Monday, 8 November 2010

One Shot Spotlight: Your Turn (Round 2)

One of the biggest privledges of being a part of the One Shot team, besides the incredible talent I work with, is to get to spotlight some of the amazing talent we find joining us here for One Shot Wednesday and in the blogosphere in general. It give me great pleasure each week to lay some of the best of the best before you, so we can encourage them in their craft.

The first week of last month, I opened the floor to you to throw the spotlight on some fresh and new faces that you had found in the blogosphere. Today I want to do that again.

Who have you read that is good this week? Drop their name and blog address in the comments and tell us why you want to spotlight them.

Happy Monday everyone! Can't wait to see who you spotlight. ~Brian


haisley said...

Can I suggest myself? LOL....

Adam White - Poet said...

@LiliacSin is an enjoyable read. She's got that grimness that comes with poetic youth. I started out writing just like this and you kind of forget with age how horrific the world can be. Brilliant work.

Brian Miller said...

@adam...nice, will check her out..thanks for the explanation as well.

@haisley...sure, but can you give an explanation...smiles.

Cor said...

I was wondering if I could spotlight a young artist this week. Her drawings are fantastic, she specializes in Dragons. She does have a blog of some select drawings and she is on twitter from time to time. Her twitter is @ventus_17 and her blog page is Thank you very much for letting me possibly spotlight her.

Asobime said...

I nominate Steve Isaaks....he's a wild man...a wonderful, expansive poet, and has a wonderful blog:

He's been very supportive of my writing and did a wonderful review of my two last books...(A Seasoning of Lust and The Zar Tales)...I learned more through his eyes about my writing than I ever thought about it myself!

And I think that is what OneShot has given me since I joined about 5 weeks ago?? I see my poetry with new eyes, more experienced, more developed comments from other poets that helps me analyze the poems.

Do other poets have that issue? Where we write, are very careful picking the right word choices, but we have little insight into the poems, beyond the surface? OneShot (and Steve) have given me such insight into the warp and weave of my own poetry! The hidden and deeper psychological layers people here have helped mine and surface for me.

I'm basically a novelist, only coming to poetry in the last few years, but I find this medium so rich with possibilities that I can never go back to being 'only' a novelist. OneShot helps me so much legitimize an artform that is shuffled off by the general public so many times...but I think there are people that understand the beauty of the different forms. I just think poetry hasn't been given the room it needs to really be embraced by a broader public.

Sorry, this is off what I wanted to propose....Steve Isaak is a fabulous, young, inventive voice!!

Lady Nyo

Daniel Jay said...

I suggest Mandy at

Her posts are bite sized ,often worth chewing on and sure to leave you with more than just a thought.

Wysteria said...

Wow, this is a tough one. I have found so many poets and writers who I enjoy reading. So many are supportive. It is hard for me to spotlight just one.

I think for me I would nominate :


She is a wonderful writer and has so many great outlooks on what she writes.

Well.. another one who is a passionate writer is David Waters.

Thanks to all, I try to read as many as I can


Eric Alder said...

It's tough to pick one out of the many that I read here. I'll just scroll down and pick one at random, since they're sure to be worthwhile...

Okay, I picked Shay.

Shay's stories range from deeply emotional to wry to stinging, but they're always entertaining.

There are MANY more people I could nominate, but I'm sure their names will show up eventually anyway.

(If I see any obvious omissions, I'll speak up again)

Myrna R. said...

My pick today is Reflections at

She writes with a soft sensitivity and her words keenly conjure vivid images in our minds. I enjoy reading her very much.

Maureen said...

Hannah Stephenson at The Storialist

Mama Zen said...

I second Eric's nomination!

Hope said...

fresh and new! I would like to nominate

this young lady is 16yrs. and had written 70 poems by the time she was 14. she is an amazing artist, and doesn't think twice about sharing her views on life.

thank you One Stop!

