Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Not yet weekend - a workplace poem by Claudia

Being new to the One Stop Team, I thought I'll write you a poem to get to know me a bit better - it's about what I do most of my time - because..

I don't spend most of my day kissing my family, until they beg me on their knees to stop or sit in a cherry tree, waiting until it puts on it's white wedding gown in spring (would be nice though....)
I don't spend that much time improvising all kinds of go and no-go scales on my Alto Sax or sit at my piano and feel for the right chords to play and the right tunes to sing.  

I don't spend hours and hours with dancing in warm summer rain and quoting poems to the birds outside my window or biking up and down the vineyards in our area.
No - most of the time throughout my day, I'm organizing Customer Seminars and Technical Trainings in a company in Switzerland and on some discarded Friday afternoon, it could happen that I'm getting a bit poetic...

Not yet weekend

it's quiet today in the office.
some of the busyness replaced by warm autumn sunshine,
playing hide & seek on my desk.
no mingled voices ballad of english, german, french, italian,
chinese tunes - a choir i love so much when conversation
floods and tumbles like drunken sailors from lips to lips
and phone to phone.
the flags outside my windows sway sunshine lazy in the wind
and wave with friendly hands to join their hang-out (would love to..)
we chat business for a while and hesitate when all is said to shuffle
back to silence.

the eager printer section has slowed down as well and susurrates
with silent coughs their piles of papers and backdoor-envies rattling
keyboards their gentle handed surface touch and order entry games.

the calmness out of key and out of pace distracts me from my inbox
which fills by ghostly hand with waves and waves of black print trolls,
invades my friday afternoon with well alive to do's and deadlines and
like a nasty gangster yells with soundless voice...
"it's not yet the weekend lady..."


...so what are you doing most of your day...?


betweenhearts75 said...

Well done Claudia!!! =)) I enjoyed this very much...looking forward to more you have to share! =)) ~April

Eva Gallant said...

Oh, the picture you paint with your words of your busy day.

annie and katrin said...

:) i like the way you write. Even if you do not kiss and dance all day, you're happy in your own way.
here's a thumbs up from me
the one who does live in a cherry tree.

penelopephoebe said...

Super poem Cladia. It has a lovely rhythm.

Brian Miller said...

clap clap clap....welcome to the team claudia. Thanks for giving everyone a little glimpse into who you are, just a little bit more.

Madeleine said...

I love the idea of the winter sunshine playing hide and seek on your desk. I've been writing some emotional prose today and posting it on my blog on the 'Soap Box' page. I have scheduled my One Shot Wednesday post to start first thing tomorrow. A poem that most don't get so I hope you folks will.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this poem. Brought back memories for me. Not working outside the house seems easier at times than staying home. Long for the 9-5 At time..)


Jerry said...

How silly of me...my assumptions got the better of me. I thought you just hung with the family and caught poetry from the ceiling or something. Seriously though, thanks for take a blogger to work day.

dustus said...

Excellent how you share a bit of yourself through both poem and creative intro, Claudia! So happy you're on the team :) Yay! "Not yet weekend"... fine poem with clear, interesting workplace observations that enhance subtleties between the lines and telling imagery.

Myrna R. said...

How creatively you describe those friday afternoon yearnings. I remember them well.

You're writing is always so crisp and honest. I enjoy it so much.

emily wierenga said...

i'm clapping alongside brian... claudia, you always blow me away.... and now, to know a bit more about you, so helps... love you friend. xo

Daniel Jay said...

Thanks for the glimpse.. We all have such altered lives thoughout the 24hr day don't we?

Maureen said...

Wonderful peek into your work day. I especially like these lines: "susurates with silent coughs", "sway sunshine lazy", and "black print trolls". Great concluding line.

CM said...

What an elegant, creative way to look at your work day. I'm there with ya!

Mama Zen said...

I really like this. It lulls you, then smacks you back to reality!

S. Sharp said...

Well my dear .. you have a very good taste Of words, and Your choice to express about the nature of a working women day (at work) is unbeleiveble.

Very very good.

@ http://shadiatique.blogspot.com/

Claudia said...
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Claudia said...

thanks for all your lovely comments - enjoyed to share part of my work-life with you..and a bit more

joanny said...


Nice to know you -- oh the sweet life, you are amazing all that you do and have time to do.

Warmest wishes,

Victoria said...

Your poem gives such a perfect sense of place. I was able to feel the whole atmostphere of the office and the week winding down.

william said...

fantastic, loved this :)