Monday, 11 October 2010

One Shot Spotlight: Your Turn

We spend quite a bit of time here at One Stop promoting other poets, fresh new voices that we find, either through our own blogs or through One Shot Wednesday. I know for me personally it gives a chance to recognize those voices I admire, that have spoken to me or even helped shape the poet that I hope to become.

My journey into poetry started because someone saw the potential in me and challenged me to try writing it. This is also why when I read what you write during our mid-week festivities, I always try to be encouraging, because quite honestly many of you have tremendous skills (and I am hedging toward a mention in the acknowledgements, nah, just kidding)

If my english teacher would have never encouraged me in my writing, I would have never pursued it. Today it plays a big part of my life. If a friend named Rob had never encouraged me to blog, i would never have met any of you. If Kat had never challenged me to write poetry, I would not be a part of this team and be walking around with all this pent up emotion and no way to get it out.

Today, I want to do something a bit different. Usually I find someone to spotlight, to share with you. Today, I want you to spotlight someone. What or who have you read that is good this week? Drop their name and blog address in the comments and tell us why.

Let's have a little fun with this.   ~Brian


Desert Rose said...

I so love your idea Brian! and it is true, i have always felt i have so much more in me to say more then the academic stuff about my studies that went all the time till Ph.D in a field that is not exactly related to poetry.Still only poetry kept me going..since i was 12 years old, it was my refuge. I wrote in all the languages i know..verses of life and i used to challenge myself everytime to get it out right the way i feel it.
I do believe in the power of words, we pump life into our lines from our own heartbeats that jump with every verse, crying, laughing, loving, simply life it is.
not to be so long, i met so many talented people along the way, some of them are already around with us on one shot wednesday which is truly a true place for gifted poets, others i will try to introduce them to you, hope you enjoy reading them with your heart as much as i do.

first i have stumbled on her blog one day and been fond of ever since.
her name is Iris and her poetry is too magnificent, hard to describe how it penetrates to my soul..
here is her blog

she simply, takes my breath away with every post.

second one is my dear friend yiota who is the bright star of Greece, she pours lover from her heart, and has finally made a blog for us to enjoy it :)

well, i hope my choices find smiles on your faces as i believe they will meet few shivers in your soul :)

penelopephoebe said...

This is a great idea. I would like to spotlight "" I could read this persons poetry all day long. It is always thought provoking. His Bedroom Window is the latest poem and I love it!

Brian Miller said...

nice. desert rose...thanks for telling us a bit of your true. and thatnks for intoing your friends...will check them out today..

@penelope...daniel is a great poet...i enjoy his works as well.

There is a new poet...and she is about as freshly hatched as you can get, she wrote her first poem on September 19, so less than a month...but i think that is reason enough to celebrate...someone finding their voice for the first time...Her name is Myrna..

Brian Miller said...
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dustus said...

Thanks for sharing your inspirations Brian, Desert Rose, and Penelope. What a great idea! A constant source of poetic inspiration for me is visiting Charles Martin's poetry blog. Here's the link to his site:

Read Between The Minds

annell said...

I would like to tell you about Elizabeth,

She is a wonderful writer, if you haven't visited her, take a peak, you won't be sorry.

Fireblossom said...

I was going to say Desert Rose, but she is already here! Her poems scorch the page with pasion or melt them with tenderness. I love what she writes.

But let me nominate someone who is not here, Sherry Blue Sky.

Like me, Sherry is someone whose gift lay dormant for a long while before coming back to life, quite gloriously in her case, I think. Please pay her a visit!



Myrna R. said...

Thank you so much Brian for your encouragement and modeling.

I have no one to spotlight except the people on this site. You, claudia and many others who inspire and gift us all with your generous words and writings.

I am thrilled to be amongst such talent. If only some would rub off on me, I'd be forever grateful.

Maureen said...

Hannah, at The Storialist.

Claudia said...

what an excellent idea brian!
i could put up lots of links to fantastic blogs here. as brian said, there are so many great people and talented writers around that inspire and touch with their poetry - and i'm always amazed about the different styles and the variety of poems. someone who isn't maybe that well known and whose poetry i like a lot because of the honesty and deep felt emotions is Alexis Hallum

moondustwriter said...

"The weeping of the guitar



to silence it.


to silence it..."


I have just gotten to know this talented poetess over the last few months. Each of her poems is like an arrow straight to my heart.

Saying that: I need each of you to know that there is something in your poetry and your encouragement that gives me courage to write into tomorrows...

Gerry Snape said...

the Weaver of Grass has put up a poem by her friend Joan Cairns an 87 year old poet and not a word is wasted and all of the experience of her life is boiled down to the most glorious sweet sounds. Love it.

Eric Alder said...

Well, most of the people I would recommend appear at One Stop on a regular basis. So, rather than be redundant, I thought I'd mention LivingDeadNurse’s Psycho Ward. She's an E.R. Nurse, Mother, Biker, Movie Goer and Avid Reader who posts amusing ramblings, usually about the crazy things that happen in the E.R.

Oh, and there's this guy called Bubba who really - (suddenly the hook comes out and drags him off stage)

She said...

emily wierenga's writing at in the hush of the moon seems to always move my spirit in a way that stirs something deep within my soul...

Brian Miller said...

these were great today everyone...i made a visit to most of them...gary do you have a url on yours...think that is the only one i missed...

they call me light and dark said...

I have been trying daily to visit one of the wonderful writers here.

Have just started mine but hope to become familiar with all.


Khakjaan Wessington said...

RToady: Writes real poetry, not that fake stuff. Also a talented visual artist. He'll make you feel inadequate:

Valerie Valdes: Whimsy, speed, technical proficiency. Prose & poetry. She can yap about quantum physics or Harry Potter.

Steven M Grant: Was doing the office Bukowski think, but has expanded his scope. Always prepared to experiment, which means he's rarely boring:

Jeff Chon: Literary bturd? Master satirist? I DARE you to find a poet capable of transforming 'goatse' into a poem that's both stylistically interesting, funny & makes a deadly observation at the end. That's this guy's style.

The regulars on are very talented writers & I follow them all.

Brilliant/good/etc are overused adjectives. Explain WHY you like reading this or that author. I don't have the time to indulge my every curiosity. If you can't sell the author, I don't want to read him/her.