Saturday, 1 January 2011

A Saturday Celebration: Happy New Year from One Stop Poetry

Happy New Year to one and all…

Saturdays bring me great joy when I share with you the Saturday Celebration, but today I wanted to celebrate something different, today, as we start the New Year, we also start the next 6 months so today I celebrate One Stop Poetry.

Having launched One Stop Poetry on 1st July our very first posting was a poem by Leslie Moon, When Two Worlds Collide, looking back now how apt this was….

The poem was a wonderful metaphor for the unison of the founders of One Stop and what we strived to bring forth…6 months later I feel very proud that we have achieved our original goal and are creating new ones whilst still maintaining our original ethos.

As One Stop has grown, we have recognised that to maintain the standards we have set we needed additional  staff. We now find ourselves with 7 members on the team (the original team being Adam, Brian, Leslie and myself.).

Looking to the future, we have so many things in store. As we continue to expand and bring poetry, art & photography to the forefront new ideas are always formulating, the next 6 months are promising to be an amazing time!

One Stop Poetry isn’t just about One Shot Wednesday, One Shoot Sunday, or the amazing spotlights, it's more than that. One Stop Poetry is about finding you, your voice, your style and helping promote you to the rest of the world as we constantly discover ways to find an opportunity for you to be published, whether that be through competitions or our first, of many, Anthology's.

During this coming year, we have additional plans to encourage writers. We will be starting the New Year with a critique site which is not open forum. This site will be a place for poets who are serious about their work to get the critique they need to go to the next level; for many that will be seeking critique in order to publish. Starting this 2011 year One Stop will once a week offer a “poetry class.” This class is intended to be fun and informative. Our hope is that even the seasoned poet will learn new forms of poetry. These classes will be offered on Mondays, starting the 3rd, by teachers schooled in that particular form of poetry.

Today I am also pleased to unveil our revamped  forum and really hope you stop by and embrace a place that has been created for you.We also will be announcing a weekly chat session for those of you on Twitter.

As the year progresses, there will more exiting news to unveil so be sure to stay close and see what's being offered!

Finally, on behalf of all of us at One Stop Poetry, Bri, Leslie, Adam, Claudia, Chris, Gay & myself….we would like to wish you a very happy, healthy & prosperous New Year and look forward to sharing the Wonders of One Stop with you even more….

Happy New Year from One Stop Poetry

If you would like to share any New Year poetry, prose, art or photography please feel free to use the link below


Theodore Daniel Richards said...

paragraph 6



As in ...

It's that second glass of Cabernet last night you can blame for the mistake.

As I tell my students, "The first impediment to writing are English teachers; the second, editors."

Ted said...

paragraph 6



As in ...

It's that second glass of Cabernet last night you can blame for the mistake.

As I tell my students, "The first impediment to writing are English teachers; the second, editors."

Ted said...

and it was my
second glass of Mateus
that made me double poost

the walking man said...

An so the year of one's begins with rounds of 5 depending on whether it be revolver or semi auto. Stupidity, not my own for once, woke me up from my usual tradition of sleeping through it.

One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers and Artists said...

ted...i bow to you sharp eye....where as my vision this morning is somewhat blurry and i am rather proud to have even attempted this post today LOL...have a great New Year..all the best Pete

Claudia said...

thanks pete for summing up half a year with such eloquent words. still remember how excited i was when i linked up my first poem on the first one shot wednesday (it was about an origami artist i met some days before in lucerne on a business trip) and i'm amazed how one stop developed and never thought about being on the team one day. so i lift my glass with a thankful heart, saying "dankeschön" to all the wonderful poets i met through one stop - cheers!

and i thought i'll link up my first poem for this year - a special moment with my daughter - not exactly a new year's poem but about connecting and being thankful for the unexpected joyful moments.

happy new year to you!

Dulce said...

Thank You guys!

Jerry said...

this was a year of ramped up writing since I found this network. the competitive side of me wants to have something for every meme but my life being very full with family and work there are choices to make. I am excited about the critique thing begining.
thank you to all on staff who put in the extra efforts to making this network one of excellence and depth. peace and good writing to all this year!

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

Thank for providing such a welcoming forum. May 2011 be wonderful.

Myrna R. said...

Happy New Year to all One Stop staff. May the new year be filled with success and learning for you and all of us who love this site.

Maureen said...

I've enjoyed very much the prompts, the spotlights, the wonderful camaraderie this site promotes, and the support it provides. Here's to a marvelous 2011!

Jenni said...

I'm new to posting here (last week was my first) but I was so bowled over by the warm welcome and comments that I look forward to returning each week and commenting on others' posts in return. Best of the new year to everyone.

One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers and Artists said...

Pete you sure know how to throw a party.
Looking back to when we started One Stop, I remember we were like puppies with big paws (well no comment about Pete's paws.)

It was the wonderful reception that we received from poets, writers and photographers that kept us going. We never thought we'd be publishing an anthology let alone 6 months after we started.
So in the next year who knows what will happen. If you have dreams or ideas please share them with us.
We want to dream big in 2011
Moon sized hugs to y'all for 2011

kaykuala said...

Thanking everyone at One Stop, staffers and all, for the wonderful time in 2010. Looking forward to similar fun times for the ensuing year. Happy New Year greetings to everyone. Regards


Kerry O'Connor said...

Happy New Year to all. Hope it is filled with success and joy. I've linked my first poem of the year - although it has no New year message per se. Enjoy.

Beachanny said...

2011 - a brand new year with all new challenges- new poetry, new responsibility and a chance to work with the best group of people ever to bring together artists, writers, poets and to allow them to achieve their goals. All good. Happy New Year everyone!

Pete Marshall said...


Shewriting said...

exciting to hear about all of the wonderful plans coming up in the new year. Keep up the great work, all are fabulous, simply fabulous!

hedgewitch said...

I'm so glad I stumbled on this site, quite by accident. It's helped me develop as a writer, given me confidence in my work, and allowed me to meet and interact with so many talented, and more importantly, caring people. Sincere thanks to all of you, those who participate, and those who do the work---brian, pete, adam, leslie, chris, and the new folks, Gay and Claudia, for all you do to promote and support writing.

2010 was fun, and 2011 looks like it will be even better.

Fireblossom said...

I have 2 new poems up, but they are not new years poems. Nonetheless, HNY to all at One Stop!

Tammy said...

Love the idea of the poetry classes and critique! Wonderful!!

The Lettershaper said...

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Who Is Afraid of Alfred Hitchcock? said...

~Happy New Year~ to all the poets here at One Stop Poetry...
...Here's wishing you a peaceful, safe, and prosperous New year.
DeeDee ;-D

One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers and Artists said...

thanks you all for sharing your new year links...i really do hope that 2011 is a year to be thankful for..

Thankyou for your comment someone who has been unemployed for two years and is struggling to hold on to his home this year..whilst also having three very young heart goes out to you and can truly understand your plight..i wish you, as well as our many other readers all the best for 2011 and hope that health & prosperity firmly lands in all our laps...

Happy New Year....Pete