange them fresh on
the 5,000 pound heart and
the soft art we make
will be love
Will you
cradle me in the cut rocker
to and fro, to and fro as
telluric forces compel and
quell our stony centers?
All of the weight we've ever known
will turn to dust that
the winds will blow
Let’s look at ourselves through
the Eye of Polaris and
marvel at how the tender tons he flew
nudge the North star

Let’s sift through the rift and
paint the buds and
play in mud and
soak in suds
Let's lay to rest all that has ever been
© Liza Ursu
Coral Castle
Image taken from

Sunday, 26 September 2010

One Shoot Sunday - Featuring Chris Galford

One Shoot Sunday 

wants to welcome Chris Galford. 
I (Leslie Moon) met Chris in the world of poetry and was inspired by the beauty and depth of his writing. 
At the time, I didn't know we also shared the love for photography.

Lens shot by Shazeen Samad

Chris, in my estimation, is on his way to a career in media. He fell in love with photography as a Freshman in college. Before then. he loved photography and art, but he never felt like he could achieve what others had. “I gave in more frequently to the inherent wanderlusts I have always had and took to exploring.” 

Chris has had plenty of experience since his Freshman year. He has worked for three different news/ media organizations and was the photo editor of his school paper as Junior.  Needless to say he will not be putting his camera down any time soon.

Chris’ photography is inspired by the “simple yet majestic beauty of nature.”  He is taken aback by that trek in the wilderness without a destination; he is accompanied  with a camera full of great memories and pictures. “To capture a moment in existence, to draw the world around you into a shot for everyone to see as you saw it – that is a feeling like none other.”

Chris shoots with a Nikon D60. "I  adore Nikons”. He uses the standard Nikkor 18-55mm lens, the Nikkor 70-300mm lens for distance and the Sigma 10-20mm wide angle for expansive shots and scenery.

“Though writing is and always has been the very heart of my being, I hope that in whatever I do, and wherever I go, I can always use my photography with it, and keep photography as an important expansive part of my life.”

To enjoy all of Chris's work visit his website

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Lord Have Mercy On Us: A Poem By Pete Marshall

“Lord Have Mercy On Us”
a poem by Pete Marshall

Darkness falls on cobbled streets
That lead to doors of deep despair
The bell is rang for those that died
As wafts of death pollute the air

A heavy cart that trundles on
Collects the love that fell away
As Royals feast in silver halls
And chew the fat of life’s decay

The fires roar and warm their bones
Whilst bells are tolled and paupers roam
And streets are paved with others gold
Who hike the rates beyond two fold

A weary beast that pulls his load
As master sits with whip in hand
Is led beyond the outer walls
To bury hope amongst the damned

The petals fall from flowered stems
Of roses sung in lullaby’s
The pits are filled from broken homes
And dreams that lived and slowly died


The Great Plague of 1665 devastated families and communities within the City of London. If plague was found in a household is was sealed, condemning the whole family to death. A red cross was painted on the door of these houses along with the words “Lord Have Mercy On Us.” At night corpses were collected to the cry “bring out the dead”, and placed in a cart to be taken away to the plague pits.

This poem is not just about the plague of 1665 but also the plague that is currently controlling the City of London. The Financial Institutes that are responsible for destroying peoples life’s and helping create this current recession….the Banks…..

For those of you that have been following the "My Struggle With Unemployment" series you will, no doubt, feel my own personal suffering within this piece...this week has been hard for my family and I as we have been to the Courts to fight our own battle with the plague.........

Friday, 24 September 2010

Dustus Friday - John Locke Book Review

John Locke Book Review

My friend Dustus is off and he kindly gave me an extra day to play with. I’ve wanted to feature not only poets on my site but people that I believe are noteworthy in the writing community. I will be doing book reviews once to twice a month on Thursdays.  If you are a fiction writer of any length and genre, please drop me a line at

There are many fiction writers I have met in the past year who are what I consider New York Times Best Seller material. My friend John Locke is one of them. John amazingly has only been writing for three years. He has five fictions published and is working on number six. He supports other writers and is a generous humanitarian. I have experienced his generosity first hand. About four months ago, John read that I am working for the special needs community and asked how he could help our non-profit. Next thing, we received a gift for our organization - for children! Thanks again John!

