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One Stop Poetry Featured Poet: Shewriting

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Today my guest is shewriting (aka Sheila Moore). Her poetic intentions and reasons why she began writing prompt me to reconsider the powerful creative outlet of poetry. Sheila's posts on the She's Writing Blog and for One Shot Wednesday, in addition to being lyrically emotive, are clear in tone and presentation. Through varied line structuring, and effective use of imagery, shewriting composes lines to which many readers relate.

A Poet's Journey...

"I started writing when I was ten years old as a way to express and process my feelings. Writing was the only healthy emotional outlet I had for a long time and it continues to be one of several that I have now....

"At age eleven, I attempted to write my first book. I had just returned home from a week-long Girl Scout camping trip where I met several girls who were dealing with serious life issues such as addiction and eating disorders. I felt compelled to write, to make sense of the confusion and sadness I felt for these girls. However, I became discouraged as I quickly realized that I did not have the perseverance required to write a book. At this point, I believe that my poetic muse was born."

Shewriting's Motivation to Express Emotions....

"As a writer, I feel successful when three God-given assets are present during my creative process. These assets are inspiration, passion, and skill. For me, success is not solely dependent on positively touching another person’s soul, although when this happens I consider it a precious bonus. My best inspiration usually comes from life experiences that elicit intense emotional responses. My passion for the written word stems from a need to express difficult emotions such as anger and fear in a way that makes them less foreboding and to record pleasant emotions such as joy and love in a way that makes them everlasting."

"As a musician uses notes to compose symphonic masterpieces or a painter uses colors to create breath-taking portraits, a successful writer uses words to construct poetic oeuvres." —shewriting
And now 3 selected poems from shewriting...

she writes LOVE on her arm

she wants to live a long lovely Life
but demons whisper under their breath
daunting words abuse her sanity
and evoke menacing thoughts of death

she wants to be open to other Options
than those which hopeless perspectives create
for in making the ultimate sacrifice
all truth and goodness are lost to self-hate

she wants to unveil a vast Void
that people, places, nor things can fill
her ego claims it can save her
while her spirit cries out for God’s will

she wants to expose ego’s Exploits
all its fallacies and empty lies
for some who come to believe in them
fall victim to unjust suicides

"For me, skill is the most challenging part of writing. I equate it with putting together pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Inexperience or even impatience in some cases can cause me to force together pieces that somewhat but not perfectly connect. In the end, all of those pieces that only partially fit together cause the puzzle’s picture to appear incomplete, distorted, or unrecognizable."


Hold My Hand

A warm summer breeze blew strands of auburn hair across her soft, youthful face.
He held her hand and offered the ring. She answered with a fierce embrace but thought…

Will you hold my hand when dark clouds move in and a storm brews up above;
When the anger in our acts and words overshadow our sweet love?

Will you hold my hand when lightening strikes and tears fall down like rain;
When lovers’ quarrels burn like fire and affection flows down the drain?

Will you hold my hand when dense fog sets in and we are blind to the other’s care;
When bills pile up and time slips away and the kids are all that we share?

Will you hold my hand when strong winds whirl and a tornado touches down;
When good health is in peril, jobs are lost, and devastation is all around?

Will you hold my hand when hot days turn cold and sickness ferments our pride;
When fear freezes time and for us to survive, our love can no longer hide?

Fifty years later, a warm summer breeze blows strands of silver hair across her elderly face. He holds her hand and offers a ring. She responds with a tender embrace and listens…

We have weathered life’s storms, the squabbles, the bills,
The jobs, the kids, and all of the ills.

My lover, my mate, and my best friend,
I hope you knew I would always…

hold your hand.


