Thursday, 6 January 2011

Moondustwriter's Thursday -The Duet of Poetry

The Duet of Poetry

What do poets do when they have time on their hands?

Well one of the things we do is Duet!

It is quite fun actually to see what can come on the spot from two poets with different styles.
Many of us duet on Twitter. Each communication becomes a stanza.

This duet with my friend Sean Vessey reminds me of a knight and his lady fair. This poem was impromptu ; there was no plan. I would encourage you to try it. I hope you enjoy the end result. The lady is speaking in the italicized letters in a light contral
to voice and the knight is speaking in his bold and deep baritone voice.

Fair one why do you not speak?
Your flowers have lost their fragrance
My heart is weak 

Oh passionate love moon,
I have missed your heart's blessings,
To enjoy night fantastic
memories loom

I hear your poetic words
a moonlit dance a dream of two
by her golden glow 
I begin to swoon

My voice fair one is yours
for whispers and delights
as lover’s dance 
in Moon's starlights

he hears her whispers  
soft into the misty night
“kiss me my darling
in your dreams hold me tight “

the misty night
is where we play
under star lit moon
until dawning  day

my love please don't sleep
look in my eyes
be captive to love
as time goes by 

look into your eyes my lady fair
I bend for your desires
my love is true
my will to resist you
I cannot do

your  heart I hold in the palm of my hand
I hold it near me
never relinquished
never free 

my heart races to your fair hand
I am yours ~ as a man
bound to your heart
for as long as time stands

I must admit
a spell is cast
to love with you
a lover’s slow dance

the spell is yours
I'm captive it's true
held by passionate sparkling eyes
jewel like eyes of blue

a heart that is bound
faithful and true
magnificent in every way
is what I've found in you 

your gentle grasp
hope, faith, and love
I cannot break
I am yours ~ for all time

Not captive O dear sir
With the moon as witness 
be held tight
of her love be sure 

to be held by one so fair and true
where all dreams ends
for me
for you

my dreams would never die
were I in your arms
my heart would be alive


image courtesy creative commons flickr 


moondustwriter said...

Thanks again Sean for writing our duet up. Hope others are encouraged to do the same

Sean said...

Thank you, Leslie, for your writing, and beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hmm..lovely duet, good morning reading guys. Thanks for brightening my day!

Ellenelizabeth Cernek - Kashk said...
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Ellenelizabeth Cernek - Kashk said...

Thank you for your composition.
Your duet was wonderful.
It is great to have inspiration and a connection with other Kindred spirits.

Poetry Passion Pastry said...

I was fortunate to see your magnificent duet unfolding in the twitter stream. I am SO happy that it won't be lost now that it's been posted here. You both were on fire and your words magical. I loved it then and love it more now. Thank you for posting. ♥♥♥

Brian Miller said...

smiles. this is beautiful moon and speaks to my romantic heart...

Claudia said...

ah moonie this is beautiful - so much romance in this...deeeeep sigh..

dustus said...

Impromptu micro-poetry & duets are so much fun to read on twitter. That's one of the coolest aspects of the platform. Great work, Leslie & Sean. Thanks for sharing your wonderful duet here too.

Pete Marshall said...

sean & leslie this was ROMANCE...ra lovely read all the way through..and on a wet day like today such warming words...maybe there is a romantic in me but i so thought this could be used as vows being exchanged by the bride & groom...wonderful...i am all a glow.....ok snapped out of it..dont panic!! cheers pete

3 Q said...

its beautiful. I've read a duet for the first time since i started blogging! wonderful.

Maureen said...

I really enjoyed this, Leslie.

We do duets and more during our TweetSpeakPoetry jams. Perhaps you can join at when the next one's announced. They are fun and the results can be so good.

Anonymous said...

Aw, you two made magic! Well done. ♥

Hope said...

fun! enjoyed this very much!
thank you

One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers and Artists said...

Very beautiful. As I was reading, I thought..this takes flirting to a new and different level. Well done.
Gay @beachanny

Melissa Campbell said...

How fun! I love it when the creativity in one sparks a flow in another--like dancing. A beautiful duet!

Joanne said...

What a wonderfully romantic duet. Took me a past life, probably. I love the spontaneity of it, too. My husband and I have done these in couplets. It's lots of fun!

welshpoet said...

Beautiful duet

Cor said...

Oh wow. I was truly captivated by this beautiful poem that Sean and Leslie did. I am hoping that we will see many more in the future. Work sometimes disappoints me as I miss out on stuff. Maybe when I am a little better at poetry ill try it myself.

Anonymous said...

Lovely duet - it is great fun to write with others. I love the theatricality of this piece - it reads almost like a Restoration comedy. Congratulations to you both on a fine piece of writing

MissyPoem and I performed a poem on December 30. We wrote it as an improvisation exchanging lines through tweets using a hashtag #mmpoem. We chose to improvise it on the public timeline quite deliberately after deliberating because we felt our friends would enjoy seeing the poem emerge through our exchanges. We had no set shape or direction – just two themes – dancing and love. The writing became a dance between us and the poem was performance art.