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One Shoot Photography Sunday Interview Spotlight: The Creators of Mosaïque Journey

Welcome to One Shoot Sunday!

When on Twitter checking my tweet stream for interesting messages, certain types of tweets grab my attention. First, I'm always on the lookout for interesting links and information about photography.  In addition, I enjoy reading different forms of micropoetry, especially haiku.

Over the course of nearly two years on Twitter, I've become acquainted with two individuals who have earned excellent reputations in their respective crafts. @traceimages is a world-class photographer who presents captivating images—including many taken with an iPhone! Trace's poetic microblogging counterpart, @Jemfyr, continues to impress me with some of the most thought-provoking poetry I've read on the 'Net. Together they created Mosaïque Journey, a collaboration of poetry and photography. One Stop Poetry is fortunate to feature them both in the One Shoot Interview Spotlight...

What similarities do you find between poetry & photography?

Trace  & Jemfyr
Trace ~ I think photography, the “writing with light”, is a poetic language. Just as the same words that can be used to write a news story can be used to compose the most sublime poetry, so too can photography be used for either prosaic or
poetic purposes.

Jemfyr ~ What I find similar is the visionary seam in between. The creative eye of both the poet and photographer capture an essence whether it is through vision or words. Hence, the seam in between can be two pages written in different languages, similar outcome.

You both spend time on Twitter.  Do you consider Twitter helpful to your respective & collaborative creative processes?

Trace (@traceimages) ~ Twitter is a great source for meeting fascinating, creative people from all kinds of fields. For me, it’s not just about photography, but meeting poets, painters, sculptors,
architects, filmmakers, creative writers, world travelers, rain dancers, musicians, culinary lovers, coffee drinkers… in two words: Cultural Creatives.

Jemfyr (@Jemfyr) ~ Twitter provides an avenue… on cruise control or pedal to the metal! Undoubtedly most helpful indeed when my pen is held as opposed to pressed to ink. I cannot think of a more creative process through which the streets of mentions, followers, search and make a favorite, provide a better vehicle to muse until sunset only to coast alongside the moon.

Ode to Moon
Tell us a little bit about Mosaïque Journey. What were your creative intentions when beginning?

Trace ~ Mosaïque Journey started as a single image I was seeking a haiku for. I’d always loved Jemfyr’s haiku and poetry, and thought she would be a perfect match. From there, it grew into a powerful series of images and poetry. It’s a great, on-going project!

kutree in Zen garden
Jemfyr ~ Trace had asked if I were interested in viewing his fine photography for haiku potential collaboration. I had been following his work for some time. I was only too happy to accept and give it my best shot or words, so to speak! It has been the most joyful, poetic ongoing project I have embraced! Mosaïque Journey began with no end in sight. ‘ kutree in Zen garden’ was the first creative intention come to light!

Any advice you could offer poets & photographers considering working together on creative projects?

Trace ~ Choose each other with care. Not every photographer and poet are a good match. It takes a unique vision in words and images and a unique ability for each to be able to interpret and inspire the other. Having fun in the process is also a great necessity!

Jemfyr ~ Talk, really… talk. Have several conversations on different topics unrelated to poetry or photography. Discuss foods, movies, colors, childhood days… it is a bonding folks. Know the other artist. Listen to your gut. Know when to talk, listen… and sometimes sing that song together… who missed what words and how funny was that?! Then step back from yourself… perhaps from the other… what just unfolded? A vision? Potential project? Ask the HEY! What if’s… and when to say ah, I’m not getting that… let’s discuss it further. Not everything will work. Do not make it a priority to make YOUR art better than… leave your showboating at the door, keep an open mind… and give each other breathers. Take time off Twitter to take that drive. Come back and share the open road view! I promise you… BAM! It just feels so good!

Will the two of you be joining creative forces again in the near future?

Trace ~ Oh, absolutely! We have a great many projects cooking in the Atelier, and we have new plans for Mosaïque Journey 2011. A lot of creative collaborations to come…

Jemfyr ~ Yes, a continued collaboration with Trace ~ that goes without saying. It is fall of 2010 and we have already begun our ‘poetic vision board’ into 2011. As the journey continues… let there be ART!

Hope you enjoyed the interview.
Your feedback is always appreciated.

Come See & Read Mosaïque Journey
I highly recommend visiting the slide show!

Jemfyr's poetry blog: @
Trace's photography blog: @

Cheers, Adam


slpmartin said...

Enjoyed reading the intereview...thanks for this Adam.

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dustus said...

No worries. It's late here too. About to turn in. Glad your enjoyed the interview. Trace and Jemfyr are both excellent artists and individuals. Cheers

moondustwriter said...

I loved the combined efforts that have occurred between the art and writing community for centuries. What a dynamic and creative pair.

Thanks Trace and Jemfyr for making this a delightful One Shoot.

Nice Shoot Adam!!!

Claudia said...

thanks adam for the interview - i stumbled upon trace just lately on twitter and since then i'm a big fan - his iPhone pics are fantastic!
will check out Jemfyr's website as well..

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Interesting interview. Thanks.

All the best, Boonie

Brian Miller said...

nice. i really like unveiling..this is great. i like how each's talents accent the other...thanks for the intro adam...

Cor said...

Beautiful work from both people. I love the combination between the written word and visual art. Thank you for spotlighting these individuals.

betweenhearts75 said...

Such a beautiful collaboration and a wonderful interview. Ahh the arts/photography/poetry/haikus they all blend sweetly together.
Thanks for sharing the beauty of these wonderful people. I have had the pleasure of meeting Jem on twitter however had not yet encountered Trace as much! Lovely combination of talents! Excellent, and happy to see more for the future planned in this! ~April

Maureen said...

Wonderful interview! It's a delight to learn more about both artists.

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Great interview! And both of them sound like a very skilled and interesting pair...look forward to seeing more of their work.

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this was an exceptional piece for One Shoot Sunday..more please..really enjoyed this and some wonderful photography..cheers pete

Semaphore said...

Trace and Jemfyr have taken artistic and poetic collaboration to a different level, you can see the shared inspiration, and can't help but appreciate the sustained effort. Hopefully this interview introduces Mosaïque Journey to many more viewers!

buttercup said...

What a wonderful interview Adam, thanks so much for this, really enjoyed this xx

cdominiquegibson said...

I think this interview is important not because it invites us into the minds of two of twitter's most innovative artists, but how despite our differences we can find a common "seam". Excellent interview.

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thanks a lot for the interview adam. it was a joy reading it.