Thursday, 11 November 2010

Moondustwriter Thursday featuring David Wilkins

 Welcome to Moondustwriter Thursday
I am Leslie Moon - today I am featuring my  friend David Wilkins. I have to say I am proud of David and appreciate his approach to life. He has overcome obstacles and is now using poetry to help in his journey of life and discovery. If you know any youth who are striving to express themselves, encourage them to write. I would be more than happy to consider featuring them. It is an honor to encourage and display creativity on this blogsite.

I am Youth 
by Moondustwriter

When you look at me
what do you see?
A shape?
a smile?
tresses of hair?
But do you see the heart of me?
Do you hear the song that  flows from my lips
What color is me on the canvas of life?
What words do my hands inscribe
on the orb of tomorrow?

For I am your tomorrow
with all my hopes, hurts, doubts
Here I am
your future stands
when you look past me
you miss potential
if look in front of me
you miss resources
in my mind
will be discovery
 in these hands
ideas will take shape
for my tomorrow and yours
I am youth

Have you ever considered what the youth of today have to face? "Sure I was a youth.  I know what it's like." But do you? I see the formidable walls that youth face today. Walls that were either absent or lower when I was a youth. The pressure is greater, the opportunities fewer, the doubts intense. The rate of suicide and attempted suicide in youth today is staggering. Can we stop it? Maybe not. But there are those that believe that if we tap into the source of that energy and stimulate creativity, we may woo these searching individuals into a less destructive reality. The world can be a place of self-expression where black and gray and green and yellow all ask to be utilized by this next generation

Something that strikes me about  David is his vivacity for life and entrepreneurial spirit. He has grand goals and dreams for his tomorrows. He needs to get through his todays first.

When I interviewed David , I heard the passion of a young philosopher.  I asked David what poetry means to him: "Some people call it (your painting,your poem) a masterpiece; others call it a waste of time."  "Everything has an audience; everything an acquired taste." Hmm if that doesn't get you thinking keep reading.

David started writing poetry about eight months ago (at 14). "Poems may tell a story; they may be a way to express anger, frustration, pain. Poetry is a channel, a means to express emotion rather than waste that energy."

When asked if young people need a channel for emotions, David was emphatic. He expressed the need for all youth to get an avenue:" Whether it's painting or clay, dance, poetry, or basketball - do something that matters with that emotion."
For David, he can feel the pressure (of life) like fire in his veins. That pressure used to be expressed destructively toward himself. Now, as he writes, the pain and anger recedes ,slowly at times; he finishes with a sense of satisfaction and perhaps a smile. In the end, the anger and the pain is gone; he has before him creative expression - A masterpiece!

As you read this young man's work, think about other teens who are longing to find a way to express passion, anger, doubt, fear, resentment... Poetry is one great outlet for all.

 Forever and Always
by David Wilkins
i was sitting on a bench chilling and alone
 i saw you today by the board walk
 you said lets talk and take a walk
 when i saw you that day
i needed to say
i love you
make you feel invincible
in every word i say
I'm taking a risk , taking a chance
so tonight i'll ask you to dance
 we will waltz
this night under the stars
this night under the moon
and the second you leave
is a second too soon

 I'm stuck in the rain
 its like a monsoon
stuck thinking of a way
to get back to you
 when i get to your door
i cant find
the words to say
you pull me close 
tell me it will be ok
 as the tears fall from my cheek
you whip them away 
 tell me not to weep
 i hold you tight 
fear letting go cuz if i do
I'll go into limbo
so THIS night under the stars
 THIS nigh under the moon
I'm not letting go I'm staying
close to you
i love you forever and for always
so when day break comes
(and its coming soon)
ill still be close to you
i love you forever and for always
you know this is true
i love you forever and always
our love starting anew
forgetting the past
and all the hurt we've
been through
all the crap life's thrown our way
but because of you i can resist this sway
i love you
i hope you love me the same
the way to hold you close
on a calm quiet bay
i love you
tell you everyday
kiss you letting you know
its gonna be ok
remind you in that subtle kiss
that i love you I'll always be here
I'm not leaving so never fear
i will love you forever and always my dear

 You Hate Everything About me
by David Wilkins
you hate everything about me
i don't blame you but there is one thing
you must see
i didn't love you for you i loved you for me
before you ask me to drown
i must share something i found
in all honesty it's quite profound
if i die tonight just know i thought of you on my
very last flight
i hit the ground but i didn't die
in the street alone i lie
waiting to peacefully die
but as i'm bleeding out
i close my eyes
and something strange happens inside my mind
i saw your face and it gave me the strength to do
what i couldn't do before
get up take back my heart
something you should know before i part
your eyes still put me in a daze
freeze me in a trance
right here in my stance
you give me a glance of reminisce
feigning your innocence
i still love you but you don't love me
so i guess its time to walk away
i don't want to go
but you don't want me to stay
i love you and you know this to be true
even knowing this you said
"that's it- we're through"
not thinking about all the pain I'll go through
but you told me oh well
funny thing is I'm headed straight for hell
my last wish is to wish you well
never forget that dream
you shared with me that midsummer's eve
you and your kids playing peacefully in that field
you don't know it but i fight to keep that peace fulfilled
but you don't care
and i don't matter
thus the plans for my life will just fade and shatter
and all the things i cared about no longer matter
they all hit the ground like a piece of glass
off like a time bomb they all go blast
and thus goes my life
off this bridge in the middle of the night
so i love you farewell even though you wont miss me
good luck finding my body
but then your there you stop my jump
say your sorry you ll help me over this hump
i pull you close savor this embrace
i love you so much is what you said
with that look on your face
so bad story happy ending this is life
and my story in the telling

Check this link for more by David

Mat Lloyd poet and activist was featured several months ago on One Stop Poetry by Pete Marshall. He is seeking for solutions for young men and is trying to curb the suicide rate in men.


wanderer and vagabond said...

keep up the good work David...hats off to your pursuits and expressions...may you keep scaling new heights and achieve more laurels in life.

