Saturday, 7 August 2010

Faith, Fiction, Friends: A One Stop Spotlight On Glynn Young

Every Saturday, without fail, Glynn Young posts at Faith, Fiction, Friends, Saturday Good Reads. Having scoured the weeks posts he is diligent in recommending top quality prose, poetry, paintings & photographs. Glynn however is also an accomplished poet in his own right.

At One Stop, Saturdays are my day and it gives me great pleasure to share some of Glynn's work as I spotlight my own Saturday Good Reads.

Of the following two poems, the first, Testimony (In The Closet) is one Glynn wrote a while back. It is a tender piece that is deservedly chosen to be highlighted. The second, the Cemetery Attendant, is an exclusive for One Shot. Both bear testament to his superb talents.

I hope you enjoy Glynn's work as much as I do? I also know he is a favourite of the rest of the One Shot team too, so, on behalf of us all, we give you, Glynn Young<
Testimony (In The Closet): 
A Poem By Glynn Young

Once worn once,
Cocooned within
Transparent film.
White, ivory
Lace covering ivory
Neckline ruffled,
Flared sleeves,
Time long past.

In its corner,
On its arch of black wire,
It sleeps
A vigilant rest.
Young softness
Given freely,
Threaded to
Young hardness
Offered openly.
Lace layered on satin,
Becoming one.

His spot-stained hand
Touches clean lace.
The fires still burn, if lower,
Still burn into oneness.
Fingers trace lace,
Graze satin.
Oneness, still.


The Cemetery Attendant: 
A Poem By Glynn Young

I am caught in this
awful space of
the names that no one
else does, the
names of then,
and the names that
everyone knows, the
names of now.
If you sleep in a cemetery,
the man walking on
the street is dead.


For more great poetry and an amazing blog please visit Faith, Fiction & Friends.
Thanks for reading,


Kathleen Overby said...

iLove these poems. iLike you showcasing such a one. iLike this man. Mucho Grande.

Claudia said...

The testimony in the closet - wow - inventive! Now i know how a gown would feel -is it the wedding gown? After 20 years i took mine out of the closet and we made some pictures - me dressed in white lace - hubby with his wedding suit
So at least my wedding gown can't complain it was only worn once...smiles

Brian Miller said...

glynn thatnk you so much for gracing us with your poems it has been great getting to know your words on wednesdays. they do not disappoint...

Pete Marshall said...

Hi glynn, both are wonderful pieces, that really are a Saturday Good Read.. enjoy the day..pete

Kelly Langner Sauer said...

That first one, that is how I met Glynn. It is a favorite of mine.

Kelly Langner Sauer said...
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Linda said...

These poems are brilliant Glynn. I especially love "The Testimony in the Closet." Almost couldn't finish it for the blurry eyes.
You have a precious gift.

Maureen said...

Stunning this: "If you sleep in a cemetery, the man walking on the street is dead."

I count Glynn among my most special friends.

dustus said...

Enjoyed both poems, Glynn. Both are brilliant conceptually. It's always a treat to read your work. Thanks

Anonymous said...

glynn deserves
the spotlight
yet it is not
for the light
from within
shining out

moondustwriter said...

We do respect you Glynn and thank you for how many times you have told others about our work.

Keep shining that light my friend.

Moon Smiles

B. Meandering said...

I really liked them both. He gives us another perspective and it's quite refreshing and eye-opening. It's great that you spot-lighted him.

April said...

These are wonderful. One with such beautiful "satin" imagery with emotions are love/intimacy, tired but still remaining over time.
The second of sadder notions, held a great impact. Excellent writing.

Very nice to view your work Glynn! Enjoyed! ~April

Michael Perkins said...

absolutely beautiful. Glynn has truly opened my eyes to poetry.

signed...bkm said...

really love the Cemetery Attendant--really makes one think...bkm