Friday, 17 September 2010

Meditating... Poem and Photo by Adam Dustus

Poem  & Photo by Adam Dustus

Open eyes returning closed
Dreaming to not feel alone
Sensing something
God only knows
Destroying what we call our home
Come back again
Beside I hear
Droning waves sweep
Salt-scented air
Taking our heart
Miss giving no share
Most of life
Felt unaware
When as a teenager
Thought nobody cared
And I would leave scared
For water repairs

Upon this earth
Hate would melt
No longer hurt
When light strikes pupils
Life, rebirth
Recalling oceans
Love, self-worth

The photo was taken in Ocean Grove, NJ.


Pete Marshall said...

wow adam an amazing poem for friday...what i loved is my favourite place in the world, as mentioned in a previous poem, is tintagel...when i sit on the cliffs and look out to the atlantic ocean i am completely at peace...and now i can kinda think that you are sitting on the other side...doing and being the same....pretty cool eh! cheers pete

Brian Miller said...

nicely played adam...there is a mournful sadness in teh beginning of the home falling apart...and then rebirth...

dustus said...

Good morning, Pete & Bri; nearing afternoon for you, Pete. A happy Friday to a hectic week! lol I love visiting the ocean every time I visit my old stomping grounds. cheers

HisFireFly said...

"Come back again" is the cry I keep hearing from the Lord.. and I know that He speaks in the waves that draw you..

lovely work here

Arts Web Show said...

This one is really cool Adam.
It flows really smoothly

Arts Web Show said...

This one is really cool Adam.
It flows really smoothly

Linda said...

This poignant poem comes on a day when it has particular meaning for me.
It is beautiful. Thank you for sharing from your heart.

slpmartin said...

The photo and poem make an excellent pair...very fine job on both...thanks for sharing them.

Maureen said...

Beautifully written, Dustus.

moondustwriter said...

That coastal shot makes me want to meditate. That is where I go to ask the questions. Adam I hear your voice colliding with the waves.

Thanks for always sharing the best of Dustus

Moon smiles

Jannie Funster said...

Dustus, your poems always takes me on rides I could never have imagined. I can relate to the teen in me thinking no one cared, I guess we all do.

So many images and layers in this. What a poetic escape! You are truly an amazing poet!!


dustus said...

Thank you all for reading and commenting! Glad you liked it. Enjoy the weekend :)
cheers, dustus

mairmusic said...

life rebirth recalling oceans...
a lovely thought to carry in on the tide! Beautiful photo too.

Jingle said...

that's very relaxing and pleasant read, Adam,
Thanks for linking up to poetry potluck!
Happy monday!

lukepraterswordsalad said...

Nice. Keep up the poetry...



Amanda said...

A Mastery of phrases captured to perfection my friend...soooo happy to have you linked at are a special soul Adam xx

signed...bkm said...

love the lyrical quality to this piece...self worth is so important know matter the age, know matter the person...the self needs "itself" and its own acceptance to survive and grow....enjoyed this...bkm

TALON said...

Beautiful poem, dustus. Lovely to return to a place of mental peace.

fiveloaf said...

wohoho and you did fine too dustus!

dustus said...

Appreciate everyone taking time to comment. Cheers

Teresa said...

What a beautiful picture and poem. I wish we could all have such a beautiful place close to nature and Deity where we could meditate.