Thursday, 18 November 2010

Moondustwriter's Thursday - guest featuring Matt Zaretsky

Welcome to another MDW Thursday.
Today I am honored to feature another star 
Matt Zaretsky

I met Matt a few months on Twitter. What a great place for introductions. I asked Matt how he got introduced. He told me the generic way "studying poetry and writing in class." Then something happened he started keeping a personal journal where poems came to life. His creative expression has grown from there.

"I like poetry as a form of art in that I can express myself freely. The only rule is that there are none. If I am going through rough times Or a bad day, poetry helps me get things off my chest when talking to someone simply doesnt cut it. The pen and paper are always loyal No matter what which is why I love go write because I always can. I applied early decision to sarah Lawrence college where I hope to get accepted and get an MFA degree in creative writing. The. I want to Get accepted into NYU Grad school and major in creative writing and take master classes taught by one of my favorite authors Susan Orlean."

Heart grinning
In the shower singing
Starts in my toes
Then the feeling goes.
Through my back
Tickles my ears
When I’m with you I have no fears
A walk with you
I wouldn’t miss for a thing.
I’m starting to think this is a really weird fling.
Cause we’ve been at this point before
At least a few times.
I’ve tried hard against it but this I am sure..
You are the girl I care for and adore.
I’m not saying I want you to be mine and me yours.
But lets take a chance, a drive, and explore.
Lets take a walk we’ve got plenty time to spare.
When you fall I’ll catch you ‘cause I’ve already been there.
We can take a trip to the beach or the shore.
And talk about school, the bitches and whores.
Its up to you
No stress.
We all have days when we are a mess.
If you were to know one thing please know that…
I’ll always be able to cheer you up..
With Harley, Boey, Casey, and Max the cat.

Next week we will celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States. Here is a Thanksgiving Acrostic by Matt.

To whom it may concern,
His name must not be said.
At the family thanksgiving feast
Nobody mentions him but we all
Know the gorilla in the room all too well.
You are not here with us
On this day we give our regards. For
Until you bring yourself together you don't belong.

The Real Me
The real me wouldn't take the easy way out.
But he did.
The real me wouldn't yell at his father and mother.
But he did.
The real me wouldn't have got in that car.
But he did.
The real me wouldn't have been arrested.
But I did.

You may have noticed we have done several poetry features of young people aka teens. We believe that creative writing is a great expression. As our illustrious friend David Wilkins said last MDW Thursday, writing is one good way to express anger, fear etc rather than internalizing that emotion and self-destructing. If you know youth who are exploring creative writing , please send them our way.
Places you can find Matt:
Twitter @matty5z

Just so you know: Next Thursday in the US is Thanksgiving. Our favorite day (along with Super Bowl) to sit and eat alot. The part I have loved, since I was a child, was being together as a family (well the home baked pies were a winner too). Next Thursday I would like to put up a montage of Thanksgiving Poetry.  (that includes anyone writing about what they are thankful for.) If you want to either link a poem in or send to our email: we can have a day to reflect on what we have (jobs, family, another day of life.) I am thankful for each of you and the outpouring of support.


One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers & Artists said...

Matt has a wonderful drive and direction. We wish him the best as he pursues writing.

If you know other youth who might be interested to be featured, send them toward the Moon

enjoy Matt Zaretsky

budh.aaah said...

Matt puts together words/sentences used everyday and transforms them into special poetry
'We all have days when we are a mess' :) nice style

Claudia said...

3 poems, 3 different styles - i enjoyed them all - the honesty, the emotions well expressed, the reflection - well done

thanks moonie for introducing matt - it's great when teens write poetry!

Heather Grace Stewart said...

Great stuff Matt--very real, and I love that you don't tie yourself to any one form. I'll keep my eye out for you on Twitter etc.!

It's super cool that with all the technology to distract us, poetry still holds teens' interest today. Score one for poetry! Ooo--aaa! ;)

Caty said...

great stuff! He puts his heart on the page.

dustus said...

Matt, you express your emotions and creativity well through poetry. I enjoyed reading your work. Write on!

Beachanny said...

Loved these pieces. They had a fresh new feeling. They brought back the feeling I had when first starting to write, not knowing anything but trying to find a way of gamboling in a bright green world. I hope his wish of continuing to learn and write is fulfilled! Gay said...


I love the "real me" piece! I am thankful that the lovely Moondustwriter put the spot light on you!

I dig your style...

Diane T said...

The real me wouldn't have been arrested! I cannot imagine you would have been! Such a sweet and caring woman.

Matty Zaretsky said...

Thank you all so much for your comments. I have never been featured before and its truly an honor. Thank you so much ms. Moon I can't begin to describe how special this is for me.

Shashi said...

Great style and thoughts... in such simple some times very common words. I wish best of luck for Matt to get accepted into his chosen univ and dazzle the world with his work...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

Pete Marshall said...

this was a very well written spotlight...i enjoy the youth they are our future...and its also great to remember those feelings of angst...i still have my youth poetry might share it one day...cheers pete

Anonymous said...

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