Saturday, 21 August 2010

Tintagel - Birthplace of Arthur: A Poem by Pete Marshall

Tintagel - Birthplace of Arthur: 
A Poem By Pete Marshall

Perched high upon this jutting cliff
The flint felt hard upon my feet
I lay with lizards and basked in warmth
As waves rose high and swirled beneath

Across the bay the castle walls
That stand in time & in a time
Many have been and dabbled with myths
Whilst taking steps to do the climb

Below the surf strikes on the rocks
And hides the cave where magic lies
As people wait for seas to drift
And search for quartz beneath the tides

The rolling slopes and ragged crags
Engulf the isle that now lays calm
Where once was death and battles fought
And magic brought the golden one

My eyes search out the fabled tales
As colours blend upon this land
And birds that swoop in endless song
From grass & rock to sea & sand

Behind my back stands Barras Nose
Who’s clash is vain with battling seas
As heat comes down and warms my soul
I lower my head in prayer for thee

And those before and yet to come
Like beating drums within my mind
To find a place that brings you peace
Away from truths that take you home


Moondustwriter started it with her poem of knights, The Path of the Discarded, then Dustus continued it with his poem Guided Home. I then received a comment yesterday on a poem that i had written about 4 or 5 months ago, and so i dug it out and reread it. I have been feeling quite low this week and reading this poem was a tonic. Tintagel is my most favourite place in the world. Situated on the North Coast of Cornwall its rugged landscape, looking out over the Atlantic Ocean, is is a sight to behold. And then their is the castle, as legend says, the birthplace of Arthur. Beneath the castle ruins is a cave visible only when the tide is out. This cave is called Merlins Cave. 

Having had a chance to read the poem I must admit I couldnt help but tweak it a bit so now it is different from my original version, nevertheless i hope you like it for what it is, a tribute to a magnificaent part of the world, a place i love with all my heart, Tintagel. Thanks for reading Pete


image courtesy creative commons flickr


moondustwriter said...

Pete based on your poem I can sense the timelessness of this place. A magic still hovers.
You draw the reader in to want to experience this place. maybe a ruin to many but there is still a beat.

Grateful for you my friend

Moon Smiles over a pond

Brian Miller said...

nice piece pete...those last two lines bring it to a head for me...far from those truths that take you home...and that line could be read at least 2 ways...home...or death...i like that. nice play.

cheer up or i will send you some more bad poetry about yourself...smiles.

Pete Marshall said...

cheers guys, just love this place..even spent my honeymoon here!! its a wondrous, magical place..

Boonsong said...

I love this poem, and the photo, and your explanation.
This has a very engaging metre and great power to it.
Thanks for an excellent piece and a terrific post.

All the best, Boonsong

dustus said...

Pete, I loved reading Arthurian Legend years ago. Your poem brings clarity and feeling to what I recall of the tales. Also, agree with Boonsong—fantastic poem in that it also resonates through well-crafted metre. Hey, cheer up before we all follow Brian and send you bad poetry. lol Cheers mate.

Tony Single said...

Very nice read, my good chum. This flows just beautifully! I'm big on anything even vaguely Arthurian, so kudos to you for this! :)

Claudia said...

fantastic piece pete - it just oozes with your love for this beautiful mystic place with all its legends and - both - the peaceful and adventurous longing for being there or where it makes you feel you are… hope you cheer up soon (have a bad day myself - halfway sick…)

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Pete, I had not read this before. The magical wonder of Tintagel. It is a place I longed to see. I have always loved the Kind Arthur stories. As for Merlin and wonderful Cave. I seems so real to me. This such a great poem and I can see way it gives you such peace. Cheer up my friend.You are so lucky to where you are and also have a great talent.
Take care and trust in God.....


she said...

Pete, I like your magical description of a place that seems to bring you peace and serenity.

Liza said...

I love the name Tintagel.
Your words really have a magical quality to them that conjured great imagery. Seems your spell worked!

Fireblossom said...

Pete, thank you so much for sharing this special place with us. I think it's so cool how the three of you have kept the theme in motion.

I especially liked the third from last stanza about the birds!

Pete Marshall said...

Hi boonsong..thanks for you great comment..the place has a magical feel to it and i have spent many a great moment there..cheers Pete

Hi Dustus..thanks for the definitely was worth a reread as the second version is so much better..cheers Pete

Pete Marshall said...

thanks Tony..anything Arthurian does is for me too..

Hi Claudia..hope your day got better..thanks for a great comment..i recommend you visiting it..cheers Pete

Hi Cassiopeia Rises...the beauty if this place is when the tide goes out you can venture on to the beach and enter Merlins Cave,,the amount of quartz that lies on the floor is mind blowing

Pete Marshall said...

Thanks sit on the cliffs and feel the wind as you look out over the bay is a very special thing..

Hi Liza..thanks i hope they did and you are now planning a trip

Thanks Fireblossom...the other twos poems got me revisiting this and it did keep a wondrous theme going..cheers Pete

Eric Alder said...

I think (sometimes) those truths DRAG us home. Nice one, Peter!

Pete Marshall said...

hi eric...thats the problem with truths..we cant stay where we want to be forever as life really doesn't stop for us!!!!cheers pete

Pete Marshall said...

hi eric...thats the problem with truths..we cant stay where we want to be forever as life really doesn't stop for us!!!!cheers pete

Beachanny said...

Hi Pete. They say all Americans make for Stonehenge or Stratford-upon-Avon when they come to England (Britain) but I made for Tintagel even though I couldn't pronounce it. The sweet Cornish girl puzzled by my calling it Tint aug el (with the same g sound as my name) didn't know what I was saying but straightenend me out.

This piece takes me back there, the stories of Camelot, and how the rhythm of your rhymes capture the sound of the sea. As usual, beautifully written. Thank you.

Pete Marshall said...

hi beachanny..i am so glad you went..what still amazes me is the walk from the bookstore by the side of the Cornishmanns start going down the slope, turn the corner and WOW..the view just knocks you out..and then when you get to the bottom there is still the climb of the steps back up to the amazing place indeed..cheers Pete

Vita Wright said...

This was great, very enjoyable! Well done :)