Willingness is the Key

Where is the key
I cried earnestly
I need the key
to be happy

Look under the bed
someone said
behind the bed
or out in the shed

I dropped to my knees
begging God, please
I’m on my knees
full of dry heaves

I fell to the floor
they called me a whore
I laid on the floor
‘til they walked out the door

I stood up in the room
mesmerized by the groom
we danced in the room
and ingested the ‘shrooms

I sat in the chair
and tried not to share
the cards dealt to my chair
a royal flush, no a pair

I pulled up to the table
and ate ‘til unable
to stand up from the table

I belonged in a stable

The key, the key
I want to be happy
I need the key
please give it to me

The key that unlocks
where happiness docks
the lock of all locks
that humanity mocks

Wasn’t found hiding
under my bed biding
no action, just hiding
from life’s daily tiding

It was not in the shed
with the car, shiny red
nor in the weight that I shed
or in the people I wed

I did not find it in ale
nor in any male
drugs caused me to ail
gambling, too, did fail

There wasn’t enough
food I could stuff
nor was money enough
why was it so tough

To bring happiness here
in what’s not seen in a mirror
right here, right here
where there’s pride and there’s fear

Only after the fall
as I do recall
first I had to fall
to know at all

About the key
I could never see
because the key
you see
was inside of me

"A skillful writer knows not only how to find the right pieces or words to use but also knows how to fit those words together in a way that creates the clearest, most meaningful portrayal of his or her message. I think that skill development comes from practice, studying others’ writing styles, formal training, more practice, constructive feedback from others, good mentoring, and more practice. God willing, writing will be a life-long endeavor for me, which brings to my spirit much excitement and gratitude. "—shewriting 

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moondustwriter said...

Sheila has been so enjoyable to read. I appreciate these features because I get to see another layer - how they are inspired what moves their pen.

Sheila your poetry is always a One Stop Delight

Thanks Dustus

Caty said...

@I really enjoy Sheila's writing too. I love hearing what inspires her and how she creates her beautiful work. Thanks for sharing!

Josepf J Haslam said...

Dustus -- thanks for host! and, of course, to moondustwriter for adopting this stray in to the Twitter community! (she's first on my awards ceremony mentions)

Sheila! Love the 3 very different styles. The last was written in Dr Seuss style (4 me) & I was reading it w/my best Green Eggs and Ham voice :-)

Your first... I adore.
thank you!!!!!!

Eric Alder said...

One of my favorite bloggers - nice to see her getting her props.

Maureen said...

It's such a pleasure to get to know the @onestoppoetry community through these posts.

repressedsoul said...

Love your work, and so pleased to get to know everyone a little better through one stop


Claudia said...

three excellent poems - each one very unique in its own style and way
sheila is a fantastic writer and i enjoy reading her blog.
thanks sheila and thanks adam for the spotlight

Arts web show said...

shewrites well good

Shashi said...

I have enjoyed Sheila's writing for some time now and this feature made me more aware of her personality and from where it all comes from. I agree with her thoughts on the creative process and yes I believe all three are required to make a great verse.. but then I also believe that there is a particular need for a trigger.... inspiration as she says... which can come from any where and every where..

I enjoyed the featured verses a lot.. she is great... Keep on writing.

A great feature and I appreciate it very much, in bringing out the person behind the words we keep reading... Thanks One Shot Poetry team and great feature Adam...


ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

GvSparx said...

Shiela writes so beautifully. I am so amazed at the way she expresses herself.
I would love to read more from her side.
I also write poems, hope you people like it inspite it not being very professional.
Twitter: @GvSparx

signed...bkm said...

So nice to see SheWriting highlighted here and learn more about her and her writing the
"she writes Love on her arm"...poem

I have come to learn much from Shelia though reading her poetry..each one of us have a unique way of expressing ourselves and Shelia is filled with passion in her writing and that makes so exciting to read.. She has something to say and I am happy she shares it with the rest of us to take a thought or two away and think alittle deeper about life.

Congrat's to Shelia.....bkm

Pete Marshall said...

i loved reading the quotes from sheila...her work is always meaningful and she weaves wonderful words...i am a fan and so glad to see her spotlighted....pete

Beachanny said...

I loved reading this spotlight piece on you, Sheila. In fact I've been reading your work for a while. It's a pleasure to get to know you better and to have you as a friend and colleague. Thank you, Gay @beachanny

shewriting said...

Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful comments and support. I am blessed to be a part of such a great community of writers!

Thank you again, Adam, for inviting me to be a featured poet here at One Stop. And thank you, Brian, Leslie, Adam, Claudia, Pete, and Chris for all you do to make One Stop Poetry such a fun place to visit!