Eric Alder said...
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Brian Miller said...

nice. enjoying your suggestions...think i hit all of well as you...

wow lady nyo...thanks for the somment and for sharing a bit of your journey...steve is great...and being relatively new to poetry is great when those come along with honest feedback that helps us to see with those new eyes...

Beachanny said...

I am so impressed with Terresa Wellborn and her work. She is a stunning writer and finds such innovative ways of getting to center.
Her blog

Dulce said...

To me.. oh there are so many... This is so difficult-Those I've liked the most recently:

-Dustus... but of course he does not count i guess
-Brian Miller... again....
-Signed... bkm
-Carrie Burt

and, etc

moondustwriter said...

We have at least 130 poets each week who post poetry. Many of you I have read for months others for weeks. There is no way I can identify one poet who inspires me. Each week I read poetry that makes me run to my personal blog and formulate a poem. I have never been so prolific as a poet and I accredit that to the inspirational words that come off of your pens.

Thanks for your weekly inspiration -without each of you I would be MoonMudWriter

Hugs and love from MDW

P.S. Thanks to our fabulous team - Adam, Brian, Chris, Claudia,and Pete <--- You make it happen weekly :)

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

Asise from so many listed here already..yeah you, Brian Miller :)

I love:

Giovanni Cucullo
NY chef and writer...he cooks, he writes!

Peter DeWolf
I have a wordcrush on him :)

I can't get through the day without Shay :)

there are so many more great writers out that, so much inspiration! I only wish I had the time to read them all.

hedgewitch said...

Agree its very hard to pick, but I also would like to suggest Shay at Shay's Word Garden. She covers the whole gamut of what poetry does, from dirge, to gothic, to love, and even manages to be funny a lot of the time, which is way harder than just being depressed and telling the world about it.

Fireblossom said...

Oh my gosh! Thank you to everyone who was kind enough to mention me. Eric, my bestie Mama Zen, Rene and Hedgewitch, you have all made my day. :-)

I would like to nominate Caty at From Ashes To Beauty

because she always makes me smile.



Terresa said...

Hannah Stephenson at The Storialist, I second Maureen's suggestion. She writes a poem a day and posts it to her blog. Amazing writing!

betweenhearts75 said...

I agree with Leslie, also as many poets that gather here, myself personally think that the OneStop Team should have something of them posted....hmmm, each highlighting each other. I adore you all so gosh for me its quite undecided really. ( I don't think you all give yourself enough credit for all you've brought together here. EveryONE Aces in my I may write that incredible book it could make!!! ;)) ~April *hugs*

Pete Marshall said...

i took a step back on this post today to see what others would have to say...(unintended rhyme)...its so great to see so many of you appreciating each other and wanting to share this......some great writers mentioned here...thank you...pete

Cor said...

Thanks so much everyone for visiting the artist I spotlighted (although this was supposed to be for writers.) She really appreciated it. I promise to spotlight writers from now on. Thanks,
Corbie Sinclair

Pete Marshall said...

hi is just as special as poetry & words, we welcome all....I also brought an artist to the fore last Saturday with my piece The estuary....cheers pete

kavisionz said...

I read this, and 2 names just popped to my head: Deadpoet88 and Leo!
Fresh and new -- well, can't say that for these two... but I would to highlight them nonetheless!
If you enjoy grim, dark poetry, DeadPoet88 is absolutely fantastic!!! Her poem called Shadows was my intro to her awesome work (a few months back)! From then on, it's been a superb ride!
As for Leo, he has been around for a while.. and he has a cool way of weaving up some real fine pieces of poetry!! Versatile and Witty.. That's what he is!

Well, I hope I haven't gone off track or overboard here.. but I simply HAD to tell ya! :)

S. Sharp said...

Great idea. I'm happy to suggest one this week.

I would like to see a spotlight on Steve -

I think he has so many things to say that for sure willl inspire me, he a very good poet, one I would like to read to all the time.

Thanks for the topic.

unremarkable_m said...

Brian Carlin

Jerry said...

Love the feature Poet. thanks for another inspiring ink muse. I will always suggest Luci Shaw yet I don't believe she has a blog.