Sunday, 17 October 2010

One Shoot Sunday: Hosted by Adam Dustus

Claudia's iPhone Picture Prompt Challenge!

When she's not getting us primed for One Shot Wednesday with her Tuesday post, our One Stop Teammate Claudia enjoys taking photos on her iPhone. In fact, the photos and picture prompt used in this post were all taken using her iPhone during her walk on Friday.

"I do this quite often," Claudia reveals, "I take pics of what I see and then work on them with the apps I have on my phone while still walking - and sometimes almost get knocked over....smiles."

What prompts you to take photos, Claudia?

"What prompts me to take pics? Hmm... I see something and I love the details or the atmosphere, and then I take a pic. As I have my iPhone always with me, it's easy and I'm always prepared.. and I love the apps to intensify the colors, the atmosphere - sometimes alienate them... I have also posted some on my blog - just recently added an iPhone pic page."

"Yesterday I took 3 of them [pics] and flooded twitter....(also while still walking) - tagging them with "color-drunken," "summer-tired" (the one with the corn), and "winter-bound."  If you wanna see the others as well, have a look at my twitter stream."

Thank you, Claudia. Appreciate your sharing your photos with us.

Claudia's Poetry Blog is
Here's the link to her iPhone pics page.

And now for the Picture Prompt Challenge!

Use Claudia"s picture "summer-tired" as a poetry (or microfiction) prompt. Submit your poem, Flash 55, or in my case a haiku, by signing in to Mr. Linky. Then let us know what you are sharing with us by leaving a brief comment.

Give it a shot! Accept the challenge :)

Thank you, Adam

Also a reminder - Friday the 22nd is the last day that One Stop Poetry will be accepting submissions for the "Through the eyes of a child" competition. Please make those submissions to:


dustus said...

I took the challenge. You can find my post here:
Picture Prompt: Haiku

moondustwriter said...

I'm here too - thanks for making this a fun thing for One Shoot Adam and Claudia.
Summer's End - Haiku

Giovanni said...

I'm in...glad to be here!!

Claudia said...

even though i'm never summer-tired....i'm in...smiles

Brian Miller said...

husky voice
torn and discarded
leaving golden delights

it rather looks like a corn husk to me...

Wysteria said...

I am here to, Coffee in hand and eyes straining, but made it!!!


ZeR0BaCkUp said...

I'm in, too!

Gramma Ann said...

I'm here trying the challenge.. but, I'm really summer-tired.

dustus said...

@ Brian ... Nice haiku!

Enjoying reading everyone's challenge responses. Happy Sunday! And special thanks to Claudia.

signed...bkm said...

love your photos Claudia...raise in cornfields, they feel like home....bkm

Beachanny said...

I used the first picture which looks like the large canna-lilies we have here in Texas and the American south.

Beachanny said...

Meant to add that they're also called flags.

Tuti said...
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Tuti said...

I'm here too...Summer is just starting in Chile so I'm not summer-tired yet.

Pete Marshall said...

this was such a great piece put so well together and the imagery is wonderful...a great read..cheers pete