Sunday, 2 January 2011

Photography Interview with photographer Danielle Kelly (& Poetry Challenge)

One Shoot Photography Sunday!

Hello everyone and welcome to the New Year! To kick things off I, Chris Galford, am proud to continue our tradition of connecting wonderful photographers to the community.

For today I bring you Danielle Kelly, a talented photographer from New York. Self-taught and self-motivated, this interviewee’s talents run the gamut of the art, from gorgeous landscape shots to moving and stirring captures of people; be they full of color or black and white—but always brimming with life.

From all of us at One Stop Poetry, let’s start off the New Year by helping to welcome Ms. Kelly...

What originally sparked your interest in photography? How long have you been working with photography?
Danielle: My dad was an NYC firefighter and an amateur photographer. I loved looking at his slides and prints. He was quite good and encouraged me to take pictures as well. I still have the Polaroid he gave me for Christmas back in the late 60's. As well I have his first 35 millimeter camera. I've been taking pictures since I was a teenager, putting the camera down on and off for years always loving the medium. When my mom passed away 6 years ago I needed an outlet for self expression. Because I had no formal education I decided to shoot everyday. Because of that decision, I've grown immensely as a fine art photographer and amassed a body of work of 50,000 images.

What about photography appeals to you?
DanielleThe appeal for me is that I can make art without having a talent for drawing, painting or writing. It's sort of a silent expression, where I can record my life in little snippets. Some images tell the whole story and some tell a story in a series. It allows me to get outside myself and express something I couldn't otherwise do in words or in painting.

Do you have a personal philosophy about photography? How would you describe your style?

Danielle: I always shoot alone and think twice before sharing ideas. My style of photography has been described as dark and brooding by some. I consider it deep and layered. I process most of my digital images in black and white. And my color work I like to consider a modern view and a bit lighter, perhaps the lighter side of my personality. I wear my heart on my sleeve.
Do you have any favorite spots/locations for your photography?
Danielle:  I adore walking around NYC, especially Central Park, Chinatown, Coney Island Soho and the Meatpacking District...or anywhere I can find a great landscape or interesting people.

What has been your experience with the internet as a medium for sharing your art and photography?
Danielle: The experience for me has been for the most part a great thing. It allowed me to get my images out to places I would not been able to otherwise, but I find that I have to get out and network as well. Social networking can only go so far. I believe people want to see the prints in their hands or hanging on a wall rather than a computer screen. It's great to go to shows at the galleries you want to show in and meet curators, and going to openings.

Do you find any common ground between photography and other creative pursuits like writing or poetry? Danielle:'s all about expressing oneself.

What sort of education/experiences have you gone through to get where you are today?
Danielle:  I am a self taught photographer, reading books and taking courses at ICP. Also a member of ASMP, I am always going to lectures and museums, looking at books.

How much of your work/photography in general would you say is pure shot vs. post-processing/digital editing?
Danielle:  It's all about getting the shot in camera first. This is an ongoing discussion among photographers who shoot with a digital camera. I believe that  film images gets messed with in processing as well with dodge and burn and other manipulations. For me using Photoshop is the same. There are millions of photographers shooting digital images so yours better stand out in a sea of images!
What kind of camera, lenses, filters, and/or editing programs do you typically use? 
Danielle:  I shoot with both digital and film cameras…Canon 5d Mark II - Fuji 645W - diana - various lenses. But I do love my Canon 17/40.

What would you suggest to people just beginning with photography?
Danielle:  Shoot for yourself and shoot a lot. Also it's not about the camera—it's about the work!

Are there any photography resources you would recommend for individuals who wish to know more about the art form?
Danielle:  There are many many categories of photography one may be interested in. Photo books are a great way to find information as well there are various blogs. Here are some of the ones I read:

Here is one site with tons of info on photography as well...

To learn more about Danielle or her work, check out the following links:
twitter: @daniellekelly
DK's official website:

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photo by Danielle Kelly (Coney Island)


dustus said...

Special thanks to Danielle Kelly for sharing her incredible talent with us! And to Chris G. for another outstanding photography interview——informative & inspiring!

