Thursday, 14 October 2010

Moondustwriter's Thursday - guest featuring Laura LME

Welcome to Moon Dust Writer Thursday
Thus week I have the privilege of featuring Laura Mercurio Ebohon
Laura has one published work of poetry that she has written in her native language Italian and English. The title of that work is "Se Guardo Dentro / If I look Inside. I hope you enjoy what Laura has shared and take the time to view her video.

Laura started writing as a teenager but didn't submit any work for publication until 2009. That's when she decided to complete a series of poems that led to this beautiful work of poetry.
I asked Laura what inspires her writing:

"I have always lived within two dimensions, two parallel lives (everyday anxiety and spiritual promenade)… in the middle of these two paths, I often felt inadequate and out of reach. With time,  I learned that they can flow together as long as my heart stays connected with my mind and as far as my soul will search for the “light”.

The real challenge is to “keep intact the invisible wire of communication” 

Laura mentions an exciting collaboration of artists who met on the Internet. Love Monologue is  a video that combines poetry, photography,and  music.

I think that you will find that Laura's poetry challenges you on many levels.

Love Monologue

I wish I could cure you, 
Lighten up the stains of your soul, 
Healing the wounds of the heart, 
Kiss your tired eyes, 
Shut on the rest of the world. 
Caressing your face, 
To cancel the wakes of a life without truce. 

I wish I could wake you up 
Blowing air and light through your hair, 
Grazing your hands softly, 
Avoiding the furrows on your palms, 
Guardians of your deep abyss 
Dark labyrinth, 
Mysterious layers of your being. 

I wish I could massage your back 
Mixing nerves and senses, 
Following the bend of your ribs and muscles, 
Generating vital impulse, 
Talking with the voice of my heart, 
Dancing to the rhythm of your thoughts, 
Feeling the scent of your ideas, 
Tasting your convictions. 

I wish I could fly with you... 
Expert pilot of my heavy plane of fears, 
Together, reckless acrobats without a net. 
I wish I could hold you tight 
Embedding myself in you, 
Perfect grooves, 
Mosaic of unforeseen events, 
Touching your soul 
For just a moment, a sweet endless moment.


In this icy-cold night, 
my heart stopped, 
absent beats 
only words 
to give voice to those who can’t tell, 
what we don’t see, 
what hurts. 
All around cries of help, 
But we don’t hear them, 
slaves of fake excuses, 
rigid, skeptic, contracted, 
wrapped up in the cynical cloak of convictions 
rolled into our small fight, 
believing we are a part of it, 
thinking we know!

This poem is particular has been written inspired by work as a volunteer @ Zen Army  I Laura as the  Italian Leader and Indigo Cantor is the wonderful lady who founded this non profit association back in 2007 this is their website: ) 

Thanks to spaceamoeba for the photo


One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers & Artists said...

Thanks to Laura for allowing me to feature her work. I hope you enjoy her - please take the time to pop over and see her video

Moon smiles said...

I am grateful Leslie!
It is such a great honor to be featured on One Stop Poetry... I admire & follow all the amazing initiatives you have here! Thank you so much for sharing my "Verses In Motion" !

S. Sharp said...

Thank you Moon Dust Writer for the presentation of Laura, which I can already feel she is someone I'd like to get more from.

Laura you have a very charming language and talent. Forget it not.

S. Sharp

Wystteria said...

These poems tugged at my own emotions.To feel the words you have written was easy.

Thank you for sharing, it was a short journey into your world.


dustus said...

Enjoyed both poems very much & relate to Laura LME's statement that she lives "two parallel lives (everyday anxiety and spiritual promenade)." For anyone who has not seen it yet, check out her video post... LME: Love Monologue Video
Excellent feature today, Leslie!

Maureen said...

I've been enjoying Laura's work since first coming upon it via Twitter. She's on FB, too.

She's a wonderful choice to showcase here. Thank you.

Myrna R. said...

I really enjoyed the poetry. It's so full of sensitivity and emotion.

I know I want to read more of Laura's writing.

betweenhearts75 said...

Wonderful feature dear Moon! Beautiful poetry and loved the video, and I believe someone shared the video with me before along twitter...hmmm =D ~Happy Thursday!!! =D ~April

signed...bkm said...

"slaves of fake excuses" nice writing ...thank you Moon Dust for sharing this poets with the rest here...bkm

Caty said...

thanks for sharing another wonderful poet!

LauraLME said...

Thank you All so much!
Feeling truly blessed by your beautiful words about my verses... (insert *smiles* blushing here...)
♥ Love ✿ Peace ☼ Light

Brian Miller said...

excellent feature moon...Laura has such beautiful way with words...stirring the emotions...very nice.

Claudia said...

thanks lesslie for featuring laura - jumped over to her place to watch the video - and am just blown away...

Mama Zen said...

These are gorgeous!

moondustwriter said...

I have been blogging for a year - I am amazed by the talent and creativity of people who are here. i am astonished that more aren't published. It is a great honor to display the gifts of so many in this little "spot" in blogdom.

If you know of someone that you beleive should be featured please contact me.

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