John has always loved reading, writing,and  telling stories but he was too busy with life and his business to put effort into serious writing. I’m glad that three years ago John decided to write. We have been missing out.
When I asked John what his goal as a writer is he told me: “I'm not trying to write the Great American Novel, I just want to entertain my readers.  I like to take a serious or semi-serious situation and blast it with zany characters and laugh-out-loud dialogue.  I want to shock my readers, but I also want to make them laugh.  I work really hard on the pacing of my books, with the goal that my readers will fly through them and complete them in one or two sittings.

Here's a must read for your reading list: Saving Rachel by John Locke.

If you like a fast paced, not sure where it's taking you read, then I promise you have the right book. I picked the book up and read it straight through; I'm like that- if a book is good- what's the point of putting it down. John has not only developed interesting characters and a riveting crime story line, but he's also created the kind of story where you want to psycho analyze the characters. I need to read it again just to analyze the intricacies of the characters.
What doesn't this book have: doesn't have a walk in the park - no sorry there is a twist with a walk in the park; the beautiful knock-out - well he has her but this beauty is not what she seems;  hmm avarice, the double cross is there too.  I'm trying to think what it doesn't have. There's no granny driving a model T! If I say much more, I will start giving away the plot.
 If you like suspense, drama, humor - you'll enjoy Saving Rachel!

My suggestion go on Amazon and buy the Kindle version or like me get the paperback version.

Other Novels by John Locke: Lethal People, Lethal Experiment, Now and Then, Wish List, and Follow the Stone is in the writing stages.

Want to know what’s on my wish list for reading?

John's on Twitter @DonovanCreed

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Moondustwriter's Thursday - The blogging community at One Stop

 Welcome to Moondustwriter Thursday

The One Stop Poetry site team is pleased with the amazing support we have received since we started Twelve weeks ago. We knew there was talent out in the blogsphere but to have so many poets coming together as a community is fantastic.
Recently, I went to the pub in Oxford where the Inklings ( C.S. Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien, N. Coghill and more) shared their unfinished work. It was a cozy place; great for moments of inspiration and laughter and I'm sure a corner where wads of paper contained discarded writing.A year ago, I would not have thought it possible to have such great friends and colleagues in the blogsphere. 
We hope that you meet people here that become friends, perhaps colleagues. We may never share a pint or a cup of coffee but we can laugh and inspire one another. I want to thank each of you for helping me to become a better writer and for being my friends.   
Along those lines, because we are here to encourage you and your blogging, we want to join with other memes and Social Media Networking to support the anti-bullying campaign. Bullying sadly can convey such hostility that a blogger may feel the need to stop blogging or hide under a new name.

It Happens in Cyber Space
poem by 
Pete Marshall

“It started with a click
I never thought it would come to this”

And as the words were gently hummed
My mind slipped back to other times
When fresh I came upon this world
And shared my words and all my rhymes

In cyber space some mask themselves
Our minds play tricks on who they are
But words and deeds are stamped as true
And jealous ways can lead too far

I’d read each day a glowing quote
Aware the young were so naive
But grooming starts at any age
Affects our minds and our beliefs

And from the quotes a friendship came
That burst onto my private world
My inbox filled with  vile spam
That rocked my life and all I held

A bully wants to be the one
That all will turn and hold on to
But bullies always come undone
When  people stand and tell the truth

More Information:

Here's a site on Facebook that is leading the wave against

Forty seven states in the US now have explicit laws against electronic harassment or "cyber stalking"

Some examples of tactics of harassment or "cyberstalking" may use include:
  • Sending manipulative, threatening, lewd or harassing emails from an assortment of email accounts.
  • Hacking into a victim’s online accounts (such as banking or email) and changing the victim’s settings and   passwords.
  • Creating false online accounts on social networking and dating sites, impersonating the victim or attempting to establish contact with the victim by using a false persona.
  • Posting messages to online bulletin boards and discussion groups with the victim’s personal information, such as home address, phone number or Social Security number. Posts may also be lewd or controversial – and result in the victim receiving numerous emails, calls or visits from people who read the post online.
  • Signing up for numerous online mailing lists and services using a victim’s name and email address.

I'm sure the Inklings had their moments where they felt harassed for their "forward" thinking. There was a difference - they could address these issues face to face and not feel their writing was threatened. Let's all do our part to keep our community / blogsphere enjoyable and bully free.