Sunday, 29 August 2010

One Shoot Sunday - Guest Hosted by Moondustwriter

Welcome to 
One Shoot Sunday
Today I have the honor of  showing  you Terence Jones' photography. 
Look through the aperture with him and experience art.
Enjoy Terence Jones

What is your favorite subject to shoot?
"I usually want to capture something that is lost in every day's speed. I just realized this extremely old iron rail in front of my window. It is probably eighty years old, has seen wars, births, deaths; it is a silent witness of what happened here."

How does black and white impact your expression?
"Very much actually. Colors force the viewer to see the picture in a pre-defined way. In shooting black and white, I believe that  the perception is more genuine and not necessarily linked to former experience. It is more pure, more about the picture itself."

Tell me about the 365 project:
"It was a challenge from some friends. The 365 is about more honest experimenting with techniques and sharing those results no matter how good or bad. It's much different from the pretentious way of taking professional pictures; you only send out the ones which are the best of the best.  With the 365, you openly present whatever you have on that particular day. I see my shots and can reconstruct my mood on that day. It is good and honest because it is authentic."

What would you suggest to people just starting out?
"I believe in the Tradition of the Sun (Coelho). Go the extra mile, explore, get in touch and connect with what you are doing. You have to touch it yourself. Go out from the beginning and have fun."

For those of you who are curious, Terence shoots with a Canon EOS 7D. His primary lens is the Canon 50mm. He is a shallow depth of field addict; usually shoots almost wide open at f/2.0.
Thanks Terence

Just like One Shot Wednesday, we are trying to create a community of photographers with One Shoot. There is diverse talent out there. I enjoy each day of discovery. Please feel free to link a favorite piece and/or comment. Maybe you will feel challenged to enter your own 365 day photo project. I am thinking about it.
Adam Dustus will return next week for another One Shoot Sunday.
Cheers - Moondustwriter


n. davis rosback said...

nice one, adam.

PattiKen said...

Thank you for bringing these wonderful photos to us. It was especially interesting to gain a little insight into what the photographer thinks about when taking pictures.

Boonie S said...

Very interesting, and great photos. Thanks for this.

All the best, Boonie

Pete Marshall said...

thanks for stepping in this week leslie..i know Adam will be proud as i am and so is Bri...terence should be pleased, you have done a great feature on him..cheer pete

moondustwriter said...

This was fun and frustrating. Blog Spot hates me. I had to redesign this page three times. Hope three times is a charm.

Moon Dust (in my eyes)

Thank you Terence you are incredible!!!

Brian Miller said...

these really are amazing pictures....personally i love B&W pics...the insights into the owrk well si enjoyable...thanks for stepping it up to help adam moon!

dustus said...

Wow! Leslie, you did an outstanding job with this post. Beautiful images and interesting info. Terence is a great photographer. Bookmarked his Flickr page—wonderful visual compositions. Thanks, Moonie :)

Maureen said...

I enjoyed this post a lot. It's always a pleasure to see the work of a talented photographer.

Eric Alder said...

I'm a 'photo fan' and always enjoy discovering new photographers, and there are LOTS of them these days!

I even have my own photo-blog, if anyone's interested: My Photo-Blog

(I try not to be overtly self-promoting, but it was relavent here)

joanny said...


This was fascinating -- I am a lover of Black and White photography, and often will even use a black background in my colored photo's to suggest B& W.

Enjoyed this artist and his comments, beautiful photo's great artistic tension and beauty. Wonderful read.

Oh -- blogspot hates me too and my blog is on blogspot, have the same problem. I could go on and on ,,, Where is the shed?