Thursday, 13 January 2011

Moondustwriter Thursday - Guest Hosted by Jessica Kristie. Spotlighting artist Greg Pitts

Welcome! Today I am not only happy to guest host for the lovely Leslie Moon, but also to bring to you a very talented and accomplished artist: Greg Pitts.

Born to a single parent family, Greg Pitts started out life at a disadvantage. Growing up without a father figure made life less than ideal.  He did not meet his father until the age of 12.

Greg got interested in photography as a teen and purchased his first camera on lay-a-way from a camera store in his hometown of Lima, Ohio. The photography set the ground work for his exploration in art. Twelve years ago, Greg began to pursue a formal career in acting and continued to use his photography artistically. 

He has been exhibited at The Museum of Art at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and the University Club at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. As an actor, he has appeared on several national and regional programs.  Most recently, he was seen in “Transporter 2” as a U.S.  Marshall.  He is a member of the International Freelance Photographers Organization.  He delved into painting as another form of artistic expression about 11 years ago. His first painting, an oil “self-portrait,” was used as cover art for two books that he self-published, entitled “Wisdom,Quotes and Jokes”  and “Wisdom, Quotes and Jokes II.

Mr. Pitts has gained national recognition by making the top story on Google News on May 9, 2009 with a feature article published about his work in EV Living Magazine.  He has exhibited his art and photography in various venues in the South Florida area.

 Painting by Jackson Pollock ( Blue Poles)

Greg's artwork has been compared to that of abstract expressionist artist Jackson Pollock. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Pollock, Pollock was  famous  for his method of drip or pour painting; his technique creating intricate patterns of color.  

Greg was featured artist of the month for February 2009 with Elements of Art.  One of his photographic images was recently selected as one of 20 semi-finalists in “W” Magazine's The Art Project photo competition.  He was also given honorable mention as one of the contributing artists and photographers in the December 2009 exhibit Through the Eyes of Love which was held in honor of World AIDS Day.           
Greg took a few minutes to chat with One Stop!

How long have you studied art?

I have been a life-long student of art - I have been a photographer for over 30 years, but did my first painting as a self-portrait for the cover of a book that I self-published about 9 years ago.

What was the catalyst that made you want to be an artist?

First  -  I didn't choose chose me.

Art seemed like a natural progression.  I have always had an artistic mind-set, even as a young teenager. 

Where or who did you study art with?

I have not formally studied art. Being  in photography for several years, I have learned composition and how things appeal to the "eye."  I am self-taught and paint what I feel, not restricting myself to any medium. I use any and everything that I feel can be an artistic expression...

You are compared to artist Jackson Pollock did you study him?

I never knew about Pollock. I was experimenting with paints and techniques. Someone saw my work, bought it and gave me the title of the black Jackson Pollock. I have since seen his work and a movie about him. 

What are some of the things that inspire your pieces such as “blood on our hands” and “thieves”?

The inspiration of "Blood on Our Hands" was one night I was listening to the news.  It was full of conspiracies, war hate crimes;  the painting was a result of the emotions I felt after hearing all that.  I try and avoid listening to the news nowadays.  

You had a small role in the Film Transporter 2, is acting another passion of yours?

Acting and film making.  In fact, I have written, directed and produced several short indie films, two of which have won national awards at film festivals across the country

Any words for other "striving" artists?
"Don't give up." Greg once met a woman who had gone to art school but gave up because she couldn't face the difficulties of being an artist. "I succeed as an artist because I am resilient, love people and I'm not a quitter."

Check HERE for a list of Greg’s exhibitions prior to 2010. 

Since early 2010, Greg has been at GAB Studios as one of their artists, and in December was one of the featured and very successful artists for their Miami Art Basel Exhibition.

You can find more of Greg's work on his website.


jen revved said...

lovely interview-- is there a challenge here? xj

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of Jackson Pollack and yes his style is similar. Great interview and he is a most interesting artist.

Thank you for sharing him with us!!

Arron Palmer said...

Big fan of Mr Pitts' work, my girlfriend is a Fine Art student and her style is very similar. Great guest slot Jessica and quite a coup interview- just shows One Stop is fast becoming an established community. Well done Jessica and the team!

dustus said...

Enjoyed learning about Mr. Pitts' work, various talents, and dedication to artistic expression. Inspiring.

Great Interview, Jessica

Claudia said...

thanks jess for this excellent interview - and greg, you really played in transporter 2..with jason cool! and cool artwork - really dig this - thanks also for giving us a bit a background how art found you and about your inspiration - esp. liked the background about your painting "blood on your hands" ..shivers

Chris G. said...

Wow! Mr. Pitt certainly has been around - interesting creations, and sounds like someone with a lot of interesting stories, too. Great little interview!

Beachanny said...

Great article Jess and I am happy to become acquainted with Mr. Pitts. I, too, am a lifetime fan of Jackson Pollack. One version of Lavender Mist lives in the Dallas Fine Arts Museum and through that I came to appreciate his other work long before the fine movie about him was made. However, I think Greg Pitts has his own style and vision and I am eager to know and see more of his work. Thanks, Gay @beachanny

One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers and Artists said...

Greg my friend I know Pollock would be proud.

Thanks for letting us show you off to the world.

Moon smiles

Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone for the Kind words. I'm really appreciative and love sharing my journey though its been tough at times, It all been worth it. Greg Pitts