Tuesday, 16 November 2010

One Stop Spotlight - Anton Gourman

Visiting Anton on Forpuck and reading his poems feels a bit like meeting him in a café; you sit down, have a cappuccino and he would just start to talk about his taxi ride from the airport or his latest flight - very naturally, honest and straight-forward - and as you listen, you'd start to see all the tiny details, impressions and deep emotions, he weaves into his stories. By the time you finished your drink, you think you may know him a bit better and may detect some footprints his poetry has left on your soul.

Curious? Then grab a cup of coffee and get ready to meet him...you by the way can talk to him in English, Russian, Swedish and French.
~ Claudia  

sweden, october 2010

I ride on studded tyres to get to you
This land forgets forgiveness in August
Take of all you wear, country
We’ll meet when you are naked
and I comfortable

I ride on studded tyres just as
we once
drove north
through snow
towards tomorrow,
a case of gangsta rap in the Mitsubishi

Each passed day shears
Another thimble off my memories
And so I’ve fled the cruelty
of sunrise at ten
and sunset at four
for longer days

For longer days.

© 2010 by Anton Gourman

I was born in Moscow in 79 and moved to Stockholm when I was six. Raised in the suburbs, I moved to London in 2006, after a brief stint in Brussels. My first foray into poetry was in 2001, and it took me about eight months to run out of bitterness and inspiration. It was one of those hurt-love affairs and was, in hindsight, a bit soppy.

I came back to poetry in the summer of 2010. I would like to claim that it was always just a matter of time, but that would be a lie, so instead I'll say this: it was only a matter of time. I also photograph and have drawn, periodically.

I'm inspired by cities and by people, by lust and passion, melancholy, pain, depression. I tend to write quickly and edit only a little bit. The blog has allowed me to get in touch with some people who have been very helpful, for which I am grateful. I must admit to not knowing anything about poetry, and the only poets I find easy to read are Cohen and Bukowski, although Yeats, Lowell, Borges, Thomas and others can be found on my shelf. Mostly, my inspiration is drawn from prose fiction and a lot of cold-war sci-fi.

Puck is one of my three sisters. She says she reads my blog, although i don't always believe her.


Terresa said...

"Take of all you wear, country
We’ll meet when you are naked
and I comfortable..."

The voice in this speaks unmistakably poet. Nice to meet you, Anton, I look forward to reading more of your work.

moondustwriter said...

For longer days...

there is alot of reflection in this poem of times past

I appreciate what you shared about your journey in life and with poetry.

There are seasons and each season has it's own beauty and harshness

thanks for sharing and thanks to Claudia for giving us another opportunity to meet a fine poet

libithina said...

thanks Claudia for intoducing Anton ~ interesting background ~ glad Anton you came 'back' to poetry in the Summer but I suspect it never left ~ great poem ~ I agree it is as if you are listening and sharing over cafe au lait ~ the wear and tear ~ of a jouney described ~ 'sheared a thimble off my memories' ~ grate ~
great write Anton

wkkortas said...

Anton Gourman is a serious poet. Seriously.

libithina said...

Curious ?? Claudia asked. So I visited Anton Gourman's site Forpuck and read some brilliant pieces of acutely depicted observed threads of life ~ The journey in Los Angeles ~ spotlights his own intereaction and connection albeit brief with another literally and metaphoriaclly 'driving' along his own raw edge of life.
~ Libby ~

dustus said...

I enjoy reading the poetry of Anton Gourman, in particular for the intensity and careful attention he brings to each line.

As a peer who attempts to criticize his work, often I struggle to find significant flaws in his poems—while admiring the openness with which he offers his art for pointed critique. Here we have a very talented poet dedicated to improving his craft through both sustained written effort and open attitude toward critique of his work, which is excellent to begin with. Thank you, Claudia. Great spotlight today.

Maureen said...

Claudia, thank you for this wonderful introduction to Anton.

Brian Miller said...

nice. i love your imagery anton...your descriptors really grab me each week at 1SW...this one is no exception...i enjoyed hearing about your story too...i think that plays a big role in how we write...

Pete Marshall said...

i like antons work...its detailed and very modern, about the now and life as it is...it pulls punches...

dustus has also left a great comment that i agree with completely...a great one shot claudia and thankyou anton for coming back to poetry...cheers pete

Gabriela Abalo said...

Thanks for introducing Anton. Looking forward to read some more of his poetry.


Claudia said...

yes - need a cup of coffee now and read some of Anton's poems...
thanks Anton for sharing your poetry and also this personal information. so true, our background makes us what we are and how we write.
what i also appreciate is anton's honest crit on others poems (on mine for example...). he will never write sth just to be nice, but will share his impressions in a honest but sensitive way. think that's great - thanks anton!

hedgewitch said...

Very clear and pressing images in this piece, and an elusive sense of a sub-arctic place that is more than just geographical. Enjoyed meeting you and your work.

forpuck said...

thanks everyone for your kind words

Adam and Claudia touched upon an important issue in the discussion of feedback. Our biggest enemies are those who give us undeserved praise and, in the blogging sphere in particular, comment-for-comment chains and comment farming are exactly that. Most of my stuff is uncommented I think, but that has never deterred

crowpied said...

reading this poem, made me feel like i was riding to my magical lands. i guess writing it is for you riding into the land of the poet, as i have not see much of what you wrote yet, but this poem, was a good start for me, it took me on a journey and make me want to read more of your works.
Herve / Crowpied