Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Two Inches To The Right: A Poem By Mat Lloyd

Two Inches To The Right
A Poem By Mat Lloyd

Today's feature is Two Inches To The Right, a poem which portrays a tale, so often heard these days, of the increasing knife culture experienced within the UK.

In Mat's words, "living near London, the poem has never been retired and still appears in my performance sets. With youth violence seemingly growing year on year, the poem is as relevant now as it was when I wrote it. People blame hip hop culture, movies, video games, parents, the education system. unemployment, the list goes on. i don't have the answer.

The saddest thing about "2 Inches to the Right" is all to often, someone from the crowd comes to speak to me after I leave the stage and tells me of their friend who died in a similar situation. This poem gives them hope that some may listen, and think twice."

Despite the fact that this gritty piece is set in London the poem undoubtedly will touch on youth culture throughout the world.

Two Inches to the Right
A Poem By Mat Lloyd

There was a murder last night
Because it was two inches to the left
Now you wouldn't have heard of last night
But it was two inches to the left!

You see they blame it on boredom
This getting drunk in the park
And they blame it on boredom
Terrorising people in dark

And on this particular cold dark night
They'd chosen their usual path
They were stupid, drunk and bored
And someone was going to feel their wrath

In the dark they chose their victim
It was easy, a random choice
Because they were stupid, drunk and bored
And some was going to hear their voice

As head idiot swung his instrument
He had all his friends running in tow
Now he wasn't quite sure why it was cool
But at least his mates said so

And as he struck the head of RANDOM
He stumbled to the floor
He was dead before he hit it
They didn't need to kick him more

Witness's they screamed and hollered
But idiot ran off into the night
Whilst random up and left this earth
And walked calmly into the light

As the judge handed down the sentence
It sounded a lot like "LIFE"
He said, "Get this idiot shackled"
"And in a cage tonight!"

His lawyer said, "If you hadn't killed him"
"You would have been alright!"
"You probably got community service"
"And been in your own bed tonight!"

Now idiot, still an idiot
Realises it's not quite so cool to fight
Sits there in his handcuffs and chains
And wishes he'd hit 2 inches to the right

Copyright Mat Lloyd

For a copy of Mat's Collection please click on the link below


5thsister said...

very disturbing but relatable to the violent gang culture out there in every society. Thank you for sharing this.

Brian Miller said...

tight mat...a scary reality the following the opinions and beliefs of others...but it happens a lot in youth culture,,,nothing new though as i did it growing up...stupid things...we got away with, somehow. a key line for me was so they would hear their voice tonight...tells a lot...tight write...

TALON said...

No simple answers and young lives blown apart by violence. Tragic tale, but a too-familiar one. I liked the title and the tie-in at the end - such small things determine a life's course.

Maureen said...

Mat Llyod's work is fabulous. Thank you for introducing us to him.

Pete Marshall said...

another great, thought provoking and disturbing piece...am very proud to have had Mat spotlighted with One Stop...cheers pete

Mama Zen said...


Anonymous said...

"as he struck the head of random"

this one line, so chillingly portrays what the core of the poem shows - our separation from each other, despite our proximity, and our loss of the curiosity that leads us into seeing others as things without soul - expendable, worthless, dead.
Impressive piece this. Well Done

Claudia said...

this is just so powerful and clear and strong

dustus said...

Bravo, Mat! Your poetic words and the animated presentation sends a powerful message regarding the causes of violence and the presence of many sad truths.

Thanks for putting Mat's work in the One Stop spotlight, Pete.