Thursday, 5 August 2010

Moondustwriter Thursdays - Featuring friend and poet Theron Kennedy

Welcome once again to Moondustwriter Thursday. I am honored to feature an aspiring poet. I have been enjoying Theron's poetry for a while. We are hoping that down the road many more than just the blog community will have the opportunity to enjoy his work. Enjoy

Third Destination:
 A Poem By Theron Kennedy

When he says " Twilight"
he never meant the movie
he meant that space between
is the only place to move
Have you seen his words lately
I cant seem to find them
If you see the poet
would you please remind him
of all he has learned
all those devices
somewhere between delusions
and embarrassing truths
split off prophecies
and suits left in booths
searching for release
from the rope on his ankle
the glass at his head
should he rage against
like Dylan Thomas
or put dreams to bed
perception versus reality

his own personal gravities
the light says depravity
the dark says too perfect
wondering if the things
he left out
and the things he left in
will ever be worth it
each attempt to fly
carrying a new diagnosis
from a new diagnoser
too many to mention
too many directions
love his addiction
self his deceptions
having few answers
but plenty of questions
he will move if you ask
just make a suggestion
the longest of shots
Vegas makes no odds
he thinks he's an angel
on a mission from God


A Poem By Theron Kennedy

She likes me
typed, double spaced
left justified, leather bound
and stacked
between Keats and Kipling
she finds me gripping, sifting
through the pages of
my heart and mind
my love is blind
I'm a novel
or maybe a novelty
she is taking me
from rhyme to reason

my heart is a traitor
wait for her
she may have only landed
on my pages like a butterfly
so why can't I get her
out of my heart
am I out of my mind

stay detached
not react like I need her
cut me and I would bleed her
look in my heart
and you will see her
she could be my everything
if that would free her

when I look at her
I see the other
part of me
can't balance
these chemicals
that taunt me
with my soul

I want her
to want me


It is becoming my trademark to ask a writing question. So here goes: As a poet/writer how far are you willing to go to reveal your own struggles, heartbreaks, pains???? Hmmm.
Thanks Theron for inspiring me this week.


moondustwriter said...

Hope you enjoy Theron's poetry.
What was my question?? Oh yeah: how far do you go in revealing your personal stuff in poetry/ writing?
If you read my poetry, you will see alot of the inner struggles i go through or those near and dear(not necessarily from today.) I can't really vent my emotions in my children's stories.
Happy Thursday

Anonymous said...

Man does not die twice
What do you expect from "deathly"?
If you are a traitor,
I'm no different from you.
Tell me who are here?
Tell me, you think heartly?
i don't know more..
Just let the love will not be punished.
Do what do you want, and will be finished.

Kay said...

one word:


Brian Miller said...

thank you theron...i love to read and have been told i may turn into a book one day so...i smiled at the second one...

as far as sharing my experiences pain and no problems...poetry is cheap therapy...smiles.

Claudia said...

i want her to want!
captivating writing!
shivers through all my bones!

...and to moondustwriters question: i agree partly with brian - it's therapy - but sometimes not a cheap one..

Pete Marshall said...

HiLeslie..a fantastic choice to highlight this week, both poems were excellent reads but the second,Versify, was my favourite..maybe it was the mention of Kipling..or maybe it was the fantastic verse..lines such as

I'm a novelor or maybe a novelty or she may have only landed on my pages like a butterfly..


and then there is your question..for someone who writes about their own struggle with unemployment you would think i would answer that i am more willing than most to share my own struggles..thing is i don't..the real poetry about what i really feel comes in my darkened periods of depression and i wont share those..they are for my eyes only.

why, perhaps its because that is a time when my barriers are at their lowest and i cant shield what i write...

great question cheers Pete

Theron Kennedy said...

I try to write like no one will see it but me. It's painful at times and other times if feels like relief. I'm very grateful for the feature and for the reads and comments. Thank you Leslie and everyone.

dustus said...

Great to see Theron on One Stop Poetry for Moondustwriter Thursday!

Enjoyed the flow of emotion in both poems, as well as his lines about about writing itself. "I'm a novel
or maybe a novelty" brilliant lines that had me thinking this morning...

Speaking of thinking, moonie's ?: How far do I go? I try not to post pieces that I think may hurt my family or friends.

Caty said...

They were both great, but I enjoyed the second one a little more, especially the lines..."cut me open and I will bleed her." wonderfully put :)

J. said...

Excellent work - great to see you here Theron!

Oh - and nothing is off limits. I write to purge -to medicate. If I left out the personals, it would all be gone...

Jessie said...

i very much enjoyed Theron's poetry. i would say, tantilizing to the mind.

i believe a true poet always reveals something about themselves in their writing. the questions then become; how much, and what is revealed, what is hidden, what is fiction. i personally employ them all in everything i write.

extraordinary poetry and a great question.


Kavita said...

I love the idea of the book falling in love with the reader.. well, it was more of an obsession than love.. but then that line is very very thin anyway.. :)

Lovely poems!

L.L. Barkat said...

having few answers... that's me. but isn't that exactly the place where poetry comes alive?

TALON said...

Gorgeous poems! I especially enjoyed Versify.

Poetry (as opposed to fiction writing) seems to be viewed more personally. At least it seems that way to me. :)

April said...

Amazing Theron and a thank you to Leslie for posting the work.

I think these are a couple of the best I've read so far Theron, though I do enjoy your writing in any case. Both such a pleasure to read, and defintely well done! =)

Leslie, I'm sort of an open book in that question, revealed in my poetry, there are certain boundaries I do not cross however posted publicly, though some closer to me know more. Some at their closest still don't know all either. In any case, my heart is in it (as we all are writing) =)

william said...

a remarkable poem sir, well penned.

Amanda said...

You have captivated me with word...awesome!! Thanks so much! x