Friday, 27 August 2010

Dustus Friday: Photography by Terence Jones

You know the saying when the cat's away?? Well today I am going to play on Dustus' day a little. I want to introduce Terence Jones. If you have been to my blog recently you have probably seen several of his photographs.
Terence is a professional photographer who lives in Germany and the East Coast (lucky guy). His love for photography started twelve years ago. He has shot all over the world.
"My philosophy of photography is existential. I want to capture things the way they ultimately are; I try to capture an idea or a perception in a shot. Often the real nature of something is hidden or cluttered by other things."

You may not have noticed this poignant scene in the bustle of the city but Terence caught the moment:

"One of my all-time favorites. Why? Because I was this girl waiting. I knew that she was waiting for something, for someone. She was very nervous. And then the guy showed up. And that was the most authentic, true, deep hug I have ever seen in my life. Absolutely *amazing*. There was soooo much energy there! "


Please don't let this silly poem detract from the depth of Terence's shot from his window

 a poem by Moondustwriter

I can't make sense
of this weather
can you
hot and steamy
now it's flooding too

I can't seem
to keep the drops at bay
my feet aren't dry
what am I to say

I'm wet
clammy and cold
the damage
to my potted plants
cost untold

 please let up
your beauty is my friend
but on a day
of rain and sogg
our love affair
nears its end

Please come back for One Shoot Sunday. I will have a montage of Terence's work.
Would also love for you to visit my site and read the poetry of a High School student friend, David, who all of a sudden was bit with the poetry bug. He is looking for feedback. 


One Stop - The Place For Poets & Writers said...

Welcome to Dustus Day. I get to play on his site while he is gone.
Hope you enjoy my friend the very talented Terence.

Moon Smiles for your day

Pete Marshall said... are having a great week monndust...terences work is truly wonderful and i am really excited about One Shoot for your poem..again you give One Syop your best..thanks for hosting for dustus..cheers pete

Brian Miller said...

there pics are spectacular...terrence has a wonderful eye...i can not wait to see more...and david did great at your place as well...

and your verse is quite well yourself moon....

annell said...

Very sweet indeed.

G-Man said...

B/W is my favorite...
The 'Noir' looks is so retro, it's as though time is standing still!!
Hope to see more of his great work!!

BTW...The poetry is always darn good...:P

dustus said...

Wow! Terence's Flickr page is incredible! Agree with G, the B&W images have a timeless look. Outstanding. Boston is such a nice city, Moonie. So sad at the end of your poem. Well done and thank you for watching the shop. Appreciate everyone being so understanding. I'll be checking in this week periodically and look forward to enjoying some more great posts :)