Monday, 27 September 2010

One Stop Spotlight: Coral Castle by Lisa Ursu

I am always on the look out for voices that are new and fresh in the world of poetry. Lisa Ursu is not a new voice to me, as I have followed her for some time now, but she probably will be to you. Lisa does some amazing things with words that  keep me coming back again and again.

Because I don't want to be alone in my addiction, I bring her to you. This is Lisa's poem, Coral Castle, one of her finest pieces. Have a happy Monday everybody and enjoy!

Coral Castle
by Lisa Ursu

Will you dangle your feet with me
over the sun couch behind the 9 ton gate?
Come, let’s drink from moon fountain and
pen a tune
by the grotto of 3 bears

Bring your flowers to
the corner of repentance then
let’s arrange them fresh on
the 5,000 pound heart and
the soft art we make
will be love
Will you
cradle me in the cut rocker
to and fro, to and fro as
telluric forces compel and
quell our stony centers?
All of the weight we've ever known
will turn to dust that
the winds will blow
Let’s look at ourselves through
the Eye of Polaris and
marvel at how the tender tons he flew
nudge the North star

Let’s sift through the rift and
paint the buds and
play in mud and
soak in suds
Let's lay to rest all that has ever been
© Liza Ursu
Coral Castle
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Pete Marshall said...

this really is a wonderfully written poem...i agree with you bri about her use of words...excellent and thanks for sharing...pete

Cor said...

What a beautiful poem. As Pete and Brian previously said she has a magical way with words. Very talented! Thank you for sharing Brian.

Caty said...

thanks for sharing. I just went and read some of her other stuff too...very nice!

Maureen said...

Thank you, Brian. I agree with the others: a wonderful poem, deserving of more than one read.

Claudia said...

...Let's lay to rest all that has ever been wanted...
wow - jumped over to her site and can understand your addiction brian - thanks for introducing lisa - i already start to feel addicted as well...

Kay said...

definatly something to aspire to be! fabulous!

Liza said...

Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments, and thank you Brian for this opportunity.

steveroni said...

I too found myself becoming addicted, and reading Coral Castle
by Lisa Ursu while licking on a HERSHEY BAR...I do not know a heaven which might surpass these moments!

We seem to be all in agreement here,
Lisa. Follow your blog, read your words inspired, and pass out the chocolate pieces.

Seriously, this is GOOD stuff!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is an amazing poem! "drink from moon fountain" - "by the grotto of 3 bears" - HOL-EE mackerel! I love "bring flowers to the corner of repentance" so much I wish I had written it! Another poet sent me here - so glad she did! I am off now to feast on more poems! Write on, please do!

dustus said...

A beautiful poem, Lisa. Inspiring. Addicting to read—definitely :) Thank you for sharing your words.

Outstanding feature, Brian.

Liza said...

thank you so much for your words Sherry Blue Sky, and dustus.

and I thank you again Brian!

Terresa said...

"Let’s sift through the rift..."

I love that. There is joy and wordplay in this poem that buoys it up. I am enthralled.

moondustwriter said...

I love how you take us down the garden path and into the universe.
This was an enjoyable piece Liza.
so many pictures pop up in my mind.

Thanks Brian

View from the Moon

Asobime said...

It's too bad, but it doesn't seem possible to link my site ( with this site....following directions it seems Mr. Linky has died two weeks ago.

Quelle dommage! Steve Isaak (a friend and poet) wanted me to check out this site and contribute and comment.

Any suggestions here? Since OneShotPoetry doesn't seem to have a way to contact anyone there for solutions?? Sorry for putting it here as this is such frustration.

Lady Nyo

Mama Zen said...

"the soft art we make
will be love"

That's marvelous!

penelopephoebe said...

What a wonderful, well written poem. I can see I must pull my socks up :>)