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One Stop Poetry Spotlight, Shashidhar Sharma (aka Shashi)

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If you participate in One Shot Poetry Wednesday, then chances may be good that you are familiar with Shashidhar Sharma.  But did you know that Shashi is a 46 year-old CEO of a small interior contracting firm based in Chennai, India? He works mainly on large office projects and has been in the field of Architectural and Interior Designs for the past 22 years. In addition to his poetry and professional career, he is also a Karma Yogi.

What is a Karma Yogi?

Shashi: "In simple words... it is to do what comes to your table with your 100% sincerity and hard work, and then don't worry for the results. The key point here is what comes to you as ourselves, being the part of universal consciousness, will attract only right things for us to do. I again firmly believe, is that what is good, or required by universal consciousness for us to do, will come to us on its own as our nature will attract it towards us. The second active part is don’t worry for the results, which basically means that worry is negative, and it will end up attracting negative things for you— so you should not worry about things that you have finished doing because you could not have done any thing more, if in the first place you have had already given your 100% to the work, situation, or things at your table handled with all your dedication and hard work. You could not have done any better; what is the point of worrying?

Why did you start writing poetry?

"I started writing poetry and blogs through very interesting but slow development. Being born in a Brahmin (the priest class) family at a place (located near Buddha’s Nirvana Place as well as one of the most holy city in India, Varanasi) spirituality was in my blood, if I can say so. My family was full of spiritual guru’s, hence Vedic rituals, mantra chanting, and sound of temple bells were my morning alarms. All this environment and close proximity to swami’s, astrologers, and Vedic scholars gave me a false sense of confidence about knowing spirituality and being spiritual. Slowly as I grew up and started reading books, religious scriptures like Bhagavad Gita, Veda, Bible, Koran etc..., I realized my total ignorance.

Unknowingly, in the beginning, I started my spiritual journey with basic questions like what is life, and why we suffer etc....Over a period of time, during this journey of life, I started learning many things, knowing many things, internally, which included the realization that we are here for some purpose that needs to be explored and realized. Search for that reason, lead me to many excursions through books, many journeys to Himalayas, spiritual centers like Rishikesh, Varanasi, places in south India, and ultimately turned inwards to inner self.

This inner journey needed an expression externally. Hence, I started writing my thoughts—first on the personal blogs and then later on publically, in order to give body to my thoughts, experiences, and learning; which I can go back to, to relive, re-learn, re-collect. In the beginning, I started taking pictures, but then they were inadequate as they gave those powerful places, nature, emotions a body but not the soul. So I started writing poetry, free form of Haiku’s, my thoughts, etc..."

And now a few selected poems from Shashi....


I saw the old man at the Holy Ghat
Long time back, but
He still continues to follow
Me and my thoughts
Incite me to dig deeper
On life
On death
On the path that he has lost.

He does not know
I am handicapped too
By pain, loss and loneliness
Life to be, has become
A colorless phase
Slowly passing by, grain by grain
Like the sand, in the hour glass.

I have no clear vision
But only a blind spot of living
Even dreams are marred
By imposter Hopes
Playing kaleidoscope of light
At the end of life’s tunnel

Why there is a light,
only at the end
Which never ends, Alive
In the end
And we blindly live, on and on

Yet I keep walking, on and on
Dripping past Karma
In drops of sweat, tear and duty
Believing, drop by drop
I am loosing it all

The life’s been so long and slow
The old man caught up
Holding my hand,
That I am lost too
In the maze of life

Dust claims dust
We will die too
Karmic baggage still
All intact and packed
Another journey
Another tunnel’s end

Pain is
When you feel like
Stopping the sunrise



The valley silently
Unfolded herself
As you walked across
To sit besides me
And smile

The birds sang to
Tall and silent Deodar Trees
In their melodious songs
And you reached out
To hold my hand

Looking through the setting sun
Smiling through the distant stars
Whispering to me
In the bird songs
That you missed me

And I turned around
To find you
Far away from me
I could still kiss you


“...Today, if you ask me, where I am. I am not sure yet, but I am experimenting with and living the life of Karma Yogi.  As, I have still not found the right path or the right reason for me. I am practicing Mantra Yoga for peace and positivity in life too (I actually started teaching the path of Mantra Yoga for meditation to few of very deserving and dedicated people online too). ” —Shashidhar Sharma

Check out more of Shashi's poetry @
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Hope said...

we are all striving for more positivity in our lives I'm sure. I believe in the positive thought breeds more positive and vise versa.

this short interview is very interesting and Shashi, your words are brilliantly said. Heartfelt and deep. Beautiful photo's.
thank you and

thank you One spot for featuring this wonderfully talented poet!

hedgewitch said...

Very powerful. The questions about life never go away, and age does not automatically answer them. I enjoyed both poems but found the first piece especially vivid--the image of those bags packed, that the journey one is so tired from is only beginning... Really an experience and a pleasure to read.

moondustwriter said...

I have been inspired by Shashidhar's fine poetry. Poetry is a place to express many things as he conveys.

What great words from a wonderful poet. The poetry is so personal - thank you

Adam - you are a talented and insightful man

Moonie smiles

Gabriela Abalo said...

Wow! both interview and posted poems are full of positive insights.

"Pain is When you feel like Stopping the sunrise" - I just love it!

Thanks for highlighting Shashi - he is a wonderful poet.


budh.aaah said...

Good poems and beautiful photograph to go along with it. Shashi you express your thoughts well. Best wishes

Brian Miller said...

i would have to agree i love the philosophy both in your words and in your verse....

Desert Rose said...

I enjoyed reading your poem here and all your work shashi, in fact spirituality is an important aspect of our Egyptian nature as well,i can so much relate to your words and verse each time i read you..:)
i am a major lover of India and its cultural beauty, one day i will certainly make my dream come true and visit..:)
lovely spotlight Adam..thank you.:)

Shashi said...

Dear Adam

I am honored to be featured in this great forum of talented poets,peers and great artists. I have learned a lot here and will continue to do so, I am sure.

"One Shot Wednesday" is one of the most vibrant online places. Its full of such positive energy and creative talent, that it easily rubs on you and makes you better. So lot of credit goes to "One Shot Poetry" team of American Poets Brian Miller, Leslie Moon & Adam Dustus, with British Poet, Pete Marshall, to provide me a platform to throw ideas and thoughts and receive feedback to be better and more creative.

I am humbled by words of appreciation from great artists and friends above. I thank you every one.

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

Nessa said...

Very nice interview. Shashidhar's poetry is wonderful.

Eric Alder said...

Shashi is not just a prolific writer, but also is an avid reader - notably of poetry blogs. He's a frequent commenter whom I run into at many of the same blogs I follow. (So obviously he has good taset!)

Nice to see him getting some notice!

Pete Marshall said...

Shashi has been a great advocate of One Shot...and i so echo erics comment about how prolific he is at visiting others blogs and offering words of encouragement too...thank you also for the kind things that you have said about One Stop and what we have aimed to achieve with this idea......

The spotlight was wonderful and informative....topped with some excellent poetry...a wonderful feature..cheers pete

Wysteria said...

Amazing and brilliant.

Such deep emotions are felt in your poems. I am glad to be one of your fans!


Myrna R. said...

Sashi's beautiful poetry is fueled by his deep spirituality. His sincere inner explorations have instilled him with wisdom. I love reading his words.

Maureen said...

Thank you for this wonderful introduction to Shashidhar who clearly speaks deeply from the heart.

awitchtrying said...

This is such a nice interview and such beautiful poetry! I'm glad to learn more about Sashi, such a beautiful soul! Your words bring light to my life. Thank you!

kkrige said...

Great interview! It is so nice to get a bigger picture of the poets that we just see snapshots of. Shashi's words are so full of spirituality and life. I too have appreciated his comments and quite like the poems featured here today.
Thanks Adam

Mama Zen said...

That haiku is absolutely perfect.

Lyndia P said...

That is a wonderful story and beautiful selection of poetry. I was really struck by the "Old Man at the Ghat" the maze of life... very full and descriptive phrase.

I found the last verse about "Pain" to be very moving.

Thanks for sharing! Keep up the great poet-ing work.

Lovely Annie said...

Yay! I am simply thrilled to get to know more about Shashi! He goes above and beyond in making authentic connection when reading and commenting on other peoples poetry...I feel very supported and inspired! Thanks Dustus and One Stop crew for connecting with Shashi...and, Shashi, thank you. I am honored by your presence in mutual creative space


Lovely annie

June_Butterfly said...

Shashidhar Sharma...who we all fondly know as Shashi!A man with a generous heart.Not only in sharing his words but generous enough to appreciate the works of others.One of the warmest persons I've met in One Shot!It was a joy knowing him more as I read this Interview.

Your outlook in life reflects your works.The poems and the photograhs are as beautiful as the person who chose it!

Thank you One Shot for sharing this interview.And thank you Adam for making this beautiful interview.

Someone Is Special said...

Shashi, you always give us positive vibes in your poetry and glad to read your interview.. Thank you One Spot for featuring Shashi..

--Someone Is Special--

Claudia said...

thanks adam for the interview..great to learn a bit more about shashi

beautiful words shashi - and this is absolutely breath-taking!!!!
..Pain is
When you feel like
Stopping the sunrise...

betweenhearts75 said...

Fascinating & wonderful poetry, wonderful view-points. I consider myself a very spiritual person myself, a lot goes into it of wonderful interview & poetry Shashi, and much thanks to you Adam :) great spotlight!!! ~April

Beachanny said...

Your words took me on an eloquent and exotic journey and though the trip took me through sorrow, it also took me through beauty. I felt it was an adventure where life links up with the train to the next one in the unknown. Lovely. So glad you were highlighted here today. I have enjoyed being a follower of yours on twitter. Thank you. Gay

Shashi said...

I am humbled and grateful for your comments above and will reach out to each one of you individually at your blog post or in Message this weekend. Here I just want to convey my gratitude to all my friends and peers here for writing such wonderful comments and appreciation, though I am not sure I really deserve them.

I think the wonderful team at One Stop Poetry - Brian Miller, Leslie Moon, Adam Dustus, Pete Marshall deserve all the praise for doing such a great service of connecting great talent here on one platform.


ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

Meenam said...

May words flow here
like mountain springs
and pretty rivulets
join up large rivers
merge into an ocean
of creative expression
that cleanses and heals
minds and hearts of all
who dip deep in the waters

Caty said...

Sashi's poetry is terrific, always expressing such deep emotion brilliantly. and I agree, he is an avid blog reader and encourager. Great feature, Adam!

Aquarius63 said...

Wonderful visionary, a beautiful poem.


Gwen Dubeau said...

This was a very nice poem, really enjoyed it!

shrinivas said...

Absolutely perfect..... Its the real fact of life
Nice poems Shashi