As for the challenge... Had lots of fun with it. Such a visually interesting image. I absolutely can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. Hope you'll give it a shot. Happy New Year!

Who Is Afraid of Alfred Hitchcock? said...

Hello! OSP...
What beautiful photographs by Danielle Kelly...Thanks, for sharing the interview and all the links too!
DeeDee ;-D

Gigi Ann said...

What a wonderful interview, and the photographs by Kelly are delightful.

It was a challenge this week, but I gave it a shot.

One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers and Artists said...

Lovely work Danielle. I love looking at life through the lens.
Excellent choice to start off the New Year.

Greyscale Territory said...

Fascinating series of images by Danielle Kelly! Love the creative perspectives!

catharine said...

I have been familiar with Danielle's work for some time and admire her considerable talent. So it was a real treat to read this interesting interview. Thankyou!

the walking man said...

I LOVED the shots with humans in them. The essence of a moment in time. A millisecond of exposure into their being. Ms. Kelly may shoot hundreds of times but what she offered here are beautiful. Thank you.

Nothing for the prompt today I already did my thing.

Thanks y'all.

Theodore Daniel Richards said...

Mrs. Miniver went to Coney Island

Glynn said...

Her photographs are arresting -- you have to look at them several times to see how the meaning can keep changing. Wonderful work.

Pete Marshall said...

a wonderful, well written, informative interview...thanks chris...the photos were it even inspired me to write my first thing this year..all the best...pete

dustus said...

@Gemma For some reason, I'm unable to post comment to your site, so I'd like to tell you here I enjoyed the eastern flair and shroud of romantic secrecy in your lines. Nice challenge response! :)

Anonymous said...

Great interview and what a wonderful eye she has. I really enjoyed her photos and will look forward to more of her work..

Now on to the picture prompt, hmmmm

Jerry said...

More mesmerizing images...Danielle. Thanks for sharing your passion.

Kenia Cris said...

Danielle's photography is really beautiful! I love photography!!

It's my first time in the Sunday Challenge, I remind you that the English version of the poem comes right below the Portuguese one. Actually, today's English is the original and Portuguese is the version.

Great Sunday you all! And again, Happy New Year!

Chris G. said...

Deep photography with a lot to offer, quite inspirational I can see from the responses...

Glad you're all enjoying the interview and this very small sampling of Ms. Kelly's talent. Thank you all for reading and commenting and for linking your own creative expressions up here. As ever, it's a real pleasure to see what one artist's work can inspire another to create. I know it inspired me.

Carmela-J said...

Really interesting images - loved doing the photo prompt this week. Not only writing, but reading all the different interpretations of the image - so many possibilities!

dustus said...

Apparently Mr. Linky is down for maintenance. Unfortunately, that is on their end and hopeful will be back up shortly. In the meantime, if you wish to accept the challenge, feel free to let us know where your post is by pasting your link into a comment box. Thank you for your patience, Adam

Maureen said...

Some wonderful work here! Thank you for another interesting introduction to such a talented photographer.

Fireblossom said...

Blanche Dubois Goes To The Beach wasn't talking to me, so I used one of the other photographs that was.

jen revved said...

what fun--- hope Mr. Linky will be back up soon-- mine will be up soon at xxxJenne'

Anonymous said...

Thank you dustus and Danielle! Wonderful interview, and glorious work :)

As Mr Linky's down, I'll leave my link here. Can't wait to read all of your work :D


dustus said...

Shan, Mr. Linky's been tempermental today. lol Anyway, hopefully they'll fix it soon :)

Maureen said...

My "Overheard at Coney Island" response is here:

dustus said...

Maureen, Jenne, & Shan thanks for leaving your links in the comments. Sorry for that. Your links are now on the list. Cheers

Mama Zen said...

Outstanding work!

Alegria Imperial said...

Wheeewww!! I thought I'd not make it! What a challenge for me. What a Sunday but thanks again, all!

Kerry O'Connor said...

A big thank you to Ms Kelly for allowing us to use her magical photos for inspiration... Once again, I apologize for choosing a different picture (my bad). The Winter trees spoke to me...