Sunday, 10 October 2010

One Shoot Sunday, 5 Amazing Photography Sites to Visit!

Welcome to One Shoot!

I enjoy taking time on Sunday to surf the ‘Net, especially for exquisite photography blogs. For this One Shoot Sunday feature I have posted five photography links that lead to some excellent sites with stunning images and plenty of information. The leads for this post are courtesy of Traceimages (featured last Sunday with poet Jemfry, Mosaïque Journey).

Soon after asking Trace what photography sites he enjoys visting, I recieved a list of amazing photography links. Knowing that One Shoot is interested in featuring great photography guests, Trace emailed me a list of all his favorites. While the entire list is beyond the scope of this post, both Trace and I recommend visiting the following five photography sights:

5 Amazing Photography Sites:
John Paul Caponigro’s Illuminating Creativity
John Paul describes his life's work as being dedicated to “empowering authentic individual creativity, strengthening creative communities by stimulating dialog and the exchange of information, and enhancing media practices and literacy....” It’s worth the trip to watch his slide show. While there, also check out his “image cloud”—very cool.

David duChemin’s pixelatedimage:blog
David duChemin is an assignment photographer based in Vancouver. He has extensive international assignment experience on 5 continents. My favorite part of his site is what he calls “World Vision.” There you will discover beautiful photographs from all over the world.  

Chris Orwig's Flipside
Chris Orwig says his artistic aim is to “distill idea, concept, vision, experience and emotion into poetic, provoking, intriguing and beautiful fine art and commercial images...." For anyone in the mood for further exploration, Chris also provides an outstanding list of links on a page he calls “Inspiration.” You can find his galleries @ Click on view portfolio and check out some fantastic shots!

Ashley maintains a fantastic photography blog with beautiful images, in addition to an extensive archive of great posts that date back to early 2007. Her most recent entry is Lake Michigan Shoot: Sneak Peaks/Behind the Scenes caught my attention first. Also, I highly recommend visiting her Flickr Photostream called Bottle Bell’s Photostream.

Once on the home page, there is an incredible short film called What makes photographers click. It's an insightful look at the art of photography through the commentary of Elliot Erwitt, Ruth Bernhand, Ralph Gibson, Duane Michaels, Arnold Newman, David Fahey, Eddie Adams, and Nick Ut. In addition, discover Randi Lynn Beach’s portrait series

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Cheers, Adam


Claudia said...

wow adam - thanks for providing us with the links to the works of this fantastic photographers - checked all of them out and got lost in an ocean of colors and inspiration - thanks!!

Brian Miller said...

Nice. Thanks for the introductions Adam. I suck at taking pictures, but i do appreciate the art.

dustus said...

@ Claudia- that's exactly how I felt surfing these links: "lost in an ocean of colors and inspiration." Glad you enjoyed them :)

Brian, after surfing these links and looking at the images; wow, they are masterful in so many aspects. cheers

Chris G. said...

Excellent. More wonderful pictures/photographers to add to the stockpile. Always good for inspiration. Good selection, Adam!

annell said...

I loved your post and forwarded it to a photographer friend of mine. I did post a couple of shots from this week. I'm afraid I didn't get out of the studio much this week, but I do have wonderful views of the sky from there.

Maureen said...

Great sites. Thank you for the showcase.

slpmartin said...

Really fine photography...thanks for sharing.