Sunday, 8 August 2010

One Shoot Sunday: Picture Prompt Challenge & Photo Feedback

Picture Prompt (by Adam Dustus)
What do you think of "Cosmic Bowling?" 

Try the One Shoot Sunday Image Prompt challenge... Feel free to use the above image as a writing prompt. What do you see?  Care to share your perception of the image through poetry or microfiction form?

Pause and consider the image. Then go ahead and write something! Let’s have fun considering unlimited interpretations of an image, to discover the flourishing creativity arising from a subject we will all perceive differently .

Be creative. Dare to share your artistic thoughts!

What do you see when you look at this image?  You are welcome to express yourself through comment, or by posting a response and/or a link back.


Since One Shoot is about sharing your image and thoughts, we encourage everyone to post a photograph they wish to share. So post an image, or two, or a few. to your blog and link back to us.

Let's see some of your favorite pictures! Tell us why you like the photo so much. Is there an interesting story behind your posted pic?

If you take the picture prompt challenge, or post an image for the One Stop community to consider, please drop your link in these comments so others can easily discover your work.

POETS, if you see an image you like that you may want to write about, for say One Shot Wednesday, comment on the photo and strike up a conversation with the photographer— ask if it's okay to use it.

Have fun, Everyone! And support those of us brave enough to post photos. lol

Share ideas and images. Enjoy!
Sincere thanks,


dustus said...
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dustus said...

Hi Everybody. I just posted a slide show for One Shoot over at my blog.
Come check it out. Thanks. Feel free to participate!

moondustwriter said...

I guess McLinky is being McStinky

people will just have to click this link

Happy One Shoot Sunday y'all

Enjoy and thanks Adam (I don't know how to do a slide show)

April said...

Trouble getting these up so hoping these links work too! After 3:00 a.m. been working on these two awhile (plus poem, plus getting them all together)

And one included with poem:

If these don't work, hear me scream, aghhhh, lol.....
You'll just have to visit my blog, trouble all night has head me in a huff, lol!!! =))

Brian Miller said...

have fun with this...i might try to pop in on e a few through out the day...

John's comments said...
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dustus said...

Hi Everybody. My apologizes. Having a bit of a problem with the linking today. Mr. Linky is indeed being McStinky. That first deleted comment was my hyperlink that didn't work.

@ John : I'm not able to click through your "my response" link :( I'm about to surf there to find it.

@ Leslie: cool image. So sorry if you lost a friend to cancer.

@ April : Appreciate you posting for this adventurous, inaugural One Shoot, which may be called that after Pete, Brian, and Leslie shoot me. lol

John's comments said...

Looks like the hyperlinks are playing up so let's try again. This worked worked on testing so lets see if it works when posted
My Kingpin Baby

dustus said...

@ John : Wow! You wrote an excellent "free-style adaption of a Shakespearean sonnet form." Very creative and enjoyable. Had chills reading it. Thank you for participating :)

Anonymous said...

here is my contribution!

MrBill said...
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MrBill said...

Photo: Despair or Deliverance - Life shots from Colfax Avenue, Denver CO circa 1995

Despair or Deliverance

... see if any of those links work.

moondustwriter said...

Loving it!!!!

April I would never shoot you - only with the camera - which I hope happens some time.

Thanks Mr. McDustus for doing this

dustus said...

@ Mr. Bill: Thank you! Great image that speaks volumes. Excellent post to prompt thought. Signed up for RedGage :) Appreciate the info too—was wondering where it was from.

dustus said...

@ n. davis rosback : you and John approached the prompt so differently, with amazing results respectively. How cool! n. davis: that was very cool of you to write that today. Thanks!

dustus said...

@ Moonie: outstanding photos and picture prompt responses! Vastly different and very cool.

M.L. Gallagher said...

I too felt inspired to enter -- looking forward to being inspired again!

Pete Marshall said...

Mr Bill..i have seen that image of yours before and i love me it shows to half's to a story and meet in the middle..thanks Pete