Monday, 16 August 2010

A mural once told me...a poem by Kavita

every once in a while you stumble upon a poet and their words just speak to you....this is how i feel often in reading Kavita's words at How I write, is mine...How you read is yours. you will recognize her from one shot wednesdays, but if you are not stopping by her place on a regular basis, you really should. enjoy the poem she wrote at a time when she was transitioning from one city to another...

A mural once spoke to me...
by Kavita

Guided by the moonlight
And the lamps below
I bounced right off treetops
In through your window

You can but stare at me
I stand, a proud shadow on your wall

I smiled, waited for you
While you tossed and turned
You then looked towards me
Slumber you had burned

You can but stare at me
I stand, a handsome shadow on your wall

You tried hard to catch me
Flashing low and high
Slyly did I dodge you
My home’s in your eye

You can but stare at me
I stand, a cunning shadow on your wall

You blinked at me in awe
And gazed at my face
My branched and leafy form
Like patterns on lace

You can but stare at me
I stand, a mangled shadow on your wall

You spoke and you laughed
Happy as can be
Then I saw a teardrop
Hide beneath your glee

You can but stare at me
I stand, a kindly shadow on your wall

You may leave tomorrow
Or decide to stay
But I sure will love you
Through all night and day

You can but stare at me
I still stand, a mere shadow on a wall

For more poetry by Kavita please visit her at How I write, is mine....How you read is yours. Look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday! ~Brian


moondustwriter said...

Lovely Kavita:
I read several times; I believe each time I would find new meanings and discoveries.It is like a tapestry intricate with words instead of threads.

Love and thanks from the Moon

Kavita said...

Brian - Thank you so much for featuring my poem at One Shot! It really is very sweet of you!! :)

Moon: Thank you for your kind words...
My inspiration came from seeing this beautiful shadow of a tree (leaves and all) on the wall of my bedroom. It was so beautiful, that I kept staring at it, trying to "listen" to what it was telling me.. it was SOME moment there!
And so.. I am very glad you liked this one...

Brian Miller said...

thank you kavita! the honor is all mine. you are always so thoughtfu in your comments to others and you can tell you really read into what others write. that is a great asset to a poetry community. that and you got the word skillz as well. smiles.

Pete Marshall said...

what a beautiful monday morning read...thankyou for gracing One Stop with your eloquence..pete

Claudia said...

oh Kavita - this was beautiful - i'm so glad you listened to this had a lot to tell...

Tony Single said...

Beautiful, Kavita. Just beautiful. I like the whimsy, the mystery... anything else that ends in "tree". Brilliant. You really are sickeningly good! :D

Desert Rose said...

BRILLIANT! kAVITA..THIS ONE IS MIND BLOWING!!! i loved,i will reread it again..:) i felt it..sawthe shadow with its different forms.great structure! :)))

Maureen said...

I so appreciate the lyricism in this poem, the loveliness of the repeated "You can but stare at me/I stand", the poem's pace and the narrator's deep awareness.

Thank you.

suja said...

Lovely poem kavitha..

dustus said...

"You blinked at me in awe
And gazed at my face
My branched and leafy form
Like patterns on lace"

Love the poem Kavita, especially that part because it makes me think of the negative spaces as well as the pattern, which fits perfectly with your lines and the subtle meanings between them. thanks :)

Kavita said...

@Brian: (blush blush) :)

@Pete: You really are too kind with your words for me... I am glad this poem found its way to your heart on a Monday morning.. Thank you so much!!!

@Claudia: It really did have a lot to say.. it was so beautiful!! There were moments when I felt like SPEAKING to it.. but then refrained from doing so.. lest my hubby and friends think I am crazy :)

@Tony: Now you've got me worried with your adjectives for me! "Sickeningly Good"??? heheheh.. you rock, T!!! Thank you for those crazy cute words! ME LOVES! :) Since you are into "trees" and an excellent artist, I wonder if you could draw me a shadow of mt tree.. I never could get a good picture of it :(

Kavita said...

@Desert Rose: Ooohh.. I am very glad you liked this one so much!! Thanks a ton for your appreciation towards my work... This poem (and the subject in question) were really quite special to me.. So your comments are doubly lovely to read!!

@Maureen: Glad you liked the style of the poem, Maureen.. I suppose I felt so much for it, that the words and form came naturally and easily.. Thank you for your invaluable feedback!! It's most appreciated!

@Suja: Thank you for the kind words.. I'm very happy you enjoyed it

@Adam: That "lace" bit was exactly how I felt, Adam! As if the shadow (with the spaces in between) was hinting at something.. Something that was meant only for me to decipher.. It was lovely! I felt very special at that moment! Glad you read into it, A... you are just too good! You know, the shadow of this tree was accompanied by a shadow of the window mesh screen... so you can imagine how FANTASTIC the superimposed final picture might have been!

dustus said...

@ Kavita adding to your response, also like how you have the light bounce in the beginning to contrast with those shadows. Excellent imagery in this poem :)

Wild Rose said...

Oh my dear doll Kavita...these lines are so beautiful and i got lost in your words felt them deeply and one of my favorite stanzas was this one below, it spoke to me..

"You tried hard to catch me
Flashing low and high
Slyly did I dodge you
My home’s in your eye"

Even though you dodged him, you gave in to him still as your home was with him in his eye.. so romantic. I love reading you xoxo

Wild Rose~

Kavita said...

@Adam: Thank you... That's kinda how it happened too :)

@Wild Rose: Awww.. I am delighted that you enjoyed and felt this poem... Many of poems are fictional pieces, but this was definitely not! I was totally absorbed in that shadow.. really! And yes, you are so right. Although I did try to dodge him I was mesmerized... He was just too too for me to handle :)
Thank you sooo much for your beautiful words for me, sweetheart... am going pink :) MWAH!

Eric Alder said...

Your Blog has been nominated by me!

deb said...

oh I have to reread and reread,
this is brilliant.

Kavita said...

@Eric: I am not sure if you meant One Stop, or my personal blog...but either ways, thanks a bunch for the nomination! :)

@Deb: Ooohhhh...thank you so much, Deb! I am very very glad you liked this one... Your kind words mean a lot to me! Just like the subject of my poem... Thanks again, friend..

Mama Zen said...

I like the repetition. Nicely done.

Kira Stann said...

Hi Kavita,

This is a beautiful poem. It has a sense of playfulness and wistfulness that I love. I wonder what I will see upon my wall tonight after reading this!

PattiKen said...

Truly lovely, Kavita. You painted such a beautiful picture.

Kavita said...

@Mama Zen: Glad you enjoyed the style... thanks a bunch!!!

@Kira: I would LOVE to hear from what you saw in those shadows on your walls too, Kira... Thanks for your kind comment... I really appreciate it!

@Patti: Am glad you enjoyed the read, Patti.. thank you for the kind words..

Chris G. said...

Ah, Kavita, so wonderful to see you so recognized! You deserve it. And this is a splendid poem to show the power of your skill with a pen.

So intricate, so are an insightful writer, Kavita, and I would know your inspiration. This is a beauty, its shadow possessed of so many different lovely forms. Simply stunning, my friend.