Friday, 6 August 2010

Dear Life, A Poem by Adam Dustus

Poem  & Photo by Adam Dustus

Dear Life,


This time

When suspecting




Within lost spirit

Which cannot resist
Microcosmic bits
Wiles worried 

Tongue-tied, spent

Duck amid glide

Can’t sleep I suspect

Morning glory's not alone

Just feels that way
Being skipped like a stone
Sunk upon the floor of the lake
Leaving no current
Free-fallen wake
Warming staid embers finally ignite
Feelings inside set gravity right
Aesthetic gold, that digging might

Chilling depth for colors light

Peach tone hints over rippling goodbyes
Understanding what's hidden from pride

Life, letters, dark skies shine
Words keep holding onto signs 




April said...

Restless I guess I'm the first here at a bit after 1 a.m. =) Incredible Adam, your view here sets the visions and a drift at the end, even the placement of words, to "take away fear". Really enjoyed this... :) April

Boonsong said...

Visual and literary form combined in one. Very creative. Thanks for this.

All the best, Boonsong

Pete Marshall said...

written so eloquently..and i loved the way you used the teardrop as a back drop to your verse...great stuff Adam..cheers Pete

Claudia said...

been reading it a few times - there are such a lot of emotions in this one - being lost - hope - fear - restlessness...wonder how you manage to pack such a lot of depth in only one poem..

Brian Miller said...

i would agree with claufdia dustus...lot of emotion in this one...and i like the visual play as well...

Cindy said...

Multi-layered emotion in this poem. Well done Adam, have a good weekend.

Cindy said...

Multi-layered emotion in this poem. Well done Adam, have a good weekend.

dustus said...

Good Morning, everybody.

@ April : thank you! Went to sleep right after I posted this one b/c I'm not sure if I set the scheduled post function correctly. lol (@ Pete)

@ Boonsong : thanks, always glad when peers think the visual doesn't outweigh the literal, or vice-versa :)

@ Claudia : I'm a little bit moody sometimes. lol For this one all the emotions seemed to come full circle.

@ Brian, Pete : going to a fair to take pictures tomorrow... look out One Shoot. lol

@ Thanks Cin. Appreciate that. Have a great Friday!

moondustwriter said...

What a great visual - can't tell you how many times I have pondered life by a lake while I skipped stones

Great effect my friend

Love from the Moon

Kavita said...

Maaan...this was the total package!!!
So many aspects of life brought to fore here... fears, sadness, glints hope, dead weight... AMAZING !!
The play of words was just mindblowing, Adam! Got goosebumps reading this! Every stanza made me reflect for a looong time, before I could move to the next.. it was a fascinating read!
"Being skipped like a stone
Sunk upon the floor of the lake
Leaving no current
Free-fallen wake" - I loved these line! There is a flurry of emotion here, first floating, and then sinking... the weight, unable to bear..

It's fabulous! Am gonna read it all over again... some words/lines are just flashing before my eyes... ONE read is no justification for this beautiful piece!
Kudos, Adam!

Amanda said...

Such deep emotions...and this one resonates Adam. Truly a brilliant poem. Have a great weekend with your family. ~ A

Desert Rose said...

powerful write never seize to amaze me..:)) mind blowing! love it..:))

Jannie Funster said...

That whole last verse just shines with depth and beauty. Life, letters, love. Hope.

As always, interesting word combinations and imagery.


John's comments said...

Clever union of typography and content. Thanks for dropping by and reading Campaigning. I’m drawn to poetry as a storytelling technique and this was about the life of a woman emptied out by the political ambitions of her husband.

dustus said...

@ John : enjoyed your poem, Sir. Thanks for sharing it for One Shot

@ Moonie : me too, many times :)

@ Kavita : grateful for every kind thing you said. Many thanks and mad respect. :)

@ Desert Rose (Abeer) : thank you :) so happy to see others enjoying your work—well-deserved respect

@ Amanda : appreciate your kindness. I'll be seeing my family soon and looking forward to it. Have a nice weekend.

@ Jannie : thanks always. Really nice of you to post that friend link the other day :)

Fireblossom said...

Your poetry is always a joy to read.

dustus said...

Thank you, Shay. Feel the same way about your work.

Luisa Doraz said...

I also felt your heart and a lot of emotion in this beautiful poem and photo. :) Hope all is well for ya. :)

Beachanny said...

Hi, It's difficult to find fresh things to say. I echo all the other statements already posted.I had a couple of unforgettable trips to Michigan ending in a stay @ the Grand Hotel on Mac Island. I think there is a connection to life's greater meaning in the beauty and serenity of the trees, water, and sky there. I contemplated deeply there as well. Your piece is as majestic as the pictures you took. Well done.

dustus said...

@ Beachanny: Mac. Island is a beautiful place. I went there one time more than ten years ago. Definitely planning to go up there again. Can understand why you thought it a contemplative place—it certainly is :) Never been up there during winter. Well, not yet. lol