Thursday, 26 August 2010

Moondustwriter Thursday - Featuring poetry by Neva Flores

Welcome to Moondustwriter Thursday

There are so many wonderful writers and poets that I have met in the Social Media Networking Arena. My friend Neva is a gifted writer and singer. We met in blogdom and share a love for poetry and singing. I can't wait to hear her country songs! Neva likens her writing to music : "I am like a musician who can play an instrument but cannot read music."

I personally am one of those musicians who can't sight read; fortunately musicians have ears trained to compensate. I wonder what it is that poets have? I think for Neva it is the ability to express intensity of feeling. Enjoy her poetry which is beautiful to the heart and ear.

Saddest Song of Old

A Poem by Neva Flores

Do you find yourself holding on to nothing
With absolutely everything you have
So afraid that you will lose
What you never had

Are you just letting go of everything
You’ve found so easy to obtain
While crying out for that
You wouldn’t want if gained

Take a look at what you have
Listen to its song
Perhaps you’ll find it’s the very thing
You’ve wanted all along

If you find you’re never satisfied
With anything you hold
Then your heart may be singing
The saddest song of old


Why Withhold Your Hand
A Poem By Neva Flores

What is this perfection that you require
For your unconditional love
This you say you have for me
And put nothing above

The last time that I inquired
And established the meaning of it true
Perfection should not be a requirement
To receive this love from you

If you love me as you say
In this unconditional way
Why do you withhold yourself from me
Every single day

I ask this of you now
Please help me to understand
If unconditional love has no conditions
Why do you withhold your hand?


Copyright *Neva Flores @2010 
Neva also has self - published a  work of Poetry
"Changeful Storm"

Thanks to Jannie Funster for the great MDW icon.
I almost forgot my weekly question. so here goes. When are you the most inspired??? Keep it clean poets. Moon smiles


One Stop - The Place For Poets & Writers said...

Hope you enjoy Neva's poetry

Have a great Thursday

Moon *yawn*

One Stop - The Place For Poets & Writers said...

Ok so MDW question of the week. When are you most inspired?
For me overall as a writer I am inspired late at night. I think the cares of the day are all in bed and I'm tired enough that I don't second guess myself. You have to know this - as a poet the Moon does something to my poetry. We really have a close connection she and I. *wink*

Boonie S said...

Neva’s poems are indeed beautifully crafted.

All the best, Boonie

Fireblossom said...

Neva Flores is a wonderful choice, Moonie. :-) I enjoyed this pair of poems by her. People who come on like they're perfect annoy me. Nobody got up and walked across the swimming pool this morning. No one. And often, it is a person's foibles I find endearing.

To answer your question, I am most inspired when I am falling into or out of love. But most of the time, neither is the case, so then I would say that I am inspired in early morning and late evening, over any other time.

dustus said...

Two beautiful poems, Neva. Perhaps more often than I care to admit, I find myself lost in that saddest old song. In the second poem you point out the pain of lip service when it comes to espousing unconditional love. Great to see you on Moon Thursday! Cheers :)

Eric Alder said...

I recently discovered Neva and have been enjoying her poetry very much. She certainly has a way with languare (not just words) and seems to bear hope in everything she writes.

PattiKen said...

I like these poems by Neva so much! Thank you for sharing them with us.

As for inspiration, I haven't the faintest idea. Perhaps it's because I am relatively new to this, but inspiration seems to sneak up on me with a club, and then, Wham! I'll stew over a prompt and find nothing at all to say. And then, magically it appears, frequently in its completed form. Go figure.

Maureen said...

I can easily imagine these set to music; they have about them the quality of song.

Thank you for the lovely feature.

Pete Marshall said...

some great work by has been the major influence on my life and certain singers have inspired me more than than anyone..i wont say who though..but i love torch music the most when i can scream the passion at the top of my voice singing along!!!!!

in answer to moonies question when am i inspired...who knows i cant put a finger on comes it goes..whether i am happy or just happens, hence why i always have a pen and paper with me...

another great Thursday Moonie and you sure are bringing in the class



Jessie said...

Neva's poetry is indeed beautiful.


signed...bkm said...

Two very lovely pieces of work....bkm

Brian Miller said...

beautiful neva...the first esp...i am all about relationshops and a hopeful romantic...that last line really got me, even though i knew it was coming from the title...

and since moon says to keep it clean...usually when i am out and about, surrounded by people...

TALON said...

Thanks, Leslie, for showcasing Neva's work. I especially like "Saddest Song of Old". Much truth in there!

Eric Alder said...

Oops! I apologize for neglecting to answer the posed question.

I find I'm most inspired amidst nature's beauty. I take lots of pictures as a hobby (See my photo blog HERE!) and I'm usually seeking out natural scenery. Even looking at my photos inspires me, with the memories attached.

moondustwriter said...

Brian - thanks from keeping your mud from the yard off the comment box - you and those boys have way too much fun playing.

Neva is a jewel as a person and a writer. I hope we can show off one of her songs soon

Thanks all for the great input. Helps me as I seek inspirational vistas

Tony Single said...

Neva, you have an extraordinary writing talent. I am in awe. :D

Chris G. said...

Absolutely beautiful. Neva is a real talent--and such a way with words! Wonderful.

she said...

I have been reading Neva's poems since I became aware of them about a week ago when she stumbled my blog (bringing over 70 new visitors to my site in a matter of days. Thank you, again, Neva!) Neva's poems are beautiful everyday. The way she can create such high quality work on a daily basis amazes me.