A note for one stop poetry readers:

Come along and join the challenge to think beyond...

visit the link

and share your own imagination triggered by the image...the comment section is waiting for you....

Brian Miller said...

great job david...i was telling someone the other day how the poems of kids are i know you are older than a kid but dont ever lose that ability to tap you heart and put it into words...

Eric Alder said...

Nice article - it's refreshing to see someone so young already a budding poet.

I'm sure he'll receive plenty of encouragement from the people that haunt our little poetically-inclined bloggosphere.

Keep up the good work, David... you're already miles ahead!

Pete Marshall said...

a wonderful spotlight...and some wonderful poetry....well done david and keep it going....i wish you every success....pete

moondustwriter said...

Thanks David for letting me feature you. Keep those poems coming

Thanks all for your encouragement to youth like David

Moon Smiles

Maureen said...

Excellent post. Thank you for introducing this new voice to us. I think he's one to watch.

hedgewitch said...

I love how the ideas just jump to the page, tumble over each other, so urgent to get out.Easy to lose that kind of immediacy as we get older and more distracted by structures and polishing. Very moving, eloquent verse, David. Poetry and writing were my own lifelines as a younger person and still are, because they change the pain to usable form, and get you out that locked door of self-misery. Thank you for sharing your work.

signed...bkm said...

some nice the youthful zest and viewpoint of life...its need and wants...stepping out..taking chances on love and letting go....keep up the good work David....bkm

David Wilkins said...

@wanderer and vagabond
I thank you for your encouragment
its because of people like you that I picked up a pen in the first place
thank you for your words of encouragment i hope never to lose this gift that god has given me
@Eric im not sure i like the idea of kid/child at age 15 or somone so young but eh you read my poems ill let you slide
i thank you for your words of encouragment alot of things lead up to the point where i actually needed to write cuz the devestation i was causing myself was...unprecedant
@Pete Marshal
thank you for the well wishes and i give you the same in your every quest throughout life
i am not one to watch
the poem is somthing to understand
people,men,castles,countries, everything fails eventually, but if i can infuse my poem with a single idea... then it can effect the world
somtimes it apears urgent because im in a hurry when im writing but... somtimes i get so wrapped up in the story im telling i write maybe 1/5 poems that i say i put rythmns together in my head verymuch like a rap but with a very different meaning
so the urgency is because im apart of the poem(i dont know if that makes any sense but)i get so wrapped up in the poem that it becomes me and my story and it has to be reconized
@bkm i thank you for the words of encouragment and for the opinions you have on my poetry
@ everyone

I wish you all fair winds and following sea's that you poetry may come to you like the laws of gravity
that it might come to you in one big sway
dont run from it just follow the wave

Patty Sherry said...

Leslie, so true what you say. We live in a society where we are taught to be tough, keep it together, and swallow rather than spit out our emotions and what feels bad.

David, you are a joy to read. Keep expressing, keep flowing. Your poetry an example, and you a teacher.xo

Eric Alder said...


You're 15, I'm 46.
You're young, I'm old(er).

Youth is fleeting; enjoy it while you still can!

David Wilkins said...


Maybe that is my ultimant flaw
i dislike being stuck as a teenager

ohwell woe is me
i think i shall write another poem
the usual teenage stuff
allowence woes
pretty girls
the works

Claudia said...

ah moonie - what a fantastic spotlight.

and david - i enjoyed reading your good to get rid of the pain with a pen in hand and write it all away
i remember when i was 14 to 16 - the most difficult time in my life - storm shaken and lost somewhere on an ocean with no shore in sight. i think writing poetry and learning to express the fear and the pain should be a focus in schools

G-Man said...

How refreshing it is to see someone embrace the arts at such an early age. When you write from the heart, you display your soul.
Fantastic job David, keep honing your skills, you can only get better.

dustus said...

Thanks for sharing your talent with us, David. You've a bright future and I wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

That's some incredible poetry. I wish I had the same talent to be able to put words in such a telling, creative, rhyming manner.

I really like your poem You hate everything about me. It really spoke to me, because of some circumstances I've been through recently. Life is hard, especially when someone doesn't always completely understand where you're coming from, or why you're doing what you do.
But thanks for sharing this - I really draw hope from reading such well put-together verse, such emotion infused words.
I'm sorry though for whatever caused you to write it, but glad that it turned into a poem others can read and enjoy :)

darksideofme said...

Dear aynonmous

If i could spell

I would tell you how sorry i am that you are going through the same problems and issues as i am

although i dont know who you are i would be more than willing to talk to you about it hear your story

I dont know you all that well but im here if you would like to talk

Anonymous said...

Dear Darksideofme,

What I've been through recently would take a lot to explain. There were mistakes on my part, and others. I ended up hurt, and so did someone else.
Probably the worst part of it is just that it seems no one understands. I feel like I'm constantly putting on an act for the rest of the world to see.
But enough about that. I actually wrote a song the other day. This is the chorus (it pretty much describes what I was feeling)

"I just can’t take it,
There’s so much on the surface,
It isn’t really me.
I try to escape it,
But it pulls me under,
And wraps around me again,
No one understands."