Sunday, 5 September 2010

One Shoot Sunday: "Photo Safari" Picture Prompt & Photo Sharing

Picture Prompt (by Adam Dustus)
What do you think of my charming friend?
Met her on my "Photo Safari"

Come on and take the One Shoot Sunday Picture Prompt challenge!
Use the above image as a writing prompt and share your result with us!
Here's how it works...

1. Write a poetic piece or short fiction and post it on your blog
2. Then let us know about your post by linking back to One Stop
3. Sign up in the Mr Linky list, linking directly to your post, AFTER you've posted it.
4. Then go visit others who have signed up!


If you don't wish to write for the prompt, you may sign up and post a picture of your own to share with everyone. Feel free to tell us a little about the image. Just make sure you sign up & link back so we know where to reach you for commenting. Enjoy & have fun!


*Next week on One Shoot Sunday, I will highlight The Contemplative Photographic Art of Roger Baut, a photographer from the Detroit area. It promises to be a great feature. Roger has many interesting influences and some outstanding work to share with us.


Brian Miller said...

hey you looking
at me
betcha think
i might just
eat you up
but no i'll just
sit here all cute &
adorable, gnawing
on your admiration...
but don't turn your back...
cause cute &
adorable has
(as usual)
got teeth.

nice pic adam...i really have nothing, just playing

dustus said...

Lol! Hey Bri. Here's one...

Only a thin pane of glass
Preventing me
From destroying dustus
Devouring his camera
Then belching a photographer sandwich

Pete Marshall said...

hi guys...had to join in..just wrote what come to mind...typically me..a bit thought provoking!!! cheers pete

Donusho said...

I adore this picture of the lioness! So i couldn't resist the challenge of using it as a prompt... struggled alittle first then my mind went wild as words kept coming and it was a beautiful experience like the Lioness

Thanks the sharing the photo.
Happy Sunday! Donusho.

dustus said...

Glynn, Pete, Donusho... very well done, respectively. A Sunday morning treat for me reading the different responses. Excellent, poetic, creative :)

Anonymous said...

took my out of my comfort zone so excellent! ended up still writing what i know lol so up came THE GREAT OUTDOORS

Anonymous said...

Hello All....My first poem of the day... I don't really feel my creative juices are at their peak today. Nonetheless, I will enjoy reading your works and I humbly submit mine to you.

Love and Light,