Thursday, 2 September 2010

Moondustwriters Thursday - guest poem by Daniel Audet

Welcome to Moondustwriter Thursday.
It's a day I like to promote the poetry of friends.
Daniel Audet is a wonderful writer whom I have the privilege of knowing. He has an incredible back round: He writes fiction, writes songs, hosts a radio show (or two), and drove a truck. I am blown away with his writing and his poetry is...
Well you read it and tell him what you think.
Thanks Daniel!

She Waits
a poem by 
Daniel Audet

The fury of her love
threw her hair wild.
Light from a thousand stars
shone in her liquid eyes.
Echoes of laughter,
hard rain of kisses
all haunt me

Blinded by the
brilliance of her spirit
I turned away, for a moment.
She whispered “close your eyes.”
“Open your heart and you will find me”
She was gone.

An anguished desert before me
for an endless season
I walk upon burning sands
til I reach the other side
Where she

a poem by
I should never have…

Loved someone like you
saw the world in your eyes
freely laughed
cried some

I should have…

Thought first
Run away
Held back my heart
not been caught in your

I will  a l w a y s...

Remember your smile
Love your deep voice
Treasure your touch
Yearn for one 

Thanks A. Dombrowski for the Martini shot


KB said...

Two beautiful poems :)

Pete Marshall said...

welcome daniel...great to see you here being spotlighted...

two beautiful poems today, both tinged with a tad of sadness but isnt that love?

great stuff at One Stop..cheers Pete

Eric Alder said...

I see... a lady with an hour-glass figure... and... a BOMB!?!

Thanks for introducing us to Daniel Audet.

(Too bad you didn't include a picture... I hear he has an incredible back round)

Brian Miller said...

two very lovely piece...nicely played daniel...if i had to walk the desert i would...and of course the moon. smiles.

Caty said...

both beautiful. And they complimented each other so well.

annell said...

I liked them both. Very interesting.....

Mama Zen said...

Two marvelous poems to start my day!

joanny said...

Yes love is bittersweet, With all this love around here the writing on the walls of the comment page is all steamy. Blush.

Two great love poems and nice photo's to go with them.


dustus said...

Thank you, Daniel. Your poem shines in the spotlight. Moonie's poem following it creates an amazing overall post of love poetry. What an excellent Moondustwriter Thursday!

Maureen said...

Lovely pairing.

Chris G. said...

Two for the price of one.

I love these thursdays, always such wonderful pieces you leave us with, Moon! These are a touch on the sadder side, but no less beautiful for it. They go well together, these two.

Claudia said...

wow - two wonderful poems
thank you both so much

what i loved about daniel's poem is the vision - once you have seen "something" and know that's just the right thing - you will have all the energy and patience to cross the desert and walk over burning sands - cause - in the end - you know you'll get what you have longed for - and she waits…wow!

G-Man said...

Great Poetry Both!!!

MDW...C'est magnifique!!!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful poems.. evoking all kindsa feelings in the reader.. feelings of longing, sadness, an uncontrollable love...
And the lovely images totally complemented the excellent words...
This is wonderful work, Daniel... Kudos, my friend!

And thank you Moon, for sharing such amazing pieces here with us... This Moon ROCKS!! :)

moondustwriter said...

Daniel is a remarkable individual. Follow him on twitter @DanielAudet
I'm expecting his first novel to be a best seller.
I will beg to do a book review - I'm reading it - riveting

Keep an eye on this guy.

Moon smiles

Anonymous said...

Daniel, you paint such evocative word pictures of love and the loss of love so well. So heartaching to read. Fantastic! :)