Sunday, 19 September 2010

One Shoot Sunday: Florin Soare

Welcome to One Shoot Sunday!

For today's One Shoot Photography Sunday, I've decided to feature Eastern European photographer Florin Soare. It is amazing to witness Florin's work continue to grow having learned about his recent beginning and dedication to his art. In addition, he and his wife continue to work for a non-profit organization (International Messengers), helping to get kids off the streets. We feature him today because One Stop Poetry's Leslie Moon once worked alongside Florin's wife teaching English in Ukrainian youth camps.

Florin began his journey into photography by taking pictures of youth and landscapes with a camera phone—that was all he could afford. Though limited by the capabilities of his camera phone, Florin took some amazing shots, and was encouraged to develop his skill.

One year ago he purchased a Nikon D90. Since then kept honing his craft with great determination and aesthetic sensibility. “My passion is to capture the small unnoticed things in life, and also the beauty of nature that surrounds us all the time, but that we often take for granted.” Utilizing his passion for photography, Florin has been working by photographing weddings, and upon the referral of friends.

His hope is that his art will help him earn enough to support his family.

Florin may be proof that you don't need expensive camera equipment to take quality shots. "In these days, there are many people that have the sufficient funds to have a professional camera and the additional equipment needed to create exceptionally good quality pictures.  Since that is the case, it is possible for such people to take the kind of pictures that are easily sold online in the world market.   I am just at the beginning stages of photography, and can't yet compete on such a level, so I am trying to find my own style that I can market in my own community.  Since artistic and creative photography is not so advanced in my area, I have a chance to stand out, if I keep working hard.”

“I have been impressed by Florin’s work from the beginning. I didn’t realize that the photography I fell in love with was coming off a cheap camera phone. With the proper tools there are no limits to this artist’s ability to create beauty. What an asset Florin is to people in Eastern Europe who may have limited resources but talent is available in young artists like Florin. He has a strong faith in God and believes this talent can be useful.”
Leslie Moon

Florin uses various lenses on his Nikon D90.  He considers understanding lighting to be crucial for great shots and studies the various forms of light, flash, and reflection techniques. "There is a lot of different equipment available, but photography is an expensive avenue to get started in.  So step by step I am increasing the set of tools that I have to work with."

Thanks to Florin for taking time to share his inspiring story.
You can visit Florin Soare's website at


Claudia said...

amazing pics - will check him out
i take lots of pics with my iPhone camera as well and edit them directly on my phone - and some of them are not that bad
the good thing, you don't have to carry around a huge camera, i have it always with me and it's quick and easy
so that encourages me that he started like this as well - thanks adam and leslie for spotlighting him!

dustus said...

Hi Claudia. I've never really tried to take pictures with a camera phone but feel inspired to try. Amazing that Florin's love of photography began that way. Thanks for your comment.

Cor said...
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Cor said...

Thanks for featuring this photographer. I love his story and his passion. It shows through the beautiful photos that he takes. Timing means alot in capturing exquisite photos and I believe that this photographer has great timing. He has a knack for capturing little moments that mean the world to us. Great One Shot Sunday!

Brian Miller said...

nice. pretty cool journey..the pictures are amazing...i have seen some rather amazing pictures taken on a phone...

annell said...

Beautiful! Thanks

Everyday Goddess said...

what a great story of dedication and vision.

Rajlakshmi said...

amazing pictures :)
will check the link

moondustwriter said...

Appreciate your taking the time to feature Florin, Adam. He is a great guy with a big heart and talent.
Who knows maybe someone will see his work and purchase something because of One Shoot.

Like Claudia much of my photos are coming off my iphone. Though limited it still helps me capture something.

Thanks Dustus

betweenhearts75 said...

Wowwww I love this feature, such beautiful photography. I myself have a cheaper (though digital/older) Kodak camera. Wonderful determination to keep going. Fantastic! Thanks Adam for this feature, and Leslie for your post as well that brought me here, was trying to catch up on some reading. :) ~April

G-Man said...

I have lots of respect and admire those talented creative folks that make do with what they have.
Great Feature Adam and Leslie... Thanks

Amanda said...

Absolutely amazing pictures...such interesting post. Thanks Adam and Leslie!! xx

Arts Web Show said...

The guy has got talent

Pete Marshall said...

this was a wonderfully well written piece for One Shoot...interestingly enough..the photo for one shoot with the people standing on the bridge was also taken by a phone with a basis 3 mp lens!!!!

enjoyed this piece immensely...cheers pete

Liza said...

Florin, you are FABULOUS!

"I have a chance to stand out, if I keep working hard.”
that's what I have been repeating to myself as of late, no matter what I am doing.

All the best in your success!