Thursday, 25 November 2010

Moondustwriter Thursday- Random Acts of Kindness

Today in the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the US.
Thanksgiving means different things to different people. One thing that rings loud and clear for most is relationship; relationships include fellow workers, neighbors, friends, family. Whether you are in the United States, Ukraine, or Madrid, we need each other. I hope this story , in a small way, gives you a moment to reflect and be thankful for what you have and for the people in your life. I am thankful for each of you.

Random Acts

She awoke with color streaming through her window. "How could it be a better day? she mused. "The plans for my marriage to the love of my life are underway; today I am beginning my new job after my unexpected promotion, and the sun is shining. She pulled into the driveway at her regular coffee kiosk.

"How can I share my happiness?" she wondered. Quickly fussing through her purse, she pulled out her wallet. The only paper she had was her new business cards.

"Hope this day is full of sunshine - hope you can shed some into the another's life." She quickly wrote on the back of the card. As she pulled up to the barista, she pointed behind her "Please put that man's purchase on my credit card."

"Do you know him?" The barista smiled.

"No not at all. I just wanted to share the best day of my life with someone. Oh and please give him this card. Have a fantastic day," she smiled as she drove off with her latte.

"What's this?" Maxwell grumbled. Looking up at the barista, he was handed his scone, coffee, and a business card. "Sunshine -ha! In my life?? Pass it on...?" As he drove off he thought, "Maggie would have loved it if I could help one person today. Maybe I should."

"If this day, if this life doesn't get any better than it's the end for me the pre-med student sighed. I just can't go on. What is the point of life if I can't help people. Why was I given this mind? Why the rejections?" As he was given his double shot, he didn't even notice the barista's flirty smile. He certainly didn't hear her say "have a great day." His demeanor was torrential. Society doesn't need the likes of me." He thought sadly but with resignation of the handgun stowed in his top drawer - ready.

"Please show the applicant in," Dr. Stowell said on his squawk box. He looked at the picture of his wife of 45 years. She smiled back. "I wish you were here darling."

"I am", he heard a whisper in the wind. The air was more than still; yet there had been a gentle rustle in the leaves of the tree just outside.

"Then I will try to help someone today. In your honor, my dear."

"You always had a big, generous heart Maxwell," was the faint reply.

"Dr. Stowell, thank you for seeing me this morning" the tall,handsome, dark-haired student said as he shook the dean's hand. Stowell read something in this man's countenance. "What is it Maggie?"

"His heart is broken; his spirit thwarted with defeat Maxwell." The dean of the Medical School had done his homework. He had one unexpected opening for the entering class. A minority student would balance the entering class. The applicant was Native American. "Tell me why you want to be a doctor?" Dean Stowell asked. Daniel Brushwood was a bit taken aback. He was ready to share his grades, internships, etc. "Doctor Stowell I grew up on the reservation. My teachers saw that I was a smart boy and got government funding to send me to a College Prep for High School. While there, I excelled in Science. One year when I was home, my grandmother got very sick and died. They didn't have the care she needed. I asked why??? We just didn't have enough doctors or money. I vowed I would be a heart surgeon to help people who didn't have the money to pay for their care. I may never bring this institution recognition for the awards I get or the papers that are published but I would bring recognition for humanity."

"Ah- so the other schools won't take you because of your desire to be a humble servant to your people???"

"I guess so sir."

"Then let me tell you - this institution needs some humanity infused into it's haughty, dusty ivy system. Please go to our Financial Aid office to have them put together a generous scholarship package. Welcome to Medical School Dr. Brushwood."


Tears were streaming down the "sunshine girl's" face. Her mother had a heart condition that required surgery. Her dad had lost his job and subsequently the health insurance had to go. Becky called hospitals, agencies, the like.The economy was bad. No one had the money to help. Her last hope was to approach a doctor rather than an institution. She had a list. A very small list. She looked at the first one; he was known to be the best in the country. "Yes I am trying to reach the doctor regarding a special request: it's for my mother who won't live if she doesn't have the surgery. Time is running short."

"This is Doctor Brushwood, I have reviewed your mother's records her success rate is high if she has the surgery. We have her scheduled next Wednesday for pre-op."

Dr. Stowell, now retired, smiled at Maggie's picture.
" I just read in the paper that another life was saved by our boy, Daniel. Maggie you always knew how to pick 'em. Did you write that card that day my dear?"

Photography: by my favorite One Shoot featured photographer Terence Jones
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Reflections said...

Fantastic piece! Love the story line and the realizations that one small thing, can make all the difference, whether we know the outcome or not.

me_duress said...

Great story, gave me goosebumps :)

Catherine Mackie said...

You made me cry...

budh.aaah said...

Its a beautiful sentiment presented here. Loved reading it :) Here's wishing you all a happy thanksgiving.

Here's something I'v written for you my American friends this thanksgiving..

Pete Marshall said...

a wonderfully written tale my friend...hope you have a great day and catch up with you later...happy thanksgiving...pete

Myrna R. said...

Lovely story. Kindness always "pays off", even if we don't immediately see the benefits.

Happy Thanksgiving to all at One Stop. Thank you for all your work and for hosting this exceptional blog.

Beachanny said...

Ripples in a pond. Sometimes we forget to pay it forward. Thanks for the beautiful reminder, Leslie. Happy Thanksgiving. Gay

Mama Zen said...

This is wonderful!

dustus said...

Leslie, great write and motivating message—-a thoughtful reminder of the value of kindness. Cheers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Maureen said...

Thank you for sharing this story with us.

Happy Thanksgiving!

ds said...

Beautiful story. The smallest thing can make the greatest difference. Thank you.

Alegria Imperial said...

Thanks for this touching story! One never knows how a random act like a snowflake icy as it seems could still uplift the heart, bring a smile. Imagine then "sunshine" bursting in the dark as in the story you so beautifully wrote here.

Hope said...

inspirational! Wonderful story!
thank you

kkrige said...

sniff Beautiful sentiments leslie. happy turkey day to you.

moondustwriter said...

Thanks all - this was actually submitted to two indie film producers as a short movie script. Never heard back so I thought I should start putting some of my submissions up on the blog.

Cor said...

Leslie, what a beautiful and moving poem. A great reminder that we all have things to be grateful for and can always help others in the process. It was funny because I was working today and there was a customer who went to purchase her products but a denial code popped up. She didn't have enough in her account and only had $8 on her. Her total came to $10 something and she said that she would take her thanksgiving plates off the order so she could pay for it but I said no, don't worry I'll take care of the rest of the bill. It is small things that matter. My hope is that in the future one day she will pay it forward.

June_Butterfly said...

Somebody just asked me what thankgiving mean to people in the states.Since I don't live in America,I didn't have an answer.

Reading this story not only gave me an answer but showed me there's lots of love and care still going around.

Touching and Beautiful post ,Leslie.Thank you so much.