Monday, 18 October 2010

One Stop Spotlight - Michelle "Shell" Rummel

One thing I love to see is when someone mixes the arts. Not only does it show they are multi talented but when done well, the two work together giving texture that many times one can not, on its own. Through One Shot Wednesday, each week, we are exposed to many talented poets, but one caught my eye the last couple weeks for the above reason.

Michelle fascinates me with her ability to mix paint and verse. They are intimate and evocative. She has put together a few pieces for us to enjoy today, and when you are done with them I am sure you will want to head over to her place for another helping.

Enjoy. ~Brian

 The Ocean is Salty Enough

So willful
The water, cold…
Leaving me reeling and exposed.

And no matter how firmly I cling to crevices
Rock climb and sand sink
Wish upon a far off star…
I understand that some things are simply stronger than me.

Besides, I always hated tug of war.

So, I surrender.
Sweet suction release…
Tumble me gently out to sea.

Glide me under moon glow
Closed eyes trap tears…
The ocean is salty enough.

Fingertip Breakthrough

Slowly resurfacing….

Clarity comes.

A cautious comfort with the beautiful chaos that surrounds me….not so scary really,
when you look it in the eye.

Reaching up, breaking through...I’m…here… and I’m barely breathing, again.

Kiss my fingertips?


Claudia said...

shell captured my eye - and heart -as well those last two one shot wednesdays.
amazing work shell - the writing and the painting works together like a fantastic team and you have an intimate and touching-the-soul style of writing.
thanks brian for the spotlight

Rinkly Rimes said...

A beautiful combination of verse and paint. I can do the one fairly well but as for painting I'm a stick-man artist!

penelopephoebe said...

Beatiful poetry and art; how lovely.

dustus said...

Shell's painting and poetry could stand alone, respectively. When she complements her overall canvas with words (or vice-versa) the resulting combination continues to amaze painters, poets, and artists alike.
An excellent spotlight to begin the week, Brian.

Maureen said...

Thank you for this feature. I very much enjoy Shell's images and words.

Mama Zen said...

How beautiful!

Myrna R. said...

Lovely. I'm always amazed at the talent one can find on line. Thanks Brian for highlighting her. I will surely visit her site.

Anonymous said...

She's one of my favorites. I've been fortunate enough to become friends with her, after buying a Ketubah from her in 2004. She's a rare breed indeed.

Eric Alder said...

(So, since we love mixed arts, it might be really interesting if someone, say, mixed photography and haiku? LOL!)

Michelle's paintings are great! The accompanying words match them to a "T" as well.

Thanks for sharing another talented blogger, Brian!

betweenhearts75 said...

Soooo breath-taking Shell, love this poetry and art spotlight of yours!!! Just gorgeous gorgeous now we need to get Lizbeth!! =D (Shell knows!)
Joy to my heart seeing this here!!! Awesome spotlight Brian! :) ~April

Vaughan said...

I love the way you marry words & paintings, so the painting is not merely an illustration of the words, but rather a parallel experience. Both image and words work together to create a beautiful synthesis.

Shell said...

What can I say? :) Today has been the best! I've been good for nothing except sitting here with a grin a mile wide, but that's OK...It's so sweet when your art is noticed and enjoyed. I'm overwhelmed by the love...really.

Gratitude to all who took a moment to leave me thoughtful and kind means so much. Warmest thanks to Brian for a beautiful post (you honored me B, yes) and to the entire One Stop Family for rallying around me and lifting me. You are all so supportive of each of your readers and contributors. I consider myself lucky to be a part of something that is clearly so special.


moondustwriter said...

Shell - your work is one of a kind. There is beauty and mystery in your art.
Thanks for sharing with One Stop Poetry we are excited to see more artists being featured here.

Inspired to get my watercolors out

Love from the Moon

Pete Marshall said...

i love her art...and the way she paints the words with the pictures...a wonderful spotlight..

Anonymous said...

Just when you think you know what Shell has to offer, Shell surprises you again with her ability to add more depth to her talent! How joyous for all of us watching her! This is an exciting journey we have become a part of! ED