Thursday, 16 September 2010

Moondustwriter's Thursday - featuring poems from poetry competition

 to Moondustwriter 

I've been crazy busy this week so have only popped in to One Shot Wednesday to peek in on all the wonderful posts. I look forward to some tea, my laptop and great poetry.

Thank you to Elizabeth, a wonderful poet and artist, for providing the above art-work. I wanted to share this one piece and want to encourage you to go to her site.

We had so many wonderful poems submitted for out poetry competition, theme "Autumn", that I wanted to feature two more and get you in the mood for fall.


When I Dream in Autumn 

When I dream of autumn, the wood, its glow, leaves tossed
I can dream in no other… I only dream in Robert Frost
meadow calls me walk
to the back woods edge
and hedgehog gestures follow
to place I lay head
where stream - now swallow
murmurs touch me, as I whisper and I weep
of the beauty
that surrounds me and the secrets that I keep
while the wind pulls me forward
to view a fielded land
 gently guiding me
through this moment
will never
No, I will not dream of heaven, or vision seasons lost
For when autumn calls me dreaming ....I can only dream in Robert Frost

Autumn's Dance
by Gay Canongate

Autumn again waltzes in 
With percussive rustles by the wind
Trees move like skirts of dancers
Then lift their dancing limbs.
Autumn changes partners 
In gala dress; the feast lingers
And the crows prepare.
I feel the crackle in the air.
I hear the woods hum songs of old guitars
Played to the rhythm of the stars.
Autumn hosts this annual ball 
We arrive, the last invited guests.
In suit so grand you give your hand;
Like sunlight, in my new red dress,
You spin me in a golden hall that weaves
The season into our new romance.
Autumn leaves, we're left to chance-- 
To continue that fated dance,
A fiery tarantella, whose heat will last
Beyond the North wind's chilling blast.

© Gay Reiser Cannon All Rights Reserved


moondustwriter said...

Thanks to everyone for a great One shot Wednesday - I think I will be reading into the weekend. Great stuff

Please enjoy these two poets I have gotten to know and enjoy immensely

Moon Smiles

Brian Miller said...

nice moon...what is up with the highlighted text in the first one...these were both amazing...bkm is a definite fav of mine as well as gay...i am glad you took the names off when we read them because it was hard enough....

Pete Marshall said...

a great post moonie...and i hope everyone enjoys these two pieces as was so very very close and all three were wonderful. so much so that we had to share the two runners up as well...cheers pete

Wild Rose said...

Nice poems Moon and BKM loved your ending of dreaming only in him and the lines are superb that line touched me deeply and i can relate.. perfect imagery.

Gay -Lovely Autumn description i could see it through your words.

betweenhearts75 said...

Both such wonderful poets, and I love the autumn themes.

bkm....I love Robert Frost, and enjoyed how he was included in this dream of Autumn, wonderful! =)

Gay, beautifully descriptive words made me see and feel the wonderful Autumn season. I love the sense of the "dance" reminding me so much of the colorful swirling leaves.

Fantastic sweet Moon, thank you for sharing these lovely writers' words. Drinking coffee and still waking, this was a pleasure to wake to. :) ~April

Maureen said...

Lovely poems. In the first I particularly like the turn from the opening's "When I dream of autumn" to the ending's "when autumn calls me. . . I can only dream...."

The second captures well the feelings and sights and sounds we associate with the preparations for winter.

G-Man said...

I love the Autumn...
Great Poetry!!

annell said...

I loved these poems of autumn, my favorite time of the year.

umamaheswari anandane said...

Both the poems perfect for the autumn.Very nice blog encouraging poeters to write more and more.Liked it and following it.I want to join your blogroll.How could I do it?

william said...

lovely poems, well written xx

Beachanny said...

How lovely. I just now realized you were posting comments. So nice to see the pieces well received. I loved bkm's piece very much. She captures the timeless dreaminess of autumn expertly. Kudos to her.
Thank yous to everyone who had such kind things to say re Autumn's Dance.

dustus said...

Great post, Leslie.

bkm, your poem is creative and evokes one of my favorite poets who remains an inspiration to many artists, Robert Frost. To infuse the pun on his name among your perceptions of autumn is amazing.

Gay, the musicality of the lines is the perfect accompaniment to the many images that range from the stars and leaves to a detailed celebration of the season. Such a wonderful homage to fall.

Thanks to all who entered the poetry contest.

Congratulations, Daniel.

slpmartin said...

Two very fine poems...thanks ever so much for sharing them with us.

Mama Zen said...

Both of these are amazing!

heartspell said...

These a re both just so beautiful and so heartfelt.... thank you, Moon, for sharing them here with us. :) heartspell

moondustwriter said...

Wild Rose - thanks for appreciating these fantastic poems and the ladies who wrote them

April - glad you had poetry to wake to

maureen - Glad you enjoyed the autumn and all her finery

G-Man - I know autumn and football, bonfires and cooler weather

Moonie Smiles and thanks for the visit

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