Monday, 15 November 2010

One Stop Poetry Spotlight: Dulce

Today I have the honor or turning the spotlight on a very passionate poet, Dulce. I honestly don't know where I met Dulce the first time, but if you drop by Sweeter Poetry, you will understand why I stick around.

Dulce has been writing poetry since she was a teenager, mostly in Spanish, and only for herself. She fell in love with lanuguage and literature and after reading so many great poets/poems at University, she started writing in english.

Today Dulce is 45 and an English Language teacher, teaching english to adults in Gran Canaria-Canary Islands. Enjoy! ~Brian

                                               Woman Coming from the Water by Fusunyeremyam

This much I’ve learnt:

Cannot be always right
So hardly ever- in fact.
My knowledge
Keeps on being
That imperfect union
Between the outside
And myself.

But that constant link
With all its imperfections
Does not undermine
The importance of that bond
Of one thing
To the other...

My poetry is a reflection of what I have experienced in life, not only (though especially) love, but also any other human concerns. It's the best way to me to open my soul and get to understand my life and life in general. ~Dulce

Figure it out

I’ve disappeared through

These sheets and walls

That’s not only


From that start

When our hearts lost control

Knowing we were born

To grow apart

But still we insisted on

Sailing to non-existent isles.

Missing days filled

With memories

Of broken stars

As I woke up.

I’ve waited

I’ve dreamt

I’ve felt jealous and

As furious as a bear

…And I loved you


We could not catch the rainbow

But it was there for us to stare

From anywhere

…And you loved me


Guess that’s just



Dulce said...

Thank you so much my dear Brian for having 'spolighted' me today.

This means to me more than an award or tribute, it's a recognition of a work I've been doing for too long now- I am afraid...

I take this opportunity to thank everyone at One Stop Poetry for their always encouraging and supportive comments on my blog.
I must apologize for not having visited any of you in the last few days, but my private life is taking up most of my time, so blogging has become more a burden than a pleasure.

I like to have plenty of time to read thoroughly what people thoroughly have written for the rest of us to read.
i don't like to rush while I do it, one just'beautiful', one just'nice' doesn't mean much to me one way or the other.
That's the reason I've decided to stop blogging for a while, until the time is right- again!

Sweet hugs to everyone!


Eric Alder said...

Congratulations, Dulce! Nice to see I'm not the only one who appreciates your talents.

Take a break whenever you need to, for as long as necessary.

The bloggiverse will be here when you return, happy to have you back.

Brian Miller said...

wow dulce. your comment caught me off guard...ipray that the issues in your personal life are those can be reconciled...and i look forward to seeing you again soon.

budh.aaah said...

Congratulations Dulce,
you indeed deserve this spotlight on you. I hope whatever ails your life right now smoothens over positively soooon :)

dustus said...

Your comment is unexpected, Dulce. It's been a pleasure getting to know you through your poetry, and your spotlight today does a wonderful job highlighting your skill in use of both figurative and literal usage. On a personal note, you've been a source of encouragement to many of us, for which I am extremely grateful. I do hope to see you blogging again soon. All the best, Adam :)

Reflections said...

Wonderful spotlight Brian on a very talented writer... Her words do speak figuratively to so many of us, a bright spot in our worlds.

Good luck with your endeavors Dulce, with whatever everyday life that pulls you away. We will miss you in your absense, but we will await your return when you are at a less involved point.


Monkey Man said...

So well done, Dulce. But we have come to see this from you with each post we read. Congrats on the recognition of your talent.

Pete Marshall said...

dulce...two wonderful poems and a very welcome spotlight...but as Bri said i wasnt expecting your comment...i hope you can rsolve your issues and continue to share your wonderful work...but whatever you chose to do i wish you well for the future and hope to see, in the future, more of your wonderful work

JStar said...

GREAT tribute to such a wonderful poet! She deserves ALL the honor :)

Maureen said...

Thank you for spotlighting another talent I might not have found but for One Stop.

Dulce said...

My dear friends,
You are not only great poets, but greater people... You've moved my heart with your so sweet comments, and after reading you- I am already starting to regret my decision!
Thank God nothing is forever... Hope to be with you again soon
THANKS A LOT for this!

Smiles! :)

steveroni said...

1st poem: nice
2nd poem: beautiful

Claudia said...

thanks brian for an excellent spotlight.

dulce, i love to read your poetry, it's so honest, heartfelt, passionate and sensitive - and so are your comments. i really hope to see you back soon but i agree, blogging should be pleasure and no burden. so take your time to sort things out and come back with new joy and inspiration.

joanny said...


My dear poet friend, your work stands alone and continues to bring beauty to us who read your blog.

I agree I too take my time when reading other peoples work, to gather the nuances and essence of what they have written.

Take care,

June_Butterfly said...

Dulce is one of the loveliest persons I've met thru one shot!She has been an encouraging force for me to go on in spite of time shortage and personal stuffs!

Always giving in her words.Sincere in every comment she writes.It as a joy to read on and know more about her.

Love both poems.You can feel Dulce in every word.Who she is!

I'm gonna miss you,Dulce.Seeing your name on my works always been a joy to me.Rest well and I relate to you coz I too am battling for time to do what I love,to write!

Heartfelt thanks to Brian ,too.Thanks for bringing Dulce to the spotlight!

moondustwriter said...

Thank you Dulce for giving us a place of beauty to visit each week. I hope you keep your site up as a static site for reflection- for Dulce withdrawals

Your second peace resonates a sorrow - hope for a love that never can be

We honor you today!!!

Cor said...

Dulce, I am glad that Brian spotlighted you today. You are a talented writer and I look forward to reading more from you.

signed...bkm said...

This is a wonderful highlight on these poems posted...blessings to Dulce and the pray for the best in all she does...she a unique way of expressing herself and is a joy to read....thank you Brian for posting her work...bkm