Friday, 3 September 2010

Blooms Alone, Poem & Photo by Adam Dustus

Poem  & Photo by Adam Dustus

In the dogged final hours
Withering noon daylight
Parching coarse, unrelenting sun
Before a field of scorched rust grass
Considering done

Unmoved through life
Old terminal bud blooms alone
Time ticks open solitude
Emerging under grayscale
It's true colors shown
Pray tell, cannot help wondering
If everything revealed to thee
Smooth and sweet like history
What in fact would anyone see?
Beautiful flower or unwholesome weed?
Checking Saint Peter or nothing believed?
Myriad views, variance perceived
Boring hours awaiting eve...
Soon to grave and God with speed
Searching right answers
No judgment agreed
Scientists, theology
Myths of yore, Astrology
Feelings across Geography
From lateral roots
Graphs, Botany
Taps buried beneath while
Clotting nodes keep insisting
Under arms with human reach

Perspectives for life emerge
Clusters lie, inner surge
Asking why?
This heat profound
Anchored roots, cutaneous ground
Dumb luck my wishing never found
  No thorny set this cyan crown
Like when a friend died
And I came around
Thoughts of you
When the snow falls down

*I wrote the above poem in a park near my home—
The photo was taken along the side of a walkway.

The final image was created in Photoshop.


n. davis rosback said...

i enjoyed this very much.

moondustwriter said...

I love the sense of searching delving into the past. Almost like something is just out of reach.

Nice poetry Adam
and the shot exquisite

Moon smiles

Pete Marshall said...

A fantastic piece..the image and the way you have produced it it excellent and then the poem...some great stuff really have captured something here...there is a lot to chose from here, the reflection, the questioning of faith, in both oneself and the almighty..cheers pete

Brian Miller said...

oh the break was very good for you wasnt it adam...smiles. sharp write...

Eric Alder said...

I'll bet you take pictures of the pretty dandelions too, just like I do.

A nice, thoughtful ode and one terrific picture!

dustus said...

Happy Friday! Moon, Pete, and Leslie... you three are awesome and did such an excellent job this week. Leslie, the last One Shoot Sunday was outstanding. And I've been getting positive comments regarding our One Shot Wednesday festivities. Great Job :) @n. davis : glad you liked it

@Eric : lol first time trying. Was stung by a bee. Ouch

annell said...

You dealt with so many difficult things here. Good job!

Echostains said...

Wonderful poem Adam! I like the way you deal with the dryness fragility of what has passed. There is such a lot going on here in this poem - a sense of time and timelessness, memory, nostalgia, seeking answers...
The photo in all its silver really was a good choice to use too!

Chris G. said...

Gorgeous image! All hail the power of the photoshop. Delightful. Makes the photographer in me feel all warm and fuzzy.

And some lovely poetry, too. Thoughtful piece, and it is working on so many levels and encompassing so many topics. A pleasure for the senses, Adam. That break was good to you, I see!

Maureen said...

Lovely imagery and deep feeling. Very nice!

dustus said...

@ Maureen & annell Appreciate your respective feedback :) Have a nice weekend

@ Echostains : always grateful for your insights and encourage everyone to try your poetry challenge...
Echostains Poetry Challenge: Vincent could have told you

@ Chris G: Hail to PS! lol

Jessie said...

very well done on both pieces. i feel a tinge of lonliness, or maybe it's the search itself...


kavisionz said...

This was like looking into a photograph from the past, and reminiscing...
It was a lovely fascinating read, Adam!
And the picture is really beautiful! Perfect focus!!

Arts Web Show said...

Glad to see you're back and hitting the written word.
Great poem

Caty said...

Great poem, but I just love that photo!

anonynanny said...

Beautiful poem. I love the imagery suggestive of "scorched rust grass."

Fireblossom said...

You got all that from that one little plant? You're sick, Adam. Good sick.

Thanks for sharing your unique talent with us once again.

dustus said...

Appreciate all the kind feedback, Friends. I love being part of One Stop!

If anyone is interested, I just posted for the Echostains Poetry Challenge...
Dustus’ Poem about Van Gogh

signed...bkm said...

love the questions that a sit in the park can provoke...nice dustus...bkm

dustus said...

Me too, ..bkm
The park is my favorite place for writing poetry. cheers