Sunday, 31 October 2010

One Shock Sunday: A Halloween Special

One Shock Sunday
A Halloween Special

Dustus has been buried deep in a grave of despair as I wrestled One Shoot Sunday from his grasping hands...continuing the Halloween celebrations I give you a poem that celebrate's One Stop Poetry, in a dark, wicked way

A Deathly Tale
by Pete Marshall

An axe that falls upon the neck
Of smoothen skin of innocence
Will draw the breath of life’s regrets
And spasm truths of brilliance

And from the earth the flowers grow
That suck on blood of those before
Who lay beneath in rotten casks
That bide their time with tooth and claw

For in the sky the moon is full
That shines upon the marbled tomb
Who’s stones are etched with flowing words
That speak of tales yet hide the truth

A howl is heard across the pond
As dust would settle on the shrine
The miller works within his realm
As wind blows sails that move with time

And blood will flow and rush through veins
As taste desires those who prey
To suck on sweetly sugared flesh
And stop once more to stay and play…..


Have you a Halloween treat you would like to share? Or would you like to write your own poem using the iconic image below of Nosferatu?...Whatever you chose please use Mr Linky to lead us to your vault of delights and............


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Pete Marshall said...

welcome to One Shock dustus tries to claw his way back let the scares begin......

RiikaInfinityy said...

Treats for everyone, this will satisfy your taste buds I guess :D~~~

Christine said...

A fabulous scene you have set for this Hallowe'en day, Well done.


Brian Miller said...

striking imagery pete....smiles. even your prompt....

each footfall
in trembling heart
of sleeper huddled
neath covers
in the dark
hand doth rise
& from gripping fingers
doth pry them back
"mom, i cant sleep
can i have a snack?

bwahaha. lol.

Pete Marshall said...

love it bri..........

dustus said...

You won today fair & square /
I'll now return to my grave of despair
lol A Halloween to remember @ One Stop!

Claudia said...

creepy things going on at one stop..suck on sweetly sugared flesh..shivers...i prefer to suck on sweetly sugared chocolate...hmmmmm...
have a great sunday everyone!

Hope said...

I really enjoyed this! As creepy as it is. :)

thank you

Hope said...

lol! Good one Brian!

Beachanny said...

Something wicked(ly fun and thrilling) this onestop way has come. Enjoy! At my place ... just Bone Tired.

Caty said...

this poem reminds me of the spooky voice part of M.J.'s "Thriller..." Awesome Halloween treat!

signed...bkm said...

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

kkrige said...

Happy Halloween my spooky friends!

One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers & Artists said...

i hope you all enjoyed your little treats...and like me woke safely this morning........pete

Caty said...

Thanks for putting on a wonderful and creepy Halloween weekend...what a treat :)

moondustwriter said...

I'm cringing in my boots
you see
of scary things
please set me free
Mr. Marshall
of parts unknown
has left us with
an eery groan

that is my last howl at the moon for this year