Thursday, 9 September 2010

Moondustwriter's Thursday - guest featuring Dave Holloway

Bent by Moondustwriter

My friend Dave grew up in California. He lived in a time when the world was turned upside down as it was questioning the  mindset. He did drugs, Viet Nam, prison (for drugs),  multiple marriages and breakups, homelessness, self-expression through art and writing.

Dave is a self-taught artist; I wish you could see some of his art (most of which has been lost). Dave's expression in the arts has come from duelling with life. His poetry, which spans decades, is heavy hitting.

I appreciate Dave because he mentored me when I re-entered the world of poetry after a twenty year hiatus. I don’t think I would have had the confidence to blog poetry had it not been for Dave's constant encouragement.

Enjoy the poetry of 
Dave Holloway

The Last Days
Dave Holloway

In a grand finale
almost vengeful air
the sound mind
slowly slipped away

yet a youthful gleam
shone crystal bright
through cloudy eyes
that saw too much

of a beautiful world
that grinds to dust
the wicked core
of self righteousness

still plaguing a corner
of a mind now loss
but sweetly surrendered
to a nurse’s care

and a garden view
where baby quail
pick and peck
their stomachs full.

Copyright 2010

A 100 Years Ago
Dave Holloway

Romantic as it seems
A century ago to me
Seems a dark and cold
Miserable time to be

A shower to a tub
A toilet to a pot
Ice for the few
Sitting at the top

Time slowed down
Farm life bleak
Sweat is the reward
Cities all reek

Medicine crude
The dying just die
In the world I see
Through my own 
mind’s eye

I wish I could direct you to Dave's website. Though he is published, he is a purist. Poem, pen and paper are preferable to computer and social media networking.

A writing question for you: What role has a mentor played in your life as a writer?


One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers & Artists said...

Welcome to Moondustwriter Thursday. So how has a mentor helped you in your writing? For once I answered in the text.

Boonie S said...

I can’t answer your question. I know that I’m not a writer as such. I’m just a guy having fun. But I enjoyed this post and especially enjoyed the poems. Thanks for this.

Have a nice day, Boonie

Brian Miller said...

none really at this point...i have just been figuring it out as i go along...i do have one that has been tstretching me a bit though this last year...

really enjoyed davids poetry and glad he was there when you needed it..

dustus said...

Enjoyed Dave's poems very much and the background info was interesting, Moon. Quite a life he's led. Love that last stanza to 100 Years Ago.
To answer you question, never had a writing mentor.

Anonymous said...

Incredible work by Dave Holloway, thanks for sharing this with us Leslie! :) ~ In the idea of mentors there are many, all of the talents that flow around me day to day....the many things that help and inspire me.

Pete Marshall said...

two wonderful poems that have been shared today...makes you wonder what other beauties would be lurking in his drawers and minds...

as for a mentor dont know if i could say i have one directly but indirectly i would say the poetry communities that i have become part of other the last 8 months of writing have most certainly encouraged thanks to all of you that takes the time to comment on my work

One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers & Artists said...

You need to know Pete Marshall is always picking up my blog messes. I often can't get my posts to look right. Pete patiently comes in and does his magic.

Thanks for being there Pete - Cheers

Jessie said...

No answers for your question. I am glad you highlighted Dave, his poetry is very real.


Claudia said...

enjoyed the two poems - thanks leslie for introducing david to us - and glad he was there to encourage you

i think it's something very valuable to have people who stretch us, ask us questions about our poetry and help us develop (and may be a bit uncomfortable at times)
i had some people commenting on my posts with real good input and suggestions to improve - like "you change tenses and it distracts me as a reader" or " 3 a.m. in the morning - take away the a.m. - it's redundant" or "Try to go directly to the sight, feeling, sound, or action- that builds up intensity"

and i just found someone who offered to comment on my posts and give me an honest feedback, suggestions how to look at my poems- asking questions i might not have asked myself and might not like but i'm just thankful because i think it helps to grow

william said...

that was a fantastic poem, this place is renowned for talent, I think this poem is near the top of the creme :)

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing
mr. holloway's poems.

Anonymous said...

i like "bent"

Caty said...

great poems! thanks so much for sharing :)

annell said...

Yes, I loved each poem. You have to dive deep to be able to write these works. To open to the "mind's eye."