Thursday, 28 October 2010

MoonDustWriter Thursday - Featuring Author Claude Bouchard

                    I met Claude Bouchard on Twitter almost a year ago. What amazed me about Claude was he had 50,000 + followers but he added me and commented back to me. When I told him I would be interested in reading his book Vigilante, he sent me a copy to read. With all the people Claude knows, he could have blown me off or sent me spam - He didn't, he never has. Over the year, I have enjoyed getting to know Claude, his wife and his writing cohort Luke Romyn.  Claude continues to be well liked in the Social Media spectrum; one indicator the  110,000 + Twitter followers. Claude lives in Montreal and is either writing, clowning around on-line, or enjoying art, music...

You have to know this about me as a reader; I don't consider a book a novel until it is either a tome (it has to be at least 1000 pages of classic literature) or from the first chapter the book and I are one. Claude's books ( all New York Times Best Sellers caliber) come with a magnet included (free of charge.)
Vigilante (book one of an on-going crime/ suspense series),  pulls the reader into a complex situation. Characters are seeking a solution to crimes that are rampant in the beautiful, vibrant metropolis of Montreal.  I liken this involved scenario to juggling. One ball is the bad guys (i.e.the bottom of the food chain  - drug lords, serial killers, the guys who savor daily mayhem), the second ball is the Vigilante ( a man who in six months has killed more than a dozen bad guys and no one has a clue who this hero/albeit criminal is) ball three is the police force (represented by Lieutenant McCall of Montreal Special Homicide Task Force who is torn by law and order and providing safety to his city).

Claude manages to keep all these balls up in the air at one time. I think his side line may be as a magician; he has the ability to use a slight of hand type writing that keeps the reader distracted.  I was captivated by Vigilante's story line until the end and stared, mouth agape for ten minutes at the conclusion.
Yes- Claude Bouchard is a master of the written word.
Vigilante would fit perfectly on that list of hard to buy for people on your holiday shopping list and don't forget one for you.

Vigilante is Claude's first published novel followed by The Consultant, Mind Games, The Homeless Killer (all part of the Barry/McCall series).
He is presently working on 6 Hours 42 Minutes and Asylum.

Claude is represented by Tribe Literary Agency which represents several class acts: Luke Romyn, Michael Balkind, Lou Riddell, and Bob Kuykendall. If you have a manucript in the making, Tribe Lit is an excellent choice. 

Contact Claude on his website  
on Twitter @Ceebee308
Claude's books are available on Amazon. Additional book ordering information is available.


moondustwriter said...

I know you can't get a feel for the book by a short "you gotta read this" review. Read other reviews to get the full picture and enjoy this fabulous author.

Thanks Claude - 1 book down 5 to go

Asobime said...

Finally an author from Montreal I could love! I've read only bad authors there....unfortunately...and unfortunately all bdsm writers....nasty stuff.

This Claude Bouchard sounds like an author to fall into....good structured plots, an interesting overall story...and 'today's' topics.

I have not read much crime stuff...but this novel sounds like something worth getting.

Thank you, Moondustwriter for doing an extensive interview. Perhaps Bouchard can clean the bad taste for Montreal from my palate!

Lady Nyo

ceebee308 said...

Thank you so much, Leslie! I've had some excellent reviews and this one is right there at the top with the best!

Mama Zen said...

This sounds like something I would like!

Jessie said...

thanks for the insight. i do enjoy these types of books--i will defintely check into this one.

Debra said...

Great review...just ordered a copy for myself.

dustus said...

Sounds like an excellent work I'd enjoy reading. Congrats and thanks to Claude for being featured. Great Moon Thurs. Review!

Anonymous said...


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Brian Miller said...

nice. thanks for the review moon. i love to read and i am always looking for something new...this sounds right up my alley...

Claudia said...

thanks leslie for introducing claude...think i gotta get this book...sounds really good!

Pete Marshall said...

this was a great review...thanks for sharing....i look forward to these as they definitely open my mind to books i might miss..cheers pete