Sunday, 28 November 2010

One Shoot Sunday - The Day After... Food Baskets for the Poor & Poetry Challenge

Did you ever think what happens one or two days after you deliver the bountiful basket of food for a family in need? I have held both ends of the basket. I've delivered many baskets and received many too. I know the feeling as a child to see a delivery from kind hands and hearts. As a child, I never worried about when we would eat; my poor, single mother did when her paycheck ran out on the twentieth of each month. She always had a look of relief when a bag food or a spare meal was delivered by a neighbor. She knew that for another day her little ones would not go hungry.

So to those of you generous folks during the holidays &
during the year...  Thank You. ~MDW
The Day After...
A poem by Leslie Moon
Today an abundance
of turkeys abound
potatoes in boxes
twenty-five a pound

cans and cans
fill the bags
candies for the kids
see how they sag

full of wishes
for full tummies today
families with nothing
shout a grateful "hooray"
"mommy where did
the food all go?
It seemed like plenty
not long ago"
"We ate it all
my darling -you see
we will wait for next year
bags again for you and me"
The plight of the homeless
the orphans and old
"such kindness the one day"
stories are told
Three hundred and sixty four
it's up to them
to scavenge and hunt
in the generous garbage bin
 There are big hearts
each day will see
the needs of those bellies
they will give freely

a poem by Pete Marshall

Across the fields and thoroughfare
when harvest reaps with food to spare
and eyes are wide with hope and prayer
we bring a feast to tables bare
and chose the gift of gratitude
to warm our hearts in helping you
then turn our backs on plenitude
and seal the barn of Corporate food

*photo by Leslie Moon


One Stop Poetry
Picture Prompt Challenge!

Thanks to Leslie and Pete for sharing today! In addition to their respective poetic stylings,  I deeply admire their care and concern for others :)

Okay, here is the challenge:
Write a poem (or Flash Fiction 55) inspired by the image below.
Post on your site & sign up using Mr. Linky so people can find your work.
Then let us know what you are sharing by leaving a comment below.
Finally, visit others who have shared writing & comment on their posts.
Today's Prompt

This photo was taken during The Great Depression 
Consider this image and please share your writing. 

For this challenge, I linked a poem called "Our Gang"

Thank you,
*image care of creative commons flickr:


dustus said...

Thanks again, Leslie and Pete. Hope you will all take part in today's poetry challenge. Just posted mine...
<a href=">”Our Gang” </a>

Aquarius63 said...

This is a first time for me on `One Shot Sunday` Hope I have done it right. Thank you.


Aquarius63 said...

P.s. Great poems, Pete and Leslie. :0)

Alegria Imperial said...

The challenge is compelling! Being prompted by an image juices the lines. Thanks!

Kodjo Deynoo said...

Great topic, I like social conscience topics

Gigi Ann said...

Thought provoking prompt today.

Claudia said...

thanks leslie, pete and adam - great work on a thought-provoking topic and
i'm in for the challenge

Glynn said...

Great theme for One Shot Sunday -- something somber to consider after our holiday celebrations.

M.L. Gallagher said...

Great theme -- and poetry from Leslie, Pete and Adam to inspire us.


moondustwriter said...

Thanks to everyone who reads and thinks about these issues.

Best t you as many begin the holiday season

Moon Smiles

Sandra Heska King said...

So many kinds of hunger. I'm trying this today.

hedgewitch said...

A prompt to engage the mind and conscience. It's hard times for a lot of people right now, and not forgetting that is important.

me_duress said...

Fantastic writings (ands pics) by Leslie and Pete.
I have taken the challenge solely on the photograph tho - speaks volumes.

budh.aaah said...

I liked the poems posted here by Leslie and Pete. Its a touching theme today here.Hope can do justice to it.

Melissa Campbell said...

We have been so blessed. This challenge touches my heart to give more. I can't imagine watching my children go hungry.

Thanks for prompting us.


Mama Zen said...

Outstanding pieces both!

Maureen said...

Great prompt. Just posted "Hunger Theory".

Reflections said...

A tough topic, yet so much depth available here. Mine is up.

shewriting said...

happy sunday!

Gigi Ann said...

I had to be away all day today, thanks to you all for the encouraging comments. I'll try to go visit now and tomorrow.

Mama Abby said...

this was a great way to end the day...i reflected on the legacy i have of my Swedish Grandmother raising ten kids through the Great Depression...thank you!