Monday, 1 November 2010

One Shot Spotlight: Seasons with Elijah

Being a parent is quite the adventure, and responsibility. I am the father of two boys myself and one of the things we have always tried to do with them is cultivate an environment of creativity. It stretches their minds and even if they never write poetry or paint when they grow older, I feel the creativity will lend itself to other endeavors.
I was traveling through the blogosphere a couple weeks back and came upon a few poems written by an 11 year old named Elijah. His mother, Sarah, at Almost Normal, had posted them after he brought them home when his class was studying poetry and the seasons.

When I emailed Sarah to ask if I could use them,she said "if we didn't incorporate reading/writing into part of what we do as a family, I doubt he would be where he is." I could not have said it better myself.

Elijah wants to grow up to be the President, so who know maybe we will get a poetic State of the Union one of these days. Enjoy these poems by Elijah. ~Brian

The thunder roars, the lightning strikes
Tornado travels through the night
The darkness brings a cold strong wind
As lightning brings a short bright light
The horrid wind makes flowers freeze
This is no warm 'springish' breeze
The thunder roars, the lightning strikes
Tornado devastates this cold, frosty night


April showers bring May flowers
Drizzled rain for half an hour
Thunderstorms and misty sweet
Is what makes Spring it's full complete
The buds blossom, flowers bloom
I won't stay in my little room
The cool sweet air and humid breeze
Green leaves growing on the trees
Oh Spring, the prettiest time of year
So shout "Hurrah" cause Spring is here


One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers & Artists said...

elijah has written some wonderful pieces here and its great to know that his parents openly encourage him...i also agree with bri, creativity for the young is so important as it does open their minds to so many things...a great spotlight...cheers pete

budh.aaah said...

Beautiful, fresh poems..
If it wasnt written
then wouldnt have known
that these have been written
by an eleven year old :)

Maybe thats why these come across as fresh hmm..

Hope said...

Amazing! I agree. Creativity is part of the learning field and Budh.aaah is right. I wouldn't have known these were written by an eleven yr. old if it wasn't mentioned.

wonderful talent

thank you, Sarah, and Elijah for sharing.

Caty said...

wow...and Elijah is only eleven? What talent he has :) these are terrific writings!

dustus said...

What a talented young poet! Excellent, Elijah. Thanks for sharing your poetry with us. Great spotlight, Brian.

Claudia said...

hmm - now i understand what you've meant with it's kind of sacred when children write poetry. so fantastic for a child to have this way to express his feelings..
April showers bring May flowers...this line left me deep

moondustwriter said...

Elijah bravo!!!
As a teacher who loves it when children can write I am excited to see that you are doing just that.
You may have more power running a company than being the President

Thanks for the great poems
please keep writing - it's becoming one of the lost arts

Moon smiles

Soraya said...

What a beautiful poems, I could imagine in middle of nature, enjoying it and also fearing it.
Congrats Elijah, well done!

RegCPA5963 said...

nicely written! As has been said before, If not told before hand would not have known the author was only 11

RegCPA5963 said...
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libithina said...

What a talent ~ amazing and for one so young ~ shows